this is how one person can shut down a map

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by rumblepit, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. rumblepit

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  2. Kediec

    I shut down my map by just pressing M to close it again :p
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  3. maxkeiser

    Seems legit.
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  4. Gith

    In before "He is not hacking he is just better than you" Really wish they enforced region lock on PS2... would certainly make connery a better place. Or at least get rid of all the shared internet cafe accounts.
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  5. Kedric

    LOL I just opened a ticket on this guy a few minutes ago. He was killing everyone at Quartz Ridge camp with insta kill.

    There were actually 3 hackers at the same time in Quartz Ridge camp... AnazawaAkaneJP (NC), Babywxa (TR), and some VS guy I forget the name of. At least we had equal representation across the factions, huh?

    If anyone is still in denial about the cheating going on, I don't know what to say.
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  6. Kedric

    Any competent hacker is already using a VPN or proxy servers, so region locking would only inconvenience legit players.

    The only solution is to have some sort of account verification required with a credit card #, checking account, or some such thing. No charge to play, just to verify identity and prevent new account creation for banned people. SOE might lose some players doing this, but they're going to lose a whole lot of paying customers (like me) if they don't.
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  7. Sowahka

    +1 for this solution.

    Wouldn't mind this, from what I understand it's not even that uncommon outside of the US.
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  8. Drayth

    459 kills, 1 death 26 mins, br13[/quote]

    He must have been using an annihilator lol
  9. Nichivo

    Cause teleporting into a spawn room is legit. ( I really wish SOE would stop these hack users faster)
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  10. Eyeklops

    Would not be surpised if that is JPMonroe up to his old antics.
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  11. Nepau

    Your just mad that the Japanese players mostly play VS :p.

    Honestly I never like the idea of region locking. Many people have friends and aquentices all over the world and to force them to be unable to play with one another feels wrong.
  12. Rockit

  13. BengalTiger

    NC are OP.

    A totally working anti-cheat method would be if clients spotted and reported cheaters automatically.

    Server sends playerclass=Light Assault
    Server sends playerspeed=200 km/h, on flat ground
    All non-hacked clients that render the player call Bull$#!+, with no player input required.

    Bonus points for testing if players snap on targets at infinite speed, aim at targets before gaining line of sight, hold a steady and perfectly accurate aim against moving targets and other superhuman actions.
    This will automatically allow to find ESP, aimbot and other such powerup users instantly through the game engine.
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  14. Col_Jessep

    MLG Pro player. No worries, there's more where he came from. :p
  15. NCf00

    SOE really need to move away from this F2P model - at least initially. A single-once only purchase would stop some hackers (it assigns a value to their account). Currently they appear to simply see the accounts as expendable, and where there is no sense of loss, there is no respect for rules.

    Purchase the game or monthly subs, ONE is virtually required to be a deterrent to code-exploiters.

    If everything is to be clientside and remaining unchanged on the monetary front, then they need to invest in some simply processes/auto screenshot software that reports on the current system. Or simply go FULL Steam, and get the files hash-verified every run.
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  16. Aegie

    I agree that hackers are trash but you may want to read the forum rules. It is generally not a good idea to publicly post the names of people you suspect to be hacking- you are better off just reporting them to SOE.

    The OP did not really directly accuse anyone, they simply posted a publicly available player profile (albeit the implication is clear and the stats are anomolous). The problem is that if everyone went around posting the names of all the people they thought were hacking then this could lead to a lot of grief for anyone if they were not hacking.

    I think it is one thing to alert others in-game if you see suspicious behavior and encourage others to report someone when they see the offense but this is a lot less problematic than posting names on (semi) permanent forum posts. At least until SOE says otherwise, if you want to publicize someone's deeds I would think it best to do as the OP and simply post the publicly available player stats (without a direct accusation) or post in-game videos of the behavior. Neither of these options suffer from hearsay and both can be considered factual "public knowledge" (i.e. you are not making any false claims, engaging in defemation, or posting potentially libelous material).

    It is really frustrating and it would be great if there were more controls in place to prevent cheaters but as of now all we have are /report and formal report submission.
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  17. sladuog

  18. Obest

    Nice one.

    I think this needs even one step further, something like rental companies doing in UK. They take returnable deposit when you start renting, at the end if everything is ok, you din't brake anything whole deposit getting returned to you, however if you did cause damage it's recovered from your deposit. Same thing can happen anyone signing up pays $30.00 deposit, that are refunded after some time once player leaves the game and submits request to refund this money, but if player account is banned SOE retains deposit. Also SOE can invest this money or simply get some % from bank for holding this deposits in the separate account. In this case my guess is hackers won't go through more then 2-3 accounts before they get the idea.
  19. Rockit

    I was thinking maybe a small charge to buy into game and then once in they give you a free weapon or something of equivalent value. Would cost to get playing but you'd receive something immediately. Kinda gimmicky I know but it would attach a cost to game entry and result in a perceived value gain by legit customers.
  20. AcidGen