Thoughts On AC-X11?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Ghoest

    necro is bad

    Anyway the gun is still just as bad as it ws a month ago.

    The ONLY time is it is better than other carbines is single shot long range sniping - thats it. Thats not to say single shot long range sniping is worth while with a carbine.

    People who say its good havent used enough other upgraded guns.

    If you want to kill people at medium long ranges with a carbine(40-70 meters) the Razor is much better. Plus at close ranges while not as good as GD-7F the Razor is WAY better than the AC-X11.
  2. MykeMichail


    Max 6 rounds to kill at short range - 3 headshots to kill at short range
    Fewer bullets to kill than AF-19 at max range
    Slightly lower TTK than AF-19


    Very heavy recoil - need to burst or single shot at shorter ranges than with the AF-19
    Significant random left and right horizontal recoil - a little less predictable than the AF-19 under full-auto
    Absolutely horrid hip-fire accuracy - ADS necessary to reliably hit anything over about 10 m away
    20 round magazine is very limiting, you need to be very accurate with this gun
    Only carry 120 rounds with no ammo bandolier
    Slower projectile speed than AF-19 (I believe)

    So if you're a very good shot, this might be a gun worth getting. It may not kill as fast as a GD-7F at short range, but it kills faster at long range. If you plan on getting this gun, be prepared to spend around 480 CERTs for the gun and attachments.
  3. Achmed20

    thats bloom/CoF and not recoil and it kicks in (realny noticable) after the first 5 rounds

    recoil is something you have to counter with your mouse and this guns has no horizontal recoil at all.
  4. MykeMichail

    Nope. Its there.

    Sometimes it'll go a little left, sometimes it'll go a little right. Under sustained fire, it might seem to have no horizontal recoil because the left and right recoils even out.

    Its only slight, but is enough to screw up your aim at mid-to-long ranges, and requires quick control to correct your aim. Unlike the AF-19 or the Gauss Rifle, its not simply a matter of "pull down and to the left" to correct it - because of its random left and right recoil, it requires constant attention and adjustment.

    I said people should expect to spent 480 CERT's on this gun as you really want atleast a Foregrip for this gun to counter the horizontal recoil. With an Advanced Foregrip, the horizontal recoil is almost completely eliminated.
  5. Achmed20

    edit: nevermind, i see what you ment. it obviously has some random left right recoil. i jsut never realy noticed because im bursting the gun so often.
  6. gunshooter

    Forward grip reduces all recoil however only 1 level of grip you will pretty much never notice. Advanced grip is ok however.
  7. Ghostfox

    The AC-x11 is a solid gun once you het used to it. It isn' t forgiving ov misses though but you can drop people quickly with headshots(3 hits take people down).

    There are better hip fire weapons, but you can snipe with the weapon as well. For close range, i recomend the laser sight, and either tac eye 3.4x or reflex 2x. Long range, the 6x or tac eue are good with compensator and advanced foreward grip.
  8. Dkamanus

    My usual loadout is:

    - Compensator
    - Advanced Forward Grip
    - 2x Reflex Sight
    - High Velocity Bullets

    Even at closer ranges, if you can control yourself, you'll get some great kills. Though if you are taken by surprise if very unlikely you'll survive. You can try to pull your sidearm, which would be much better at hip firing, but don't count with the X11 to do that for you. Laser sight is a waste due to the HUGE CoF it already brings on the hipfire, not alliviating the problem at all.
  9. NordicTiger27

    Contrary to pretty much everyone here, I haven't had much of an issue using this at CQC. Also, with the Advanced Forward grip, I've learned the full auto pattern at midrange and can pretty much outshoot most people I meet. I used to exclusively use the GD-23, at got a fairly consistent 2.2 KDR. Now with the AC-11x I generally rock between a 2.5 to a 3.5 KDR.

    Spend some time practicing with it, and remember to use your class to it's fullest, ie. follow the light assault rules:
    1. No one ever looks up.
    2. If you aren't shooting them in the back, you are doing it wrong.

    My recommended kit for the AC-11x is a 2x Reflex, suppressor, high velocity ammo (the suppressor and high velocity cancel each other out to little or no detriment, and high velocity keeps the damage degradation down, which for this weapon is huge (compare 200 dam at 10m to 146 at 200 m, versus the TR TRAC-5 which starts at 146 dam at 10m). The advanced forward grip is a must to help counter that recoil, but all in all its a fricking beast.
  10. Ghostfox

    Why not use the Tact eye 3.4? Seems more useful for the range that this setup is optimal for.
  11. Dkamanus

    Mostly because the 3.4 makes me want to marksman with the X11. And at longer ranges, I suck at sniping. In mid combat, I can burst people down easily, if the weapons behaves not so unpredictably, but at longer ranges the weapon becomes a weak sniper when single shotting, prefering to engage from a better vantage point (mostly from above) and burst them down with the X11.

