This is why Genudine NC are something special

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Excellentz, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Excellentz

    Only server to go 3/3 for the NC during the UES? Genudine. Great job to all of the NC who took it to the TR and VS and just straight destroyed them. That was the most fun I have had since this game came out, proud to fight along all of you. Not only did we win, we never even lost control of a single objective. We held everything for the entire time. That was not even a fight (well it was....but you know what I mean :p), and it was a pleasure to be a part of such a beat down.

    I cant wait to hear the response from the other factions. It must have been our canyons. It must have been...erm..our numbers. It must have been...I am sure you guys will think of something!

    To all NC. Come to Genudine, you are welcome to join any of our outfits (I am a leader with =ADK=). To all TR/VS you are welcome as well, they say they need more people or something....
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  2. Elidion

    In before pop advantage arguments
  3. MiZrY

    It was indeed fun for the 1 1/2 hours that I was able to play during the events.... we need more fights like this on the other continents.

    Gonna log back on in a few and feed on the VS tears.

    Good job NC!
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  4. MiZrY

    If the TR/VS teamed up on us like they always do they would have had a major population advantage.... but they still would have lost :p
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  5. Jaquio

    Why would I want to fight on a server where we already have an advantage?

    If I wanted to play like that, I'd spend my time playing SoE's bus driving sim on Amerish with the rest of my faction's zerg outfits every night.

    But kudos for your accomplishments. Good to see the blue represented somewhere. I'll see that you get your bonus checks.
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  6. ent|ty

    I started off the day lone wolfing and pugging, stealing some bases from the Vanu and defending others, until ADK arrived, then I joined up with them and played for the day.

    Massive battle over The Bastion, good battles today, probably a few of the best in the game for me so far.
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  7. ProtossMaster

    The bonus checks is a lie. They don't exist.
  8. Excellentz

    Haha a very good point. I mainly want to recruit more VS/TR. We could use bigger battles here! Also some competition....
  9. Riekopo

  10. Guidaux

    This thread makes me smile! go ADK!

    ADK Squad Leader
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  11. vilehydra

    Damnit I wasn't on during the UES because I forgot and got bored with the game. Frak.

    I woulda turned the entire tide I swear it!

    In all seriousness however, ADK seems to be a larger zergfit then our resident LUA zerg (and I don't even know the VS major zerg) But congrats, if the event happens again however you won't be so lucky ;)

    also @ Mizry what are you smoking? Cuz I need a hit of that. We always hit both sides, the vanu may even hit us more then they do you :p .

    P.S. there was actual fighting on Amerish? What!?
  12. Excellentz

    You will not win the next won. LOL at the thought of that. have no idea what it took to win those objectives. We had to hold off two factions all fighting for the same thing.
  13. Guidaux

    I remember spending around 40 tank mines 3 at a time taking sundy after sundy down with my suicide engineer. I swear that engie is a crazy crazy man when he gets backed into a corner.
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  14. MiZrY

    Smoking? Nah...

    TR/VS have both attempted to warpgate us on two front countless times. In fact there was a big battle the other day at the Biolabs in NC territory that we controlled and the TR and VS were blatantly communicating in /yell to coordinate the attack together.

    It's also blatantly obvious when the TR are pushing South East only into NC territory and the VS are pushing East into NC territory at the same time.

    I don't see a problem in it though, it's a 3 faction war..... it happens. I'm not complaining about it. I like it. As such, it also makes sense at times because it's the only way from stopping the NC Indar locomotive.

    But to say it doesn't happen, is well.... just not true. :cool:
  15. vilehydra

    Always good for some competition when it happens, I mean nobody (I hope) enjoys a steamroll.
    Also the only reason I consider ADK a zergfit is the past experiences I've had against it. Also Both other factions had to do the same, albeit they did fail.

    TR does have lower pop on that server most of the time, but I can write your victory off soley on that, you did well and deserved the win. Next time we'll do better, and it will be a bit harder.

    Also was there a prize? there should of been like a 500 cert prize per person per cont. That would be awesome.
  16. abombinabowl

    I don't understand these statements at all. I have been playing for the NC on Genudine for quite a while now, and I have always, ALWAYS been greeted by numbers like this when I log on:

    So please, explain.
    Also, I had a lot of fun today. Thank you to all of my brethren who died so I could revive them. To those I failed to revive... I am sorry.
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  17. Elidion

    Yeah we normally don't have the population advantage, but we did today...a lot of us at ADK the "Zergfit" took time off work (myself included) to actually make the event. So there probably was more than usual...but that's part of it, ADK leadership wanted to make sure our best players were around and we've been planning this since the announcement. We knew who would be leading platoons and individual squads, we had 5 public platoons up that were it was nice. We know NC was is piss poor represented so we wanted to make sure our server stood out as a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully when server transfers come...we hope it will bring some more competition.

    Also, I don't know how affected VS were by not having Levelcap there with many from his outfit joined him on connery ect.

    It was all fun none the less...that's what the game is about...
  18. vilehydra

    I remember pushing into Valley storage yard and feldspar numerous times with enough momentum in the zerg to warpgate you, only to have the vanu push all the way to the north then have the zerg overreact and pull away to defend it.

    I also remember simply ignoring vanu pushes into the north in order to focus on you because if the vanu got the north so what? But if we dislodged you of your Indar domination it would have a more important effect. But never have I seen anyone coordinate with, or not fire at eachother simply to go hit the NC, I find that pretty silly, as well as practically impossible because of the frothing-out-the-mouth masses that need something to die every five seconds wouldn't be able to hold themselves off the trigger finger.

    But it is true whoever holds indar has the best chance at getting the 3-cont lock, because Indar has a bit more inertia then Amerish and Esamir (which seem to changes hands faster then a prostitute during free quicky friday)
  19. abombinabowl

    Yeah, I was with you guys all the way. I'll take your word for it, but when I got on (which was about 20 minutes before the event began), our percentage was a mere 39%. Not a huge advantage. It's possible our numbers increased as the battles wore on though.

    Yes, of course! I loved playing with you guys today. Most fun I've had in a long time. And just when I felt like losing hope at the Bastion, I had you all there making space redneck jokes to keep me going.
  20. vaxx

    What time do you log on? Not prime time, I can tell you that.
    Here is a screenie from the begining of the event. This is what TR is ued to prime time 90% of the time.

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