This is how the official PS2 Twitter describes the game.

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  1. NotsiMadz

    Skill. Strategy. Teamwork. Choose your empire, take arms, and join the MASSIVE battle on Auraxis!
    Is that you're experience of planet side 2?
    Cause most of all I've been seeing lately is :
    "play for fun"
    "who cares alert"
    "no one cares conquer territory"
    "it don't matter if our faction loses"
    "we just want a fight, period".

    Hours upon hours, hundreds upon hundres, of mindless players running around shooting stuff for no reason at all.

    I see no skill, I see no strategy, and I certainly see no teamwork. (outside of prime time when all the outfits are running ops)
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  2. OldSchoolD

    The same could be said of "Hours upon hours, hundreds upon hundreds of mindless players avoiding each other, with nothing to shoot at except a spawn room shield, to win alerts for no reason at all"

    Nobody is going to stay, nor pay, in a shooter that removes all the shooting and replaces it with quests.
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  3. Liewec123

    Well to be fair they did unnerf nc max, never in a million years did I see that coming!

    But yup, removal of content like biolabs and TI is pretty scary,
    we can't even call what happened to esamir 'design', it was 'undesign', they straight-up deleted a third of the content...

    And that storm that trolls around the map breaking up big fights,
    how the hell does something like that get added to a game that only exists because of those big fights.

    And the resources being spent on the stupid sanctuary/questing does show a colossal disconnect.
    It's like even the devs who once played the game have no idea what we're here for.
    And no, we aren't here to RP in a pretty little space station or pick carrots in a deserted wasteland.
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  4. RabidIBM

    I'm guessing that it's been a while since they did a step back and asked "what is our game and what content belongs in such a game?".

    It's clear that RPG Wrel wishes he was deving a role playing game, and rather than prove his abilities with a game that isn't a role player to build a resume for a future with an RPG, he's just trying to break PS2 into a role player.

    That said, there are outfits running tactical ops out there, if you notice a well executed point hold by people who all have the same tag, ask to join them. Most of them are much friendlier than most people would assume. With outfit wars coming up I have actually noticed some outfits seem to be stepping it up. They're not playing to win alerts, but to practice their own play.
  5. Somentine

    Nothing they said there is objectively false.
    You're correlating everything with Alerts and territory, when the whole point of both of those mechanics is to facilitate fights.
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  6. UberNoob1337101

    If so, why's he not deving Everquest? I'm just asking because it seems a lot easier to add RPG mechanics to a dedicated MMORPG than jury-rigging objectives into missions.
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  7. NotsiMadz

    hah that's an interesting point :

    the fight is the end, the content (alert) is the means ------------- >> the content is a means to and end

    rather than :

    the content is the end (alert victory), the fight is the means --------->> the fight is a means to an end

    There's another angle; not victory, but simply trying to achieve victory is the end, the objective (victory alone doesn't mean much, if you achieve victory against zero enemies, that victory doesn't mean anything) and fighting is the means to achieve that.

    Then, there's what did the devs have in mind when they made this game, what do the current devs have in mind and what do you believe it should be?
  8. Somentine

    They probably wanted large fights in nearly every hex, with all manner of weapons, vehicles, and classes, with every player squaded and outfitted working similar to a real military command structure, with the ultimate goal of conquering as much territory as possible or winning alerts.

    The truth is, that is never going to be balanced, never going to workout, and in many cases is just a bunch of work for very little fun.

    Realistically, alerts are a way to move fights around the map with more organized outfits. Hexes are the means to facilitate fights and give a base objective to the players. And the main goal of the game is to have enjoyable fights at any population size.

    There is no player skill balancing.
    No leadership, squad, or outfit balancing.
    No population balancing for hexes.
    No class limits.
    No vehicle limits.
  9. NotsiMadz

    Well, we can't ask them.

    What we can do however is, quote them in interviews they made over the years.

    Here's one :

    Way I see it, way I experienced it, they got there, years ago, and have steadily been losing track of this particular point.

    Of particular interest, (off topic) is how he mentions features that (like base resources) that were only ever implemented many years later.

    Lastly, skill is hard to discuss because it can mean anything, you can be skillfull at how you bang your head against a wall... so on it's own, it's meaningless.