    The High Vertical Recoil doesn't make it a very good option for burst sniping, and single shooting will get you destroyed by other factions.
  12. Suriakk

    The more I use the AC-X11 the more I like it. It's got a pretty steep learning curve and it is teaching g me to be patient with my shots. I am also loving the low ammo as it really teaches you to conserve ammo. I actual read this thread and rolled NC (need to change the avatar) and bought on. Been using it from the start.
  13. Armchair

    I just recently unlocked the AC-X11 and I'm loving it. I haven't equipped it with all the bells and whistles yet, but it has been serving me well with nothing more than a 2x reflex scope.

    Get the drop on an opponent and make the first burst count. Follow up with a second burst for good measure, but they're probably already dead.
  14. HeadshotVictim

    I use the AC-X11 rarely because it doesn't fit my playstyle as LA much.
    I prefer Sweeper or GD-7F on LA, but it is fine for longer ranges, counter sniping etc.
    You will loose against snipers at long ranges, but you have a fair chance of killing them on medium to low ranges.
    My Load-Out for this gun is:
    -3.4 Scope (Crosshair)
    -Advanced Grip
    -High Velocity Ammo
    -Ammo Belt I (as LA)
    But mostly this weapon is used on my engineer, because 120 round isn't too much, so Engineers can use them a lot more effective, because they don't have to care about ammo problems.

    Nice for picking up snipers on short to medium ranges, good to ambush HA and Medics. Very useful at The Crown, but for everything else I prefer other weapons over it.
    Hip Firing with my load-out is more or less impossible, but 3-5 shotting people does't expecting to get shot at is fine. :D

    Edit: 2 round burst take care of most enemies pretty fast, everthing else is just spray and pray
  15. Ghostfox

    Agreed, It definitely isn't a spray n pray weapon. 2-3 shot bursts are optimal for this weapon.
  16. HerpTheDerp

    It is laughable how this is supposed to be a long range carbine and the projectile velocity is lower than that of short range/CQB ones like the GD-7F.
  17. Balm

    It is my second favorite weapon in the game after the Gauss SAW, for the same reasons that I love the Gauss SAW.

    It is not for the 'spray and pray' type player. It rewards controlled firing and aiming for the head, which is my usual method. It freaks people out when they lose almost half their health before they can react, and usually the rest of the encounter is just cleaning them up. This is a weapon that you almost never experience a reactionary battle with. If you draw a bead on somebody, they are dead, and there is nothing they can do.

    Unlike certain other carbines at range, where even if you slam 5-6 shots into somebody, they can still dick around and pull on you.

    I play mostly TR (outfit reasons), and would toss away the TRAC 5 for this gun.
  18. Themanwithaplan

    IMAO only problem with it is accuracy, the only reason why this weapon is not good at long ranges.
  19. Ghoest

    Actually the gun is accurate - when kneeling its first shot has perfect accuracy.
    What terrible is its recoil - its first shot recoil atrocious if you are thinking about long distance bursts.

    Most of the stuff here in this thread saying how good it is is nonsense. It has good first shot accurracy. It has good retained damage(for a carbine at least.)
    But nothing else about it is actually good. Some stuff isnt really bad though to be fair irs just not good either.
    A few people talk about its high damage - no it has average DPS.
    What is bad is that the recoil is too much for long/medium long bursts and the slow rate of fire is a negative thanks to the flinch code.
  20. Ghostfox

    FYI, Damage and DPS are two different things.

    AC-X11 is a definitive NC weapon. It has high damage but lower DPS.

    The difference between the two:

    Damage is the damage done per bullet. The AC-X11 does 200 damage per bullet, the same as the Guass Saw and the highest non sniper/shotgun damage per shot.

    It has, however, lower DPS than it's contemporaries.

    What this means is that, due to its higher damage per bullet, it has a much higher burst damage potential than any other carbine. It is a head hunter carbine. If you arn't going for head shots, you won't do well in a fight with this weapon. If you go head shots, though.. you will do 1200 damage in three shots. That is enough to kill everyone with Nanoweave 5 except for HA's who pop their shield.

    For fast paced hip firing, it isn't the weapon to use. For ambushes and controlled fighting... it is a beast once you get a handle on controlling it.