This is why we need longer spawn timers

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  1. MrJengles

    You're saying populations are lower because of a change that hasn't happened yet?

    SOE have steadily made getting into fights faster and easier for everyone, regardless of the negative consequences to gameplay, for some time now. None of the major logistics or spawning restrictions have been implemented.

    So if anything is reducing the games population it's the focus on mindless team-deathmatch instead of tactics and teamwork which should be at the core of PS2.

    These are common complaints and reasons for not playing that I've heard from outfit members, players in-game or on the forums.

    If SOE do nothing but go after the COD/BF/whatever typical shooter crowd and alienate the PS1 or tactical crowd in the process then they'll continue with the steadily declining population. PS2 has had to make compromises for large scale fighting and already incorporates some teamwork elements, so it is never going to appeal to most typical shooter players.

    SOE should focus on retaining and, indeed, regaining the players they've lost by embracing the things that make PS2 unique. Only after that should they attempt to skim some typical shooters off from other games - not compete for that entire market, as it wouldn't work.
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  2. Champagon

    The problem is the majority of gamers WANT SATISFACTION NOW!!!! They don't want to:
    • Think
    • Use Strategy
    • Teamwork

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  3. Sghignifiss

    Dieing in this game happens a lot, also in ways you cannot avoid and sometimes repeatedly. I'm sure that if I'm going to be punished because I was killed by a friendly tank walking over me or in some other stupid ways, or during a chaotic spawnfest, I'll easly logout and won't come back. It would be too frustrating.

    If I knew I'm gonna punished for dieing I'd pass all the time trying to avoid combat, no matter what.

    It's a bad idea. It won't happen.
  4. Champagon

    You will only be penalized for dieing at enemy hands, not a TK. This was how PS1 worked. Proved very useful. Especially in stopping spawnroom warriors
  5. NC supporter

    PS1 is free right now and PS1 was made by people who didn't care if they turned their game into an A list title. They just made it out of a dream and wanted to do it. PS2 is designed to make some cash and use the name Planetside as a promotion aspect. They also made it to promote their forgelight engine which has worked to some effect. I highly think that they will be making another title soon that also promotes in the same way. So sadly, I don't think we're going to get PS 1.5 since gamers these days aren't all that excited about what your proposing.
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  6. DatVanuMan

    That is an AMAZING idea! No nerfing required, and living longer rewards you! Brilliant, man:D
  7. DatVanuMan

    You want PS1? *Looks at Planetside 1* How are you still loved?
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  8. Rift23

    You still blow through infantry resources quickly while doing this, though. Even with lots of multi/vehicle kills eventually your stack of bombs will run out and then you have to stop. And the resource revamp will greatly hamper this by forcing everyone to wait rather than farm/stock up inventory, to say nothing of what universal resource will mean.
  9. NC supporter

    Sir the majority of players today are those like Yaesu today, so alienating the majority type of your customers would make no sense in terms of making majority profit. SOE is already running low on funds so they need to get as much funds as they can get till the PS4 launch.
  10. MajiinBuu

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to shoot people in a shooting game. What kind of sicko gets his kicks from staring at a colorful map? If you increase spawn timers, players would...
    • Think "I don't want to stare at a map, better fire from the spawnroom," or even "why am I still playing this game?"
    • Strategy? This is a first person shooter, you shoot people. You try to do it in the most effective way possible at the time. Staring at a map won't help.
    • Teamwork. If you don't know how to play the game, a longer spawn timer is gonna make things worse.
    I have no idea what point you could possibly be trying to make in the above statement o_O
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  11. MrJengles

    Makes sense to solve that.

    Besides, it's not like you immediately jump from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, it would just be a gradual gain.

    If spawn camped, an increasing spawn timer would be a good hint that the spawn is locked down and people should redeploy to an AMS that isn't camped or another base so they can safely get back into the fight. Running out of the spawn and mindlessly dying over and over isn't fun, yet people do it because dying doesn't matter.
  12. dasichri

    It'll never happen because that video is exactly what SoE wants in order to attract CoD/BF players and to keep the game as twitchy as possible with those that have attention spans of a goldfish... While maintaining the minimal amount needed to retain PS1/PS2 vets.

