THIS is what Construction should be used for.

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  1. Metalsheep

    Tonight on Emerald we (TR) were fighting at Mani Biolab, and I see in yell chat something about a wall. We push out to the landing pad, and this is what I see:


    This is the kind of thing construction should be used for. Sadly, the Alert ended before we were pushed out of Mani and the NC couldn't test the strength of our wall.
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  2. Oleker2

    I would love to see that kind of construction more often... but that takes a huge team effort that is non-battle related to most of the time. And all constructions cost 1k+ certs to unlock... New players and even some veterans are pulled out of the sistem by cert cost alone.
  3. Jac70

    I think you created this thread for no other reason than to demonstrate your 'pro' status. Letting people know you have had a bounty applied to you :eek:
  4. MuNrOe

    Trump would be proud.
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  5. Pikachu

    You shall not pass!
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  6. FateJH

    *flies over it*
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  7. Corezer

    Listen, we get that a large portion of the problem simply fly over and overstay their welcome, but that doesn't mean that the wall isn't worth building to stop the ones we can!

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  8. DrPapaPenguin

    Light Assault here.

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  9. LodeTria

    A waste of time eye-sore that has no good effect on the game?
    Sounds like construction all right.
  10. frozen north

    On the Connery server, I once saw a set up like that on indar. It was located to the south of the indar excavation site, and it took a finishing of an alert to make it fall.
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  11. Jac70

    That wall is ******* pointless anyway, you can just go up the side on the left!. You could create a wall that totally blocks a road but it would need a lot of co-ordination - it would likely take an entire platoon.
  12. frozen north

    If the walls located along a common zerg path, then it is definitely useful. Generally speaking, zergs will always stick to certain routes which are dependent on continent. Since almost every bio lab, tech plant, and amp station is involved in at least 1 common zerg path, walls like that serve to draw in players, stalling zergs to prevent territory loss.
  13. Pikachu

  14. DrPapaPenguin

  15. Nintyuk

    Ohh I've seen the NC do this a bunch on miller...

    The VS and TR just galaxy drop past it. Every time.
  16. Armcross

    A autoI turret tower here.
  17. supahitecjetfyta

    there aint nothing you can do to stop the zergnubs from trying to cross a bridge
    like moths to a flame
  18. Luicanus

    you get three of those walls and the anti-infantry tower as default no input required.

    The issue my buddies and I hit on Indar while doing this was the god damned no-build Zones. I get that they don't want Hives inside actual bases and such but the size of those no-build zones is obscene.

    Not only do they prevent strategic walling but they render the OS up-link the closest thing to useless after the dark-light option on a sniper rifle.

    Until the revise the no-build zones (perhaps down to or at least nearer the no deploy zones) construction will remain a poor joke.
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