[BUG] This "supposed" missile firing angles

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  1. IamnotAmazing

    So there was a supposed limit put it, so that they would break the lock at a certain angle, and I had never seen it work, and was suspicious it was broken
    these couple clips confirm my suspicions, I'm assuming this is just a bug
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  2. IamnotAmazing

    I like how a legitimate bug gets no attention
  3. Gleerok

    Coyotes need their default and maxed out reload times doubled, at least.

    Thats all.
  4. Sledginius

  5. Tommyp2006

    I think that's a lot of what this is, it's like when you try to fly by another aircraft with a near miss, but you end up running into them even though your screen shows about 5-10m of room. The faster you move in this game the worse the visual difference between where an object appears to be and where it is increases.
  6. SmokeMcCloud

    Everytime I kill someone with coyote missles I take it upon myself to berate and insult them with many a /tell.

    It's a lucky thing for everyone that flies that I consider myself too much of a man to use coyote missles... otherwise...
  7. IamnotAmazing

    quite the opposite, coyotes are for big brave men only :p
  8. IamnotAmazing

    I still think that esf's shouldn't be able to reload one weapon while firing another, but I'm sure i am the minority
  9. chrisbeebops

    You aren't alone. I'd go a step further and say that inactive vehicle weapons shouldn't be able reload at all (including empty vehicle seats), but then I'll hear complaints from solo Libbers, etc.

    It is not a bug. In fact, this is the intended operation, and is a quirk of using client-side hit detection. You can fully and visibly dodge rockets, tank shells, Daltons, whatever on your screen, but if you or your opponent has high ping or the server is lagging it doesn't matter. It will still register as a hit on your opponent's screen and you will still take the damage.
  10. Ubad00d

    Bit off topic, this has really been grinding my gears.

    I was thinking today about solid reasons and examples for A2Am + coyotes being horribly overpowered (since for some reason it seems that they are more likely to get buffed than nerfed, following the recent A2Am range buff), and I realised - most enemy ace (e.g 200hrs +) ESFs with the nosegun are less of a threat than a less experienced pilot (10-20hrs let's say) that have A2Am, and, right now there really isn't a reliable way to counter the guaranteed half of your health that you'll lose.

    Oh, someone says it makes the air game more accessible for newer pilots? Alright, well even besides the fact that I don't see any reason to give new players crutches, think about the 5 man ESF lockon squads which will gank the living **** out of everything they find.

    If an ESF squad using the nose guns finds a newb, then yeh, the newb will most likely get annihilated, but A2Am just eradicate any chance of counters, running, or time to get back into friendly territory. Think of a new player getting into CS, (like me), I got absolutely pwned the first time I went on, why should air be any different?
  11. Sledginius

    Why shouldn´t a ESF set up for A2A be effective at A2A?
  12. SNAFUS

    There are multiple load outs for A2A ESF to use currently. When one of those load outs performs to well it becomes less of a side grade and more of a upgrade.
  13. Aesir

    Been reporting the inverse reverse steering for tanks since 11 months now, once every month ... nothing.
  14. Sledginius

    Coyotes for Close Range, A2Am for long range. I don´t see the upgrade
  15. VeryCoolMiller

    coyote / a2a + stealth have created an horrid air game.

    I need to aim everywhere in this game, then suddenly when i go air some ppl can rip me a part pressing a button.
    And not, you can't compare the aim required with the nose gun to the skill required to use coyote or a2a.
    I would leave lock on weapon only to infantry.

    And stealth is simply too strong. In the real word aircrafts with stealth features have huge avionic compromises. In PS2 stealth is simply mandatory without any performance tradeoff. Stealth should be something related to the way a pilot flights, not a certification line.

    It's full of ppl waiting in group at high altitude to gang bang a lone ESF.

    New players simply can't learn to fly.
  16. IamnotAmazing

    I'm not saying they shouldn't be effective, just that this mechanic about them is broken