    And further on the attention span of goldfish's, increased spawn timer will never happen because it'll make CoD/BF players get bored and leave.

    I commend you for posting your idea, but SoE doesn't care.

    Get ready for shorter respawn timers.
  13. MajiinBuu

    Who says we want those elitist stuck-up vets in PS2?
    Average "veteran" player mentality: "I remember when games were fun!"
  14. NC supporter

    The amount of veteran gamers is a fraction of the amount of gamers who like COD/BF type shooters. Again, planetside 2 and planetside are only slightly related. Planetside was a dream without a care for money while planetside 2 is looking to make some money and promote their forgelight engine. They also want to get as much profit as possible before the PS4 launch. Afterwards PS4 version of planetside will be altered to fit what PS4 users would like and the majority here. You would maybe see a boost in Playstation sales and a drop here because all them went for that new sleek version. These COD/BF players as a majority would be pretty willing to drop 500 dollars at once just to experience another version while I don't think either of us would be doing that. SOE would probably want to support these guys rather than the PS vets considering the money reservoir.
  15. MrJengles

    I find it interesting that players on both sides of this issue say that PS2 fails to live up to its predecessor or appeal to the market that should come naturally.

    I mean, sure, if SOE have truly given up that would make sense. But if there's any chance their comments about wanting to make the best game they can, and trying to make a tactical, teamwork minded game are genuine, then it's got to be pretty alarming to hear people agreeing their direction is slowly ruining that side of the game and losing the players it would appeal to.
  16. Axehilt

    I more or less support SOE's direction with shorter spawn times (even though Ramping Respawns in Planetside 1 I'm 99% certain were implemented due to a suggestion I made in PS1's beta.)

    Mostly it's about pacing and interesting decisions. After experiencing the fruits of my suggestion for 3.5 years in Planetside 1, I gradually came to the realization that it'd have been far preferable to have base spawns be close to vehicle terminals, but distant from the capture points (CCs), which would mean that instead of waiting for a progress bar (not fun) you would be traveling (slightly more fun because you have some decisions of where you go -- whether to approach rapidly from the front or to spend more time flanking, or to leave the battle entirely.)

    So in PS2 what I feel makes the most sense is:
    • Do a pass on all base spawns.
      • None of them (especially Biolabs) should be close to the capture points.
      • All of them should be close to vehicle terminals.
    • Reduce spawn times at bases.
    • Don't reduce spawn times at mobile spawns (sundy, beacon, etc) since the distance to objectives isn't as controlled.
      • Especially not with cheaper sunderers (resource revamp.)
      • Especially not with impossible-for-one-player-to-kill sunderers (sundy shield item.)
      • Although admittedly if they did another universal pass at increasing no-deploy zones, you could at least decrease sundy respawn times (since the distance to objectives would then be more controlled.)
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  17. Tacom

    Here you have exactly described the problem. For a percentage of PS2 players this is not the game we want. We want a Combined Arms Combat Game. If I want to play a shooter, I play BF, which is light years in front of PS2.

    If just the Devs had the decency to say with kind of game they plan to do, lots of rage would be saved. :)

    And just to be clear, I think that SOE is pointing in the direction that you, the shooting faction, wants, so all those discussions are basicly worthless. :(
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  18. Champagon

    So you are obviously a COD player....
  19. ronjahn

    @OP I don't get it, I get what you mean that suicides go unpunished, but that video is the further thing from a good example of what your talking about. In fact, the guy never dies in any of the clips. How can that be used as evidence of suicides going unpunished, when he never committed suicide?

    If you can't replicate the videos due to lack of skill, that's one thing, but let's not go about punishing people for good gameplay.
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  20. MajiinBuu

    I've never even owned a Call of Duty game :rolleyes:
    Nice try at trolling though