Thoughts on MBT Fury/Bulldog?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Alarox

    Just throwing this idea out there for discussion.

    I think they could be an interesting middle ground between the pure AI and AV weapons.
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  2. z1967

    I could see everyone using it for AI or close range AV. Not as effective as the actual stuff but it is versatile so its ok.
  3. SerasVic

    Short answer : no

    Why ? because those weapons gives you too much versatility (like if halberd was not enough) to justify picking the ES AI weapons over it. ES AI that are now supposed to be CQC only (just like fury/bulldog).

    So it'ld just **** ES AI over even more
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  4. Alarox

    Isn't that a problem with the ESAI though?

    The Kobalt is still a competitive option compared to the Bulldog and Fury, but the ESAI are supposed to be comparable to the Kobalt.
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  5. Klypto

    I suggest that ESAI should be available on Sunderers.

    Dual PPA will no longer be such a horror.

    Duel Canister Sunderer will melt multiple harassers at once though.
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  6. Pelojian

    both ES AV and AI options for sunderers:

    i can see it now herds of wild sunderers with their blockade armor. the infantry getting hunted down by canister and PPA. Then the vulcan species arrives and then runs down the canister and PPA species and devours them.
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  7. Pikachu

    Adding bulldog and fury to MBT would mean little since everyone with enough certs use SAV.

    I would like this too. :)
  8. SerasVic

    Freedom delivered at 1600 RPM.

    Signed by your beloved TR.

    ES AI are designed to be short range and infantry only. If you bring bulldogs and furies that are also designed to be short ranged AI AND can do AV work, what's the point of ES AI ?

    I'm not against a fury on a MBT, after all Maraudeur is one. But you'll need to rework all ES AI because why take maraudeur when you have fury?
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  9. Leminacus

    not till you finish your Vanguard Basilisk Auraxium Alarox!
  10. NoctD

    I say no. MBTs don't need to have everything.

    If you want a Fury/Bulldog pull a Sunderer or Harasser instead. Stops people from being so myopic and single tracked. The other vehicles need a reason to be unique in their own regards.

    This is not world of tanks and the MBT shouldn't have everything available to it.
  11. SerasVic

    To add one more thing.

    If you want something more "all-round" than the hallberd then you should just support me on buffing Basilik-T, the new buffed MBT variant.
  12. Alarox

    I tried my hardest, I swear. I just can't withstand that level of suffering yet. I'm not ready.
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  13. SerasVic

    wait the buff bro, i'm sure we'll get it one day !
  14. Klypto

    Jump in random noob tanks on the side and offer advice
  15. Flag

    And then cry as they keep faffing about like headless chickens?