This is what it feels like EVERY time I pull a tank in PS2

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  1. Earthman

    Part of it might be the wannabe-elitists who like to say "peasant" to anyone who can leave a spawn room and fight without expending air or mechanized resources.
  2. EliteEskimo

    I saw the AV turret doing more damage to you in that video and their hayday is still here... AFTER ALMOST 9 MONTHS!:eek:

    Some people call tanking "easy mode", but I think those people get tanking confused with farming while being in a tank which is the most boring thing you'll ever choose to do in a tank. Fighting other vehicles, taking out important Sunderers, and killing all the infantry that get in your way of doing so... now that's tanking! :cool: An example of tanking.

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  3. Samriel

    It seems to me that almost every time I have pulled a tank over the past few days an enemy infiltrator hacks an AT turret at the base I just left and nearly insta-gibs me point blank from behind before I even realize I'm taking damage. What is more irritating is that I typically pull armor from two to three zones behind the front lines so I have time to find a good spot to set up.

    Are infiltrators that bored that they sit at empty bases miles behind enemy lines just to hack turrets and shoot tanks, or am I just having an amazing run of bad luck?
  4. LegioX

    Tanking is no where near easymode in this game. Yes there can be times when you can rack up kills, but with libs and fooking esf's flying everywhere, you can be killed pretty quick.
  5. Bloodlet

    There's one dude in that .gif that almost gets lit up by two different molotovs.
  6. Kurohagane

    Kinda on topic, does anyone have the macross missile massacre gif with the "LOCK" in the middle?
  7. NinjaTurtle

    That's what I feel every time I pull a Reaver.

    So much flak and so many lock ons. I don't understand, whenever I watch other pilots they seem to avoid all the AA... probably because it's following me around :(
  8. Flashtirade

    Everyone has to put up with this ridiculousness. The video wasn't about the Striker in particular, but infantry AV in general. I brought up that weapon in particular because the video was taken before it got nerfed.
    Little has changed since then concerning the state of infantry AV except now you can see the rockets that are coming out of nowhere and killing you.
  9. Posse

    If ZOE pre nerf was easy mode, then tanking is super easy mode, with the Viper I did what I couldn't do even with the ZOE MAX, a 100+ kill streak, it's ridiculously easy, and yes, I got a few tanks and even planes in the process.

    Oh and btw, I killed with ease a lot of C4 faeries that tried to kill me too, that's why I always laughed at those that complained about C4s saying it was a L2P issue, with awareness you just can't get killed by C4.
  10. Alarox

    The only problem with AV in its current state is when it doesn't render. I'm fine with anything else as you ought to be scared of a dozen infantry with rocket launchers, or multiple AV MAXes at a distance.
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  11. Alarox

    AI farming with a Viper is the epitome of tanking, obviously.

    I doubt those 7000 infantry kills in a MAX were significantly harder though.

    I'm not saying you're a bad player or anything (on the contrary you're very good). But cheese is cheese no matter what flavor it is. AI farming isn't what I consider real tanking to be in this game; anyone can hop into one and spam explosives at an infantry funnel.
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  12. lothbrook

    So basically you sat around and farmed a bunch of terrible infantry and noobs trying out vehicles for the first or 2nd time, lol. But seriously the average infantry player sits in the spawn room and tries to run out and shoot a rocket and then run back in, without realizing the blast still kills them when the round misses and hits the shield, they're all idiots,
  13. Pootisman

    I agree, engineer with Mana AV turret is the most annoying enemy when driving a tank. Especially when its shooting at you from a hill 500m+ far way and you cant do anything except running away. Its freaking OP.
  14. Posse

    Wat? The Orion is a HA weapon, not a MAX weapon, lol.

    Of course it's cheese! And the Viper right now is probably the epitome of cheese, seeing as it's completely overpowered. But if AV weapons were so powerful, I wouldn't be able to pull a 100 kill streak with a Viper anyway, that's my point, in that 100 kill streak I was alive for a bit more than a complete hour.

    (Though I agree the Engi AV Turret is kinda broken, but it's more a problem of render distances than anything else)

    I wasn't spawn camping is that's what you're trying to imply, it was mostly a defense at Peris Amp and the subsequent push towards the TR warpgate, so spawn shelling wasn't even possible for obvious reasons. Besides, spawn shelling is both really boring as isn't even the best way to get kills, it's only completely annoying and frustrating for the defenders.
  15. Alarox

    I added up all your MAX AI kills and it was a little over 7000 I believe.
  16. DukeFlash

    Yes, basically. Anyways, you should check the map and see if there any enemies present in the hex before you pull a vehicle, as infiltrator trolls are quite common.
  17. EliteEskimo

    Not really, ZOE you could easily avoid rockets and it's much easier to kill people using C4 on you than when you're in tank. Ontop of that you could kill your biggest threat, infantry, so fast that often times they don't even have time to get out their rocket launcher. Then you know their's the whole revive feature on the Max.

    The scenario you were in that got you 100 kill streak while being ridiculously easy normally means a few things. It would lead me to believe you weren't going up against a skilled or organized outfit at the time, or will killing a zerg, and no one went after you with a 2/2 MBT or other AP vehicles. Farming infantry and oblivious zergs is easy, but trying to kill defended Sunderers of the skilled outfits on Mattherson and other MBT's crews of outfits with known good tankers is much harder. I would assume you would agree.

    The Viper majorly excels and is pulled for killing infantry. I'm not saying you wouldn't be good at it, but try using the Magrider and fighting against MBT's and Sunderers and stuff when you're going up against BAX or TENC Vanguards, or when going up against BWC or EXOC. I would wager it's harder to tank against GOTR/NNG/AT/GOKU and DA (When you guys actually pull tanks) then it is to go up most of TR or NC outside of the few known organization outfits. (Feel free to correct me if you think that's not the case) Tanking like how I showed you in the previous video is normally not easy to get 100 kill streaks when your enemy is a competent and you don't have an advantage on the battlefield.
  18. The Rogue Wolf

    The mindset seems to be "If you weren't in a tank/aircraft/Harasser/Flash/nice pair of boots, I'd have killed you easy". But if you're not in a vehicle and kill them anyway, you're a hacker or using an OP weapon.
  19. mr.hanky

    The problem is that there are so many weapons that can destroy tanks. C4, rockets, rocketpods, ESF noseguns, mines, MAX AT, MAX AT, enemy tanks, sundies with AT weapons, Harassers AT), lightning tanks, base turrets, liberators with daltons, and engineer AT turret.

    In a large battle it is difficult to not just get completely mobbed.
  20. Meliorist

    Know that feel.