    Strategy and Teamwork, however, that's easy, because you only ever value this, when there is an objective.
  10. Liewec123

    meanwhile back in reality...
    that is primetime alert wins since the Oh sO ScArY PaTcH ThAt MaDe nC MaX GodMoDe! (9th -12th feb)
    oh wait...VS are dominating for a change.

    but the other factions don't even bother logging in!
    oh wait...lets look at average global population...35% TR, 33% VS, 32% NC

  11. NotsiMadz

    not that I want to interfere or intrude with your conversation, but if you filter those Alert and use more recent times (like 2021 or 2020-2021), you'll find different figures, on Coblat, this year, VS has won 34% Alerts, just like NC.

    That said, there's something else most people using your stats to illustrate that VS is OP or something like that, and that is :

    1. if most of the population doesn't care about winning alerts (which is partly the topic of this thread), then Alert stats are meaningless. You can't judge faction results for a game they dont play.

    2. Whether a faction tends to fight for alert victory or not depends mostly on active outfits (a minority of the population) but also on experience.

    What I mean is, fighting in one base for an hour or two can be fun, doing only that for 4 hours a day, every day gets old after a while, specially many months later. So at one point, more experienced players will look for more than "just a fight" in the game.

    ie: generally speaking (there are exceptions) how much a player is invested in helping his or her faction win depends on his or her experience.

    3. For these reasons (1 and 2) but in addition, because experience makes you better, generally, whether a faction tends to win, ultimately, depends on how experienced its members are.

    and 4 ---> (this is the part no one ever believes or thinks of, but it's true) VS tends to have more experienced players. Across all servers, since 2012.
  12. Campagne

    Eh, it's marketing. At it's core these gameplay elements do exist even if seasoned players tend to ignore large aspects of it.

    Skill, strategy, and teamwork absolutely still do exist at least on a small scale, and I would argue all of which are very important in team-based first-person shooters. Plus, some fights do go above what one could get from other games.
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  13. NotsiMadz

    Well yeah, like I said, they exist at prime time.

    Outside of prime time, you'll get squads or platoons here and there doing this too.

    But other than that, at the end of the day, most of what I witness is random mindless players running around like headless chickens, no one trying to win anything at all. Never mind the Alert, or conquering territory, even the fight they are in.

    For instance : if you want to save a base, and if you can (if you got time etc) you kill the enemy sundy, or sundies. You do that, bam, base saved. Simple. But no one does that, no one even goes for the sundy unless it's directly in their line of sight.

    If anything, (and I know what you are thinking, I mean even outside of very low population times, where there is only one fight) people purposefully do not kill the sundies : "so they can farm". If they clear the A point, they wait, they don't push towards the sundy, you see what I mean?

    Strategy, teamwork, only has menaing in cases where there is an objective. Whether it's winning an Alert, saving a base or capturing a base, those are "official" objectives. Players can also make their own objectives and apply teamwork and strategy to achieve them, those objectives may have nothing to do with the official ones, but a) I honestly don't see much of that happening (except for armour squads roaming around) and b), if I took the twitter screenshot, it's beacause I am speaking of tended gameplay, official objectives, given to the players by the game : fict in a faction war for your faction. (not fight for your KD or your certs or just farm)
  14. Liewec123

    not wanting to hijack this thread, i was just responding to the noobies unsubstantiated herpderp' with FACTS.
    the stats that i posted are just the primetime alert wins across all servers only since the patch on tuesday
    (since this idiot is QQing about NC max)
    just wanted to prove that every claim he made was entirely wrong.
    NC aren't dominating, NC aren't the only faction playing.

    but lets not hijack this thread any more, if the noob wants to whine about NC max some more here i'm sure he will,
    i won't respond (the facts have already spoken.) :)
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  15. Toppestofkeks

    Something wrong with ur capslock kid? It's unreadable. Even the most cherry picked chart you could find shows the state of TR lmao.
  16. NotsiMadz

    I wasn't emplying you were hyjacking the thread, but I think the thread's dead now anyway so feel free :)
  17. Somentine

    Published 20 Nov, 2014

    Gotta be honest dude, I really don't know what you are talking about nor the point of this thread.
    Like I said, there is nothing wrong with their description, even if you took it out of context of a simple twitter profile description.
    The last two sentences you posted also really don't make sense, as 1) strategy and teamwork are a skill and 2) you can set anything as an objective.

