This is prime time on Indar. I've got two words for Rogue Games and Wrel.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NotziMad, May 27, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

  2. NotziMad

    oh, and before you say it, yeah there's another continent open, and this time just one word :


    And no, there is no 3rd continent open, even though it's prime time, I wonder why. I wonder why players log off and think to themselves "**** this, **** DBG, **** Rogue Games and **** Wrel", it really makes me wonder why this game FAILS at

    "player retention"

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  3. GoriLoco

    And ppl say Vanu is overpowered?
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  4. NotziMad

    So Esamir closed.

    Oh hey, look everyone, Amerish is looking like it's gona be a lot of fun !

  5. NotziMad

    this is ******* prime time..

    I mean, this is ******* prime time !

    Seriously, PRIME ******* TIME

    I get that this happens at 3 am, or 4 am, but seriously?

    I'm always the first to argue against people saying "this game is dying", or "the poulation is droping, we're in trouble", that kind of thing, I'm usually the first to argue against that kind of stuff.

    But I'll tell you this, not as a professional developper or analyst, but as a very experienced online gamer (and I dont mean only PS2), if this continues, yeah, the game will die.


    What's happening is it's not just any kind of players that leave the game, and it' s not the same players that stay.

    People who like crafting play survival games or whatever. People who like racing play need for speed.

    Ask yourself, what kind of people would tend to want to try this game, and then leave it?

    And what kind of people would stay? As a general thing I mean.

    Officially, this game was, when it came out :

    combined arms
    massively multi player

    All the people, who like me, love that stuff, sandbox, pvp, open world (so to speak), tactical, those are people who need meaning in what they do. Even if what they do is only to relax after a long day of work. When things become pointless, senseless, meaningless, they leave.

    I'll stop there, because "wall of text" but at the end of they day, the devs really need to ask themselves not just what they want, or what the players want, but also what kind of players would want, cause there are a lot of different kind of players, and most of them, they don't want this.

    (edit -> by that I mean don't judge what players want according to those who are playing the game. Judge what players want according to those who tried the game and then left the game. For example, people who need a reason to fight, and don't want to simply fight for no reason, most of those people have long quit.

    The total PS2 player population was on average 2k player before Escalation. It peaked at 8k (roughly) after Escalation, but then it dropped steadily and now we're back to where we started.

    For a normal average population of 2k, that's 6 THOUSAND PLAYERS who joined the game AND THEN LEFT IT.
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  6. UberNoob1337101

    Wallamir in a nutshell. Everyone farms at Mani.

    For the other two pics, no way those have prime-time player numbers, 58% TR pop on prime-time? I'd like to see pop counts on those continents.
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  7. NotziMad

    When I made the thread, there were 2 continents open.

    Esamir (biolab fight) was the higher pop one.

    When Esamir closed, Amerish opened (3rd screenshot). Basically, that the lanes were open already indicates that the pop was higher than a certain level.

    However, if you're VS or NC and you're checking the continents, you're just not gona go to Amerish are you?

    But Indar, despite the population differences, was far from empty.

    And yeah, this is 19-20h (ish) Paris time.
  8. zelekk

    ye and sth like 10 min after amerish screen there were just stupid sized zergs. whats a point?
    people go where alert is active and esamir is always bad.
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  9. MichaelMoen

    Someone's gonna have to explain that image to me. How in the world does the TR have an overwhelming majority territory control on that kind of map.
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  10. NotziMad

    omg I never noticed that........ what the hell?

    edit:----- wait, I think I know.

    I wasn't online when Esamir opened and when you log in, you can't see the strength and / or territory control % of an open continent unless you spawn on that continent.

    What your seeing is Indar, where I was when I took the screenshot.
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  11. karlooo

    Cause he was located on Indar, that territory control shows Indar and doesn't change when checking different continents.

    I believe TR was getting double teamed on Esamir so the majority left to Indar to be able to play the game and also get resources for their outfits....It's a logical move and it's both VS and NC fault they didn't want to change continent to stop TR alone. Instead they chose to zerg hard.
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  12. Liewec123

    yeah the vanu pop has dropped recently for some reason,
    i don't know if it is outfit wars stealing the big outfits from the main game or something,
    but because noone is on VS noone is allowed to log in on TR or NC either,
    bravo DBG, the servers are empty and you're not letting people log on...***** genius.

    and i hate playing my vanu now because its just feels so cheap.
    if people don't want to play the cheap faction then let us atleast play the faction with the middle pop.
  13. ShotMeTender

    Before talking about "conquest-like matters" referring to player retention capacity, let's step back for a moment and talk about CPU/FPS efforts increasing every months due to bad settings of the Graphic motors and collision management... Then make a step forward and ask yourself again why players go farming in a Biolab...
    Above of that, you are kinda right about conquest matters, but honestly, the lattice system made the game totally focused on 4 spot per time, so it doesn't surprise me that much.
    And as far as i can tell, infiltrator gameplay has been totally wrecked by lattice system, which erased the far and lonely capping of minor bases making "stealth ops" totally useless.... This is no more a strategic game by a lot of time, just shoot,farm,advance and spam explosions everywhere...
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