Thoughts On AC-X11?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Kensharma

    AC-X11 vs default rifle.


    Where does each excel?

    Is the ac-x11 w/ high velo, compensator and forward grip a good combo?
  2. Scrima

    Cant speak for where the default excels, but the AC-X11 is my default gun right now with high velo and compensator (still trying to determine whether forward grip or laser sight is a better option, since it doesn't seem like there is much horizontal recoil that the grip would alleviate).

    I love it, you fly up to where you want and can take out the enemy from a distance. What it does not excel at is when you are inside a base and can't take cover, since with only 20 rounds you need to make them count.
  3. Murderus

    Was curious about this as well....seems like this could could be a great option for more of a medium approach if the bars are correct for damage output...can anyone confirm if the damage output is that much greater?
  4. Hael

    If you're accurate this gun is a fantastic upgrade from the default. However, at 20 bullets a clip you really gotta aim carefully and/or burst fire at a distance.
  5. Elixx

    I use it like 90% of my gametime. I have High velocity ammo, compensator and grip on it. Sometimes i smack on the NV scope, but i pref iron sights over all other. Play "dont fall on the ground" jumping tree to tree, house to house, picking of ppl from close to long range. Go single shot when randoming in the outer areas.Also get ****** run speed, since the faster you run the longer you jet.

    After i am done with my jump jets and c4, ill be kitting a scouty flash for him :)

    Very strong gun imo. When you learn to shoot with it.

    If you go for a faster gun, go grip, silencer. I have had so many sneay runs in bases, taking out ones and twos from behind. Use run up, knife, shoot. Always come in from the flank so you get them propper exposed. :)
  6. Mirakk

    I used this exclusively until purchasing the Gauss Compact S. The AC X-11 was a nice weapon, but its accuracy jumped a little too much for my taste, and the magazine and ammo size were lower than the S. The S also has a much wider variety of options for what you can attach to it that match my play-style as an Engineer.

    One bit of advice with the X-11 is that if you're firing long range, don't squeeze off more than two shots without stopping. It jumps quite a bit. The first two are pretty predictable, but after that it gets really, really dicey. Usually this ends up with me getting shot by someone if they have a long range weapon. My advice? Save it for medium range unless you've got the high velocity ammo. I can't vouch for that, but Elixx has you covered there.
  7. Dkamanus

    My main gun as a Light Assault. Quite decent at every range, doesn't excel at none, which is what I kinda need, since I'll be running all around, jumping and taking cover everywhere as well. I use compensator AND Suppressor as well, for those sneaky kills while I'm hiding.
  8. Wineclaw

    How much greater is the damage? Is it a large enough increase for the certs?
  9. Fenrys

    I got it with Alpha Squad and think its beastly. Definitely prefer it to the default gun. IDK if I'd pay for it instead of the S model that can mount an underbarrel launcher . . .
  10. Hashi

    the base NC carbine does 167 and the X11 does 200. I use it constantly and it's by far my go to gun for the engineer. I have only put a laser sight on it and no other attachments. There's no need for a compensater because the slow rof basically makes recoil management a breeze.
  11. Achmed20

    i got this weapon and it absolutly owns players midrange but, is it usfull as sniper rifle with high velocity ammo?
  12. Swiffle

    Preferred it to default LA carbine. If you play more standoffish and pick off people from further away, it's solid. At close range it's a bit outclassed by TRAC-5 and others. Ammo is a concern, controlling fire important. I was about to start using it again, but I picked up a laser 3.4x sight and it kills my FPS when I look down the sight. Wondering about the High Velocity ammo.
  13. Antivide

    I think it's worthless. That's my opinion anyways. I typically play the Light Assault as a close range to medium range (you're using a carbine...) class, as that's typically where the class excels.

    Leave long range shooting to Medics and Infiltrators, that's what I say.
  14. Meiu

    Hate it, I use the 7.
  15. Soulshox

    Brilliant gun and my default go to weapon. It is not a close range weapon and do not treat it as such. Medium to long range is the game with this one. Compensator is needed to counteract the high velocity ammo kick. IF you want to go close i reccomend a faster firing more ammo type of gun. I usally use the x2 scope but thinking of going down the higher mag route soonish.

    From ym personally experiance and number crunching from others you need to squeeze off in bursts, after the first 2 bullets the gun can get progressively hard to control.
  16. Deerhunter

    Opposite here - I used the Gauss and just did not like it. Switched to the ACX-11 and kills went up big time and the gun has little recoil for me and I have not even gotten the grips on it....
  17. jsnipy

    This. If you liked G3A3 alot in BF3 this gun is similar - fewer more powerful shots.

    It plays very well at longer ranges in single shot mode along with HVA.

    Not for the spray and pray crowd due to the small clip.
  18. Noppa

    Great weapon, using it on my Engineer most of the times with advanced grip,compensator and HV bullets .. fast bullets,high damage and accurate as hell, works decent from close/hip too even with that low ROF.
  19. Glowcat

    Get a GD-7F instead. Sure it's meant to be closer ranged than the AC-X11, but its recoil pattern can actually be controlled and it may just be my luck with it but I get far more long-distance kills using that rather than the AC-X11. You will also be dealing more damage as you can get 14 bullets versus 8 bullets out in the first second of fire, which gives the damage advantage to GD-7F alone when not accounting for accuracy improvement. It also has a higher base bullet velocity than the AC-X11 although I'm not sure how much High-Velocity Ammo adds so I can't compare the upgraded AC-X11.
  20. japro

    The forward grips reduce the horizontal bloom quite a bit from my testing. I'm currently playing all the NC carbines to a auraxium medal (currently on the last one, the GD-23) and so far the X11 was the one I liked the least... but that is most likely a playstyle question. Anyway for ranged combat I would still prefer the Mercenary or GD-23 and for closer range the X11 is clearly the worst of all the nc carbines imho.