Thoughts On AC-X11?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Caracal

    i find that, as long as I stay away from CQC, i excel with this weapon. but, it simply doesnt compare to my GD-7F for close quarters.
  2. Ghoest

    Stop right there.

    You are making up definitions.

    'Damage" is a generic word. it has no special relation to single bullets. If you want to specify that you are talking about per shot you have to say so.
    That said it doesnt matter anyway.

    And your head shot thing is a joke - unless you have a gun that can kill in 1 shot its dps that matters. A gun that shots at 143 damage per shot 845 rounds a minute is going to kill faster with head shoots than a gun that does 200 damage per shot at 500 rpm with head shots. But really its almost the same.
    And the faster shooting guns have lower COF bloom - so they are even in that repect too.

    If you think your big bullets kill faster than more small bullets - you are wrong.

    The difference really only matters at long range - but the crazy kick of the AC-X11 negates that advantage.

    The gun is great at the nearly usless ability of single shot sniping and slightly worse than average at other stuff(mainly because of the flinch code.)

    Stop pretending big bullets have magic powers.
  3. Ghostfox

    My definitions are so made up and outrageous that this is what the devs use to balance the weapon types around.. I know, crazy right?(hint: There is a reason why all high damage per bullet weapons have low DPS)

    I have yet to be able to walk into a room with three people and drop all three in mere seconds with a weapon like the GD-7F or Compact S like I have been able to do with the AC-X11.

    Just because you don't have the playstyle nor control to be able to utilize the weapon in the style that it is strongest in doesn't mean that the style and power is made up.

    I will agree that the weapon isn't for most. It is highly specialized and very punishing if you make any sort of mistakes. It is a matter of if the weapon fits your playstyle.

    What is the general consensus on purchasing the forward grip for the AC-X11?
  5. Bambolero

    The thing about this gun is that it can't do anything at mid/long range that a shotgun with slugs and 3.4 scope can't.
    So if you are a shotgun user, buckshot for CQC and slugs for semi-sniping from distance should do.
    Personally, I switch between the Sweeper and GD-7F for CQC depending on fps I get and for mid/long range I'm using the Sweeper with slugs/ext mag + 3.4 scope.
  6. Armchair

    What else do you intend to put on the rail?

    A flashlight?

    This isn't a hipshotting gun, so a laser sight isn't the best idea.

    Once you've gotten the hang of it, the AC-X11 is pretty amazing all around.

    You can engage things at long range with semi-auto.

    The thing is a god at medium ranges with your preference of semi or very short bursts.

    At close range, the raw damage of each round is amazing. Pop a burst into a man's skull and you've pretty much won the fight. In head-to-head fights, the flinch mechanic is your greatest foe, but you still have good odds to win the duel. But in situations where you're getting the first shot off, you can usually kill the man before he realizes that he is in danger. A good LA is usually in awkward positions, so you can quite frequently get the jump on your opponent.

    IMO, the largest drawback to using the AC-X11 as a LA is its small ammo pool. LA's frequently are attacking locations where the rest of the infantry can not follow. It is a very real possibility that you will run dry in the field. Get familiar with your pistol.

    Part of the reason I love the AC-X11 on my engineer is because my ammo packs prevent me from having to worry about running dry.
  7. Ghoest

    I always used an advanced grip on mine.

    But in testing various weapons with grips lately I cant tell any difference either way. It does seem that laser really do help with hip shots.
  8. noobfeeder

    This mini automatic sniper rifle. Can equip. An advanced forward grip.
  9. Bambolero

    I understand how the gun works and I've trialed it couple of times.
    It's a mini SAW for LA heh.
    My play style with LA is usually close range though and the GD-7F is perfect for it.
    I use my mid/long range shutgun setup very rarely because if I get in a longer range fight I just switch to HA and shoot with my dear SAW, which is better then the AC-X11 for long range work.
    So even though I really like high-damage-low-RoF guns I can't find a good use of AC-X11 atm + I already unlocked the Sweeper which with slugs does an awesome job at long ranges.
    If I didn't have the Sweeper I might have unlocked this carbine though just so my LA can have a long range option.

    I think anyone who uses AC-X11 in CQC is really gimping himself, because being forced to only ADS in hectic low fps CQC fights is a big handicap, silly RoF and hipfire is king for CQC especially for fast moving LA.
    HOWEVER, I think I'm gonna make another alt and trial the gun again to try it in CQC anyway lol...

    EDIT: Ok, I trialed it again and joined some small scale Tawrich attack on Matherson and I must say, the gun held it's own at every range even stock.
    It totally owned at long range (without a scope heh) which I expected but I was happy with it's CQC performance too.
    I got in a few shootouts and I ended up winning 3 and losing 3, which isnt bad considering I was fighting BR50+ Vanus as a BR1 LA with a stock AC-X11 lol.
    I might buy this gun now heh, and use it as an all arounder.
  10. Suriakk

    Fekkin LOVE IT!
  11. Armchair

    It certainly is at its weakest in CQC. You don't want to hipshot with this weapon except as a last resort. Get the drop on a man, ADS, and take him out. Be prepared to use your pistol if you have to. We may not have a pocket SMG like the TR, but our pistol hits like a truck. It hits as hard as the AC-X11 for that matter, and has a tighter cof from the hip. The alternative pistol hits even harder. If you are comfortable with semi-auto weapons, you could even consider using an upgraded pistol as your CQC weapon instead of as an emergency backup weapon.

