Thoughts on the Changes to Pistol Balance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phrygen, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Phrygen

    So yea... wth did the mag-shot need buffs? That thing was already the best pistol in the game imho... Super accurate... and nerfing the repeater at range... i mean i guess sure.... but nerfing the emperor accuracy? I guess to promote use of the new inquisitor?
  2. Phazaar

    Lololololol TR accuses someone else of having the best pistol in game... That grass sure is looking green, eh?

    They could make it shoot auto-targeting laserbullets. I'd still sooner use the Commissioner. Or the Repeater ;)
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  3. illgot

    I'm just laughing the VS Manticore changes. I mean... LOL really, do you think those will actually impact the pistol?
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  4. theholeyone

    Manticore or Beamer? Manticore is actually quite good.
  5. sindz

    And VS still forced to get underboss/commissioner, especially since Cerberus is worse than what can already get.
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  6. exLupo

    -1 STK at max range does not impact the pistol? I'm pretty sure anyone would be excited to receive a -1 STK buff on any of their weapons.

    Forced in the same way the NC and TR are, I guess. The NS pistols are better at landing heavy shots but have worse sustain and no mods. They're all-or-nothing weapons. NC/TR/VS have the Mag/Emperor/Manticore for kits (say, shotgun based) that want an accurate weapon that can still deal real, sustained damage at extended ranges while having the flexibility to mount a laser or suppressor.
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  7. Ravenorth

    Now that they are making The Underboss even better, they should buff The Commissioner too, the difference between minimum damage is too small, only 25. It should be 50-80 better, because of the significantly lower ROF, that weapon is hard as hell to use on extreme ranges, so it should be more rewarding. Its just makes sense, The Underboss is a way more superior at cqc ranges, because of the faster ROF, so The Commissioner should be more a way more superior at extreme ranges.
  8. Phrygen

    I have a BR 39 NC ya know. Mag shot is my favorite pistol so far. Its just good all around and accurate as hell at range. If you ran out of ammo as an LA, the Mag shot would let you keep fighting rather than just run up to the enemy and try to hipfire/knife them.
  9. Niller

    Haha same changes, but i saw what you did there. (im a genius)
  10. ManualReplica

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  11. Phrygen

    ... no jackie chan for you sir.
  12. kmike

  13. Phrygen

    that implies the repeater was worse than the manticore... clearly representative of reality..
    also magshot has the most players using it, which leads to the most inexperienced/bad players using it and diluting the stats.
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  14. Cinnamon

    It was accepted before that the underboss was bad because commissioner does the magic damage number to kill in a certain amount of bullets reliably where as underboss was a bad weapon for spammers.
  15. Phrygen

    more like the commissioner was better for one hit + knife. while the underboss couldn't do it reliably without two hits. Underboss was still a better weapon if you don't include knife work.
  16. Cinnamon

    Hmm. That's a little like saying that pump actions shotguns were always bad if you don't count one hit kills. True in a way but instant kills that happen before you are seen are always preferred. Many people think that any weapon that you can't do that with is just bad, just the outside chance that your opponent can react and out skill you is bad.
  17. TeknoBug

    The Underboss just became a better gun, it was already good but Commissioner was 1 bullet less for a kill but with the slightly faster ROF on the Underboss it makes a significant difference.

    Oh and I hate the Repeater, I have the least success with that gun, bring on the Inquisitor.
  18. Phrygen

    wait what? i thought the commissioner did slightly more damage.
  19. TeknoBug

    I think you misread that, yes Commissioner needs 1 less bullet for the kill.
  20. Phrygen

    yea i did. And hell yes for the inquisitor.