This pic is more TR than anything that will ever come out ingame

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AirborneCarrot, May 10, 2014.

  1. AirborneCarrot

    p.s. can we get our MCG to look more like that and less like a big drill
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  2. Armcross

    Did he toke that backpack from NC?
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  3. eldarfalcongravtank

    damn terran kids start military service in young years o_O
  4. Hiding in VR

    Kids? What are these "kids" you speak of?

    That is clearly a cloning error. Why it wasn't recycled back into the mulch before it was hatched, I don't know :(
  5. ChipMHazard

    Indeed. Remember back when we had a whole batch of soldiers pop out as nothing but legs with guns?
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  6. Bankrotas

    He got a killstreak of 50.
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  7. Hiding in VR

    Maybe this is a new HA configuration? No Overshield but a smaller hit box?
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  8. FateJH

    Must be a PS1 TR veteran. Looting enemy gear like no one's business but still carries an MCG to roflstomp everything else.
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  9. SpcFarlen

    Under-slung... mini.... gun... :(
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  10. Zar

    lol if it was a ps1 vet he would be carry a jackhammer he stole off a nc who finally died after a whole platoon died to kill him lol.
    fun fact jack hammers in ps could have armor pricing rounds and could shoot down air craft. <--insane but true.
  11. IamDH

    This has already been said, an underslung minigun can't shoot over cover. Thats why it was changed
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  12. Tentakewls

    The only thing I find more unbelievable than that excuse, is that people actually think it's true.
    The reason why there's no under slung MCG is because it'd require a specific new set of animations.
    Most weapons in this game are identical to eachother or are made of bits and pieces of other weapons, so one set of animations for one weapon? Not going to happen.
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  13. libbmaster

    No, under-slung MCG was implemented in alpha and beta. They had the animations, they had the technology.

    They discovered that not being able to fire from cover now that TTK's are so low/the gun play is modernized was just suicide, no mater how OP it was in the open.
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  14. Casterbridge

    Do want, I promise I will never use this thing against infantry (well exception to Max Units) please let me have armor piercing rounds for the JackHammer
  15. Tentakewls

    Sorry but that's a lie, bullets don't come out of your gun, they come out of your head. It doesn't matter if the gun looks underslung, or even if it looked like you had a pistol tied to your knee, bullets would still originate from the camera ( a.k.a. your head ). All they need to do to add an underslung weapon is making new animations, but that's kinda expensive and takes time, a lot more time than making original models for each gun, and we don't even have that.

    Edit: Also, knee pistol, awsome for LA revamp, can headshot people while you fly over least better than akimbo.
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  16. PlatoonLeaderG

  17. SpcFarlen

    Which could be a downside to the weapon itself for its higher RoF, rather than just getting a gimmicky Carv that looks absolutely horrid.
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  18. Hatesphere

    in this game the camera is more like in your nipples. but yes this is true.
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  19. libbmaster

    This was before SoE centralized where the projectiles come from.

    They used to come from the guns.

    So yes, you are right, SoE could implement the old model/animations, and it would now work because the projectiles would come from your center mass.

    But then, you would have masses of people complaining about "head-glitching" TR, cause the model wouldn't look like it was shooting over the cover.
  20. FateJH

    I recently grabbed a Jackhammer off some corpse. I've got to remember to try this. Which fire mode do you suggest?