Thoughts On AC-X11?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Lucidius134

    because it's otherwise like trying to snipe with a carb + at long distance you arn't going full auto.
  2. Armchair

    Wow, that was an old post of mine. Anyway, I ended up maxing out my upgrades for my AC-X11 and ultimately earned my auraxium for it.

    IMO, HV ammo is a necessity for the weapon for all but the closest of ranges.....and you really should use a different weapon for close range if at all possible.

    The bullet velocity of the AC-X11 is inexplicably slow. At the long ranges where the weapon is trying to excel, the stock bullets are so slow that whether you will hit or miss an evasive target is more up to chance than to skill. With only 20 rounds, you can't afford to leave things to chance.

    IMO, at the very least, this weapon deserves a significant bullet velocity buff. It should have some of the fastest bullets available amongst NC carbines.

    I know many people want 25 rounds. IMO, 20 rounds should be the weapon's signature drawback. I'd much rather upgrade the weapon's performance for a short engagement than increase its magazine. I'd take extra damage, improved recoil/cof bloom over a few extra bullets any day of the week.
  3. BoomBoom4You

    it's great with 3.4x scope and compensator / grip + high vel ammo for flying on roofs and picking people off from a distance.
  4. MasterDemoman

    It's not good at range, it's like firing a Gauss SAW with no bullet velocity whatsoever. I, personally, use this gun in CQC when I want a challenge or on my LA when I'm flanking. The damage output is great for quickly putting down foes from about 50-15m, which is generally where I'll keep my engagements as a LA
  5. Darkwulf

    I use it only if I am planning on flying up high and shooting at medium/long range. I prefer the 3.4 red dot scope.
  6. Gausser 21

    I think it works great after u deck it out with attachments.
  7. Skiptrace

    Great job... you necroed a 2 year old post...
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  8. DashRendar