This time last year the game was getting ready to triple its population. Today all that pop is gone.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NotsiMadz, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Grandizer

    Word got out of continent change, achievement story like mode that missed it's mark and a Bastion, big flying Battleship Yamato hype. Once people either realized you had to be in an outfit, which new players would not tend to immediately acquire for or be accepted into, with only some of the PL's with authority to launch it, would not get a seat even if they were in an outfit with resources or realized the new content change had no wow factor, they left. Bastion to me is meh, I don't even care if a faction launches it, I hated grinding out plant crap to complete a "story" in a stalker gank fest forest or chasing down a drone in the middle of nowhere and I hate the storm element, it doesn't belong at all since no one cares about the backstory to Esamir to justify having it, new players especially are like whatever and bail.

    That's just my guess.
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  2. math368

    hi so why are people leaving because simply there is more real content the devloppeur spiritedly massacred the games with their useless capagne would need all players gulp a blow against his because is useless at all would add all contained planetside 1 like all continent of new vehicles if forai the black star planetside 1 this big galaxy could put ground vehicles in new weapons for specific empire sunderer its where it is? and its? the alert we speak he reset the normal alert and all deleted alert capture bio labs, amp station, techplant, captured the smallest post advent and great post advent and anomaly I liked his with their campaign update he all deleted them different alert that had created it's a shame the developers do whatever I think would be all 2 inch plantside community a big anger for the dev refocuses the real content c is the slot tactic which added to add more deployable defend or attack would be nice find we not we could have more that's why players remain we no longer any real content,we have content that also develops dishes that disappear we do not know why these are things that annoys a lot.
  3. MonnyMoony

    Same here. I am rarely in the outfit that pulls one and on the rare occasion I am, I have never been able to get a gunner seat, so all I can use it for is as a proxy for the old aerial anomalies whereby I get to chain pull free ESFs for half an hour or so.

    To me, Bastion is just another infantry farming tool. Most bastions just hover over a base, shelling the spawn room doors until the base flips, then move on. Essentially HESH spam on crack.

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