Thoughts about factions.

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  1. xLluisett

    Is the terrans Europe,NC América and vanu asia?
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  3. xLluisett

    I was joking,but you as an all factions user to br 100,what you thing about vanu and terrans vehicles and weapons?
  4. JibbaJabba

    Overall balance is fantastic. Given the asymmetry it's impossible to get it perfect but they've nailed it close enough that gameplay works fine. But it can't be perfect... Someone has to be a winner/loser. At the moment NC is most powerful overall. VS weakest. The difference is negligible to most and only gets exposed by top players.

    There are some high and low spots with each faction. These wash out in the big picture..
    TR has powerful G2A and A2A. A2G remains strong as well. TR has the best all rounder on tanks. As far as asserting influence on the battlefield the prowler is it. Even if it gets bested in a fairly close 1v1 match against VS or NC.

    VS magrider has a higher skill ceiling which makes it deadly but also means the typical driver you come across is gonna be meh. God help you if they aren't. VS G2A sucks bad (even though the nature of the kill makes one remember it) and their A2G is worse.

    Infantry weapons: TR (and NC both) beat VS overall. Betel is a joke now and the butcher w/scavenger is one of the most evil things in the game. TR is rocking the kindred on the carbine side, one of the best guns in the game. Orion is probably best starter LMG of the 3 factions but on Jaeger among the skilled, the MSW-R (and Anchor) are favored over it. VS is rarely picked when choosing factions for scrims and such.

    NS is in worst state of all... they basically don't get underbarrel attachments on any guns. Clip sizes are so bad that extended mags are needed on almost everything.