Those VS and TR who complain about NC Weapons

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  1. -MJ12-

    Who complained about 200 dmg NC weapons?
    A friend of a friend's cousin of a friend?

    Sometimes I believe those "I heard so many people complain about..." stories are made up so people can show theirs statistics to the world and proving "them" wrong...
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  2. MostlyClueless

    Yeah if you mismatch the gun comparisons. Why is the Gauss SAW with the Orion and why is the Orion with the Carv? The Orion is the VS version of the Anchor. The Carv is the TR version of the EM6.

    The longer range Razor and AC-X11 are being compared to the Jaguar for some weird reason despite the guns being for completely different arenas.

    The close range EM6 is being compared to the long range TMG-50, another weird mismatch.

    The match ups that make sense like the GD-7F vs Lynx vs VX6-7? Yeah NC actually do really well there.
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  3. DrHous3

    I Just sorted it out to the Cert Range for order/fluency...

    Im not comparing in those groups per se, you can compare the anchor to whatever you choose, i put them in that specific order because it was easier using that to compile the data.
  4. MostlyClueless

    And I'm saying if you compare the weapons to their actual equivalents rather than what's in their cert range the NC do pretty darn well.
  5. DevDevBooday

    Dont have a problem with any of the NC weaponry. Why would anyone?
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  6. DrHous3

    NC's best LMG TTK is Anchor @10m 2.8s/3.39 @50m (for 1000 certs)
    TR MSW-R @10m 2.8/ 3.4s @50m (for 100 certs)
    VS Orion @10m 3.05/ 3.88 @50m (default)

    This is an EXAMPLE to illustrate the reason for the cert range order...

    ie.. for me to compete with vs and tr at short range i need to spend 900/1000certs more (in terms of lmg)

    More over, in your example, TMG-50 is your long range wep - ours is gauss saw, yet TMG performs better in those average ranges
  7. MostlyClueless

    Yeah the TMG-50 performing better than the Gauss SAW at the 10-50m range isn't exactly a great selling point of the TMG-50. Which I have to pay 1000 certs for.

    If it even performed better at the 50m range, which I don't think it does because oh my god the Gauss Saw annihilates people at that range.
  8. DrHous3

    the 10-50m range is the average range that engagements happen
    you might be a better aim, and then this spreadsheet is irrelevent, but i took the average accuracy, this is how the average player on planetside will perform with these these average ranges..
  9. Aegie

    So, you do not know that the Serpent is nearly identical to the 7F?
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  10. MostlyClueless

    That's my point. The 7F is easily competitive with them.

    Average doesn't mean 'Only'. If you wanted to make the Anchor or EM6 the default weapon for the NC HA I'd be right behind you. As is the EM6 is only 250 certs, or free if you take it from the Character Creation quiz.
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  11. Aegie

    Yeah, though we would be talking about the 7F and Serpent, not the 7F and VX6-7.

    Thing is, I've never seen any performance metrics that did not show TR leading in that category. Up until PU2 they were leading by so much it was nothing short of ridiculous. After PU2 they were still leading, just not by the ridiculous amount previously. As far as the figures I have seen TR have always had the top performing carbine and typically the top 2-3. I have never seen the 7F or Serpent as the top performers in this class.

    People complain about feelings and hardcoded stats and often care less about actual performance figures. Example, loads and loads of TR complaining (about carbines of all categories) post-PU2 and conveniently phrasing these as "fun" or "diversity" complaints when they are still on top.

    I predict a serious increase in TR populations with the upcoming "balance" patch. Have fun with that everyone, remember what it was like the last time the highest performing faction was also the most populated? Whatever, I started playing more TR anyway post PU2 on Mattherson to try and even out the populations- if balance is not so bad but pops are then I guess I'll go back to NC, if balance is similar to pre-PU2 levels then I'll just stick with TR regardless because I've already spent too long being frustrated at actual in-game performance imbalance to put up with that nonsense again.
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  12. MostlyClueless

    They seem to balance off the Stats really, no infantry weapon is so good that it dominates it's equivalents and while some perform slightly better there's nothing to me that is a runaway 'everyone dies' weapon. Some are slightly better or worse but the only outliers are MBT cannons and TR's are up for a big splash nerf soon which may help with that.
  13. Aegie

    Maybe I'll be wrong, heck I hope that I am. However, given the history I would not be at all surprised to see a surge in the red tide. After all, PU2 brought slight buffs to 2 under performing NC weapons and everything else was blanket. Pre- and post-PU2 performance comparisons showed that things were more balanced but faction rankings were not really affected, yet what happened to populations?

    Again, I hope I am wrong- I hope things are balanced (performance-wise and population-wise) I just have my doubts based on previous experiences and if history is any indication we will see loads more TR if for no other reason than the perception they are FOTM.
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  14. DrHous3

    you mean EM1, EM6 is 500 certs. EM1 is the ****test auto weapon in the entire game :)

    Average means in this context means the most engagements people wind up in... ie lets say if 10 people wind up in 10m, 40 in 50m, and 2 for 100m , i wouldnt concentrate much on 100m (like i did in this case)
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  15. Vearo

    I have a hard time believing that your model matches reality. I think it is unreasonable to assume that weapon effectiveness is as easily calculated by accuracy*PerfectTTK (for the specified range).

    For example, I have timed myself shooting VR dummies at 60m with the MSW-R. My TTK (at least until the notification popped up) was ~1.6s. This is much faster than your calculated 2.8s TTK at 10m.
  16. MostlyClueless

    Oh yeah! The EM1 is rubbish, it's even worse than the Carv-S and that's already a gun that gets no love from me.
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  17. MostlyClueless

    What's the TR getting really that'd make them FOTM? The new Lynx is nice but it's just one gun. The new MCG is still just a fun if impractical toy. Not that much is changing.

    Now when they finally fix the Striker properly we'll see, especially if they make it more fun to use.
  18. Spectre 694

    Only thing that bothers me about NC infantry weapons is that they have a significantly easier time taking down other MAXes with their infantry guns than VS and TR. Slightly easier for them to shoot down ESF and Harassers as well.
  19. Llaf

    Trigger discipline is definitely a requirement for NC. That being said, once you put it into practice, you will absolutely murder people, especially if you go for head shots.
  20. Aegie

    Not much has to, that is part of my point.

    Most of the attention is on the TR and making several changes and a few buffs there. Then there is the nerf to the Vanguard shield. Like I said, PU2 did not really change any rankings just made things a bit more balanced yet there was a big surge in NC (despite no performance metrics showing any kind of advantage for the shift).
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