    The reason prime time and non-prime time have polarizing differences is because the game doesn't start fights for you, it's up to the players. The more players, the higher number of players willing to put the work in to start a fight and keep it going, so the less people care if a fight dies.

    You strike me as the type of person that, if they could, would nuke every fight because that is the logical way to 'win' the game, ignoring the fact that for a lot (majority?) the fun is in actually fighting and not necessarily winning.
  18. NotsiMadz

    ok, thought this one was dead, so here's another angle "dude".

    First, Higby, the SOE PS2 Creative Director, is one of the guys who made this game. He left SOE when it changed to DBG.

    So he's not just a dev. He's one of the devs who actually made this game in the first place. Let me know if you want me to elaborate on what that emplies....

    If that interview is dated from 2014, so what? what's your point?


    I play since 2012.

    That doesn't mean anything, because since 2012 I could be playing one day a year. But I play a lot a year, since.

    Of course that doesn't mean anything either, cause you can only take my word for it, but you're gona have to, I can't think of any other way to backup what I'm about to claim. Even though I know for a fact that what I'm about to claim is true.

    That is 2 things.

    1. From 2012 to 2015 (when SOE became DBG) and then a few years after that, most players played to win. In fact, everyone played to win, except a few exceptions, like casuals or newbies, or people who only had time for like 1 hour gameplay.

    Everyone played to win. Everyone. That's one of the things that made this game so unbelievably fun and exciting. There's not another game like it on the market, never has been.

    When a faction would win, people would cheer. People would say GG WP. People would be really happy. And when a faction wouldl lose, peope would be dissapointed, people would find excuses, like VS OP NO BULLET DROP. At the end of the day, people cared.

    People did everything they could to help their faction win. And if with 55 seconds left on the alert, and a tie score, and one base was being capped that had 45 seconds left on the timer, you would see gal drops, you would see everyone zoning in, desperatly, flying in with ESFs and droping on the a point, trying to flip it before the end of the alert.

    And THAT was exciting. THAT required teamwork, skill, coordination, strategy. And THAT is how the game was designed to be, by peopple like Higby.

    What's exciting about staying 4 hours in one base grinding your directives or certs? Does that require teamwork? Strategy? Yeah maybe flanking and camping are strategies, but this is like on a enitrely different level.

    2. Today, what I described above still exists, still happens. Except when it used to be everyone all the time, now it's only for like 3 or 4 hours at prime time, and it's only the outfits and open platoons.

    This game, 8 years ago, was designed to be a lot more than a simple random fight that no one cares about. And, to get loop back to my OP, that is exactly what is emplied by the official Planetside 2 account. They don't advertise this game by saying "come fight in a random fight for no reason at all except that of grinding certs, directive points, or whatever".

    What they DO say, is in my OP :

    And I'm not seeing much of that lately.
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  19. Somentine

    First, it's old af and times change.
    Second, he didn't say to the exclusion of anything else, he said that it was lacking, which goes against what you've spouted later on, 'dude'.

    First, look at my account creation date for even just the forums to.
    Second, what you 'claim' is subjective as all hell and absolutely not the objective truth.

    Not only were there more players and outfits, but the game was newer.
    The rewards for winning were more worthwhile because people didn't have banks of certs and making certs was harder.
    People still care, there are just less.

    It still happens.

    Still happens.

    That rarely happens except at certain times at certain bases.
    No, it really isn't on an entirely different level. In fact, the average skill level is so much higher than back then that it is almost laughable.

    It didn't happen all the time back then either.
    Who would have thought that population in an MMO sandbox game could affect the fights?

    For the third time, you are heavily implying and assuming about a single little description on a Twitter bio for a game... and you've got nothing on it because it isn't objectively wrong.

    I've played off and on since beta. The game, minus the very recent things like bastions, is far, far better than it has ever been. The only real problems are stability, performance, and population. And the last one is still pretty impressive for a niche game 8+ years after launch.
  20. NotsiMadz