    If you own a special-purpose CQC weapon, it may be a better idea to swap to it in heated CQC fights like the bio-lab.

    I love the AC-X11 because upgrading it has been such an efficient use of certs for me. The initial unlock was cheap at 250. While it certainly performs worst in CQC, I'm comfortable bringing it into any range. Plus, I can use this single weapon for both my LA and my engineer.

    My current loadout for my AC-X11 is:
    2x reflex
    High velocity rounds
    Forward grip (I want adv forward grip, but its on the backburner for now)
  12. Ghostfox

    Having just upgraded mine with the advanced grip, it is well worth the investment, especially when you use the weapon at longer ranges. With it, for all practical purposes, the only thing you are contending with is vertical recoil and CoF.
  13. Craig1287

    Ah, there is a big AC-X11 discussion thread, I'll post this video review of the gun here:

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  14. JonboyX

    AC-X11 is my fave light assault gun. Accurate. Hard hitting. Rewards a player who gets the drop on an enemy.

    Just be aware that you will lose any 1v1 fight vs. TR or VS if they shoot at you at the same time you shoot at them. The accuracy goes to pot when you get hit (like all nc guns) and unless you're confident enough to stop firing - in which case, 2 bullets later you're dead - you're going to be relying on luck. And you've so few bullets in the gun that they'll probably finish you off as you reload.

    Carry it with the rebel and quick switch.
  15. vaxx

    Older post, but wanted to chime in.

    Been using this gun on my LA since about BR2. Spent the cash, bought it, and grinded 230 certs to give it a sight and Advance grip.

    This thing is awesome. Really enjoying how hard it hits. On my other faction LA's I use VX67, and Jag, so this was a new style for me. I have to say, its my favorite weapon for LA. I drop people faster with this than the higher RoF ones. I dont jump into CQC unless I know I can shoot first. From medium range, this thing is a killer. I guess getting used to having something die in far fewer shots than say a VX67 is a joy.

    Ammo I thought would be a huge issue, with 20 clip size and 100 spare ammo. Nope. Since things drop in fewer bullets, I dont even notice. Missing your shots...thats the killer. Backed up by the Mag pistol, and its not as bad. I freekin love that pistol.

    Anyway, just another AC-X11 lover here.
  16. Imposer

    I use a AC-X11 with a 3.4 scope. It's an awesome gun. Sure twenty bullets per mag may not be the best but it has power and accuracy so you don't really need anymore. Like said before it is not tha great in base so I would go with laser sight so that you have better hip fire for those situations
  17. DiedTrying

    is the 3.4 scope better than the 4x scope? I have the 4x now, I had the 6x. Was told recoil is horrible with 6x.

    I only use this setup with the 6x scope when I'm playing with a squad as an advanced scout. Trying to actually snipe with it with all the upgrades still sucks though. You have FPS dings, and laggy players (especially in large battles) that make firing around 300 meters+ very difficult, especially when you have to land 4-5 shots.

    But at medium range, wow it's great. Unfortunately the GDf7 is decent enough at that range to make it stick with it instead.
  18. Armchair

    I use the 2x scope on this gun. The largest problem with trying to snipe with the AC-X11 is that its bullets are so slow. The 2x scope seems plenty at medium range, but isn't much of a detriment up close. The higher magnifications are greater for longer ranges, but only an idiot is going to stand still long enough for you to pop off a lethal number of shots. Once they start running around like a headless chicken, the slow bullet velocity is the biggest problem.

    You can still compete in CQC with quick ADS and getting the first shot off. Especially if you get a headshot or two. With higher magnification scopes, you reduce you cripple your ADS performance indoors.

    I've seen the same issue with my gauss saw. Outdoors, a higher magnification scope like a 4x can be great, but you ruin your gun when you transition from outdoors to indoors. You can't always swap loadouts prior to making those transitions, and the high mag scopes become a liability indoors. With the 2x scope, I can perform great outside and still compete inside. Because of this, the 2x is my bread and butter optics. I only pull out the higher mag scopes when I know that ranges will be extreme.
  19. SQPD

    yes. either you love it or hate it. The way I use it:
    2x reflex
    Use ADS at all ranges
    Close range scope in and hose him
    Medium range scope in and hose him
    Long rang scope in and semi-auto

    This way, I love it and is awesome all ranges.
    Overall, good gun
  20. Pikachu

    Y u use HV? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) It has more recoil and no effect no damage for at least 80m range. You find the extra velocity that good?