This isn't funny anymore...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chipay, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Chipay

    So i just started the game after the patch, press redeploy at the warpgate, and these are my spawn options.
  2. Mr_Giggles

    I think it's funny.
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  3. RomulusX

    lol cuz of your name!
  4. Sossen

    I guess no one with the certs has placed an attack here, so no wonder.
  5. Sworn Enemy

    Yeah, I despise the lattice system. Hate it hate it hate it!!!!!
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  6. TeknoBug

    It's been that way for a while, everytime I try to redeploy from the WG I don't get many choices, sometimes I just hate travelling from the WG when the SL isn't on location because it's a waste of vehicle resources.
  7. Spoprockel

    Oh boy... guess i'll finally cert into flash racer chassis :p
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  8. Tristan

    Yo..... you mean vehicles might actually have a purpose? OH **** NO! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!
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  9. Klypto

    Does this mean those poor peasants will have to actually drive or fly to the place they want to be instead of magically teleporting there?


    But seriously, it's really bad if people can just teleport anywhere they want to from warpgate. This is what Instant Action and deploying on squad leads was made for.

    I can't wait until they remove drop podding in when you deploy on your squad leader like they talked about. The new system will force you to deploy at the nearest spawn.
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  10. Morpholine

    You can:
    1. Deploy hop to the front.
    2. Gamble on instant action.
    3. Hit insert twice to join a (random) squad and deploy near them.
    4. Pull an ESF as a taxi and drive there.
    5. Pull a Flash and drive there.
    6. Pull any vehicle and drive there.
    7. Hop in a gunner position and be driven there.
    8. Hop in the inevitable Galaxy ferry.
    9. Hoof it on Shank's Mare.
    10. Come to the forums and whine.
    Your choice.
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  11. Tommyp2006

    One of these things is not like the other.
  12. freeze

    11. Log Out and dont bother with that ****
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  13. Chipay

    1. I don't have recourses
    2. I want to choose where i'm going
    3. I want to choose where i'm going
    4. I don't have recourses
    5. I don't want to drive with that piece of **** vehicle that'll get me killed in seconds by simply driving over pebble
    6. I don't have recourses
    7. No one at the warpgate
    8. No galaxies, no one uses them anymore
    9. I came here to fight and be useful, not to walk for half an hour
    10. I'm not whining, i'm just stating what happened, if facts = whining then the world must be a sea of tears.
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  14. TeknoBug

    TBH most of us wouldn't have a problem in using a vehicle to travel to the fight where the squad/platoon is, but when it costs resources (even a flash costs 150) it's a bit of a put off. In PS1 I used to LOVE traveling around in vehicles because there was no downside to deploying a vehicle (except facility links). If the game had a stock Flash (no attachments nor weapons) for 50 resources for general purpose transportation, I'd use it.
  15. Mastachief

    It's funny because if you didn't laugh you would cry at the ineptitude. How does Q/A not pick this stuff up.
  16. Goretzu

    It's why I just spend 500 certs on ejector seat for the ESF. "TAXI loadout". :)
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  17. Morpholine

    I'd just like to point out that your screen shot shows you've already taken the first step of option 1.

    You could have been at that fight at Allatum in under two minutes, by merely hitting "U" and then selecting a spawn a couple of times, at a cost of zero resources.

    Additionally, as Allatum is the only VS hot spot on the continent, there's a good chance instant action would have taken you there - again for a cost of zero resources. And if it tried to put you somewhere else, you can cancel it before the countdown completes.

    Seriously, the problem lies mainly between the keyboard and chair.
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  18. Ash87

    You don't need resources to get to the front lines if you spawn hop. You can still get there, you just don't choose to.
  19. KenDelta

    SOE calls it Spawn "Logic" if you know wut I mean.
  20. Phyr

    It's funny that you expected something else to happen.