Thoughts on Auraxium infused glows

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  1. Bindlestiff

    Thanks - that sounds pretty good then. Up until now I didn't even know what directives were - I stopped looking at Roadmap as it was always a disappointment.
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  2. Goretzu

    I'd be fairly happy with medals (al la PS1), but to be honest more visable stuff is fine too (and maybe needed in F2P).

    I'd also quite like it if they did the whole basic colour change thing - that is like they did in PS1 with BR and CR, but run it through achievements instead.

    That would also kinda fullfil your basic block colour camo thing too.
  3. Goretzu

    Don't worry the NCs ultimate prize will be a mandatory blue (or radioactive yellow) glowing (outside) underwear set. :eek: :D
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  4. Champagon

    WELL, this is what the COD kids asked for. What more do you want? And before you say VS have the advantage I will actually need some spreadsheet data showing this :rolleyes:
  5. Bullborn

    Did they ask for that? While Im just as happy to bash on COD kids as the next guy, I haven't seen anyone ask for glowy camos.

    Certainly there are more interesting things they could give us. The Cr5 PS1 backpack was a good example. It made people that saw you aware that you had achieved CR5 (and had the unlocked tools that gave).
  6. LT_Latency

    That is the point of this. To show off that you have gotten special gear that has special bonuses. I would just like them to make the TR colors a little deeper.

    Especially on the gun. The gun looks like a orange nerf gun not a metal gun. If it was a deep red and black that would be awsome.

    I always like the NC blue yellow more cause they use deep colours for the blue and yellow
  7. Champagon

    This is a great note! PS1 CR5's had something meaningful looking on the battlefield. A Back pack with a little antenna sticking out of it. This showed that "You are important" "You are different than the rest." On top of that you would expect to see a soldier have a backpack on the battlefield.

    On the flip-side, what in the hell does a glowy camo have to do with anything? They couldn't make it a badge? They couldn't give the player Glowy auraxium eyes? They couldn't give players who have auraxium on a wep special access to a sub forum here to suggest weapon changes?

    Basically what i am trying to say is yes they could have done it differently, and if you have been keeping up with the forum thread trends you will see that COD kids have in fact been asking for more camos. Wanna know how I know they are COD kids? Because they ask for things UNRELATED to anything having to do with this game growing and improving. Just "Moar weps, Moar camos, Nurf that wep that killed me pls"
  8. Bullborn

    Its just a shame the gear looks that bad. Sure, everyone has different opinions on what looks good, but going "here, have a glowy camo that looks the same on every gun + armor unlock" is just sloppy.

    The preset gun modifications are a much better solution, as at least they are an interesting option to unlock. Glowy camos just makes you more of a target - which in a FPS, shouldn't be a good thing.
  9. LT_Latency

    Again, I think it's the point. To say. Yeah, I got this, Yeah I am glowing. What are you going to do about it??
  10. Bullborn

    I get that, but now its saying.
    "Yeah, I got this, Yeah, I'm glowing, Yeah, I'm an idiot using a glowy armor at night."

    it should be:
    "Yeah, I got this. Yeah, I look cool as a result. And no, it doesn't reduce my combat abilities".
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  11. LT_Latency

    Some people don't care. I where bright team colors to show off I am TR. Lots of NC are bright yellow.

    If you want to hide you not ready for these weapons I guess, don't get them. People would say it's not fair if they didn't have a disadvantage as the sniper one looks just better then a normal bolt action
  12. Torok

    My 2 cents:

    NC "Auraxium infusion" effect looks terrible! It has to be the poor choice of color graduation maybe, I know the NC has to look "rusty" and "used" but that's GARBAGE effect to me.

    the TR effect looks awesome and in fact even Higby do praises the job that has been done on the Butcher and the TR armor infused plating.

    VS looks Okay too.

    Also we don't know yet if any camo can be applied to both Weapons and armors, let me say this, I love the unique weapons with the cool attachment types they've got and the animated texture, but the NC one looks of crappy quality when it goes for the bronze colour and I do hope we can still get camos on the non-animated texture parts.
  13. LT_Latency

    Strange. I like the other way around.

    I love the blue and yellow, but don't really like pinky orange of the TR especially on the gun.

    Personally preference I guess
  14. Torok

    Mah maybe it'll look better on ultra graphics, as far as I've seen Higby's stream wasn't that good, nor in the streaming quality nor for ingame settings.
  15. Wecomeinpeace

    If people want to stand out even more - fine with me. As long as they are on the other faction and not standing next to me giving away my position.

    Now i have to say i really like this whole "directives" thing, i just think a glowing gun or armor is a silly reward in a FPS. Why not add a bullseye decal while we're at it? I would prefer a special title, maybe little skull ornaments on a special gun/armor version. Something that makes other people go "hey, wait a minute what is that?" without resorting to "special effects".

    Or maybe this is just a challenge? "Hey, you auraxiumed your gun, here take this glowing one and see how you can do with that."
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  16. -Synapse-

    Meh, I'm really not a fan of the flashy effects on the auraxium gear. If we can cover it up with camo that's fine, I just don't want to look like a human lava lamp should I choose to use that stuff.
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  17. Iridar51

    It's just a few seconds. Besides, as far as I know, lock on distance is 300m. I don't think it's possible to consistently hit a flying target 300m away, even if it's hovering.
  18. Aniqiewan

    I must be one of the few people that absolutley loves TR composite armour - I think the NC's is a joke in contrast. VS is so-so.

    Auraxium Plated armour? As a reward, I think it's fine. It stands out from the crowd, what the hell else do you want? my sense of one-up-manship dwarfs my sense of taste :p

    (chrome-plated Pounder HEGs pls :D)
  19. FateJH

    I've never actually seen the weapons glowing.
  20. NC_agent00kevin

    The only part I disagree with is TR sights. They are great sights. I suppose that's a subjective matter though.

    I love my VS camo not only because it's incredibly hard to see at night, but there is little faction color showing at all compared to NC and TR Camos. Depot camos look awesome; especially the darker Camos. It's not fair, but instead of nerfinf VS camo I'd buff NC and TR Camo. Make everyone harder to see at night.