This Is Going Too Far

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Killzor, May 1, 2013.

  1. Killzor

  2. Sebyos

    Terrible game.
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  3. Jaes

    For some reason the hitbox on flash becomes larger when you cloak around friendly vehicles... Or so it seems.
  4. NoctD

    Don't drive right in front of a moving tank? Sounds like good common sense to me.
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  5. Chubzdoomer

    Vehicle hit detection/netcode has always been and will probably always be abysmal. It's the same for running over infantry.

    By the same logic, one should never pass cars on the highway/interstate because "you shouldn't drive in front of moving vehicles."

    He was well past the tank when he cut over in front of it and definitely shouldn't have been killed. This is an annoying issue that has existed since the game's earliest stages.
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  6. Jac70

    With all the crazy Infiltrator clips you post and these examples of massive hitbox discrepancy, I can only surmise that your ping is terrible.
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  7. Fafnir

    No, he's ping is fine. Anyone who ever used the Flash knows how buggy vehicle hitboxes are.
  8. Czuuk

    Wait. You drove in front of a tank and you're now concerned that it ran you over? You do know about latency yes?
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  9. PurpleOtter

    Because of this issue we usually refer to Flash drivers as "Tread Bait"....
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  10. Soundmonitor

    lol this is why I always drive behind tanks or off roads.
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  11. twitch_uk

    The tank driver's client believed itself to be quite a bit ahead of where the Flash driver's client believed the tank to be, thanks to network latency. Result is that from the POV of the tank driver, the Flash pretty much drove beneath his treads and got squished.

    This is yet another object lesson in why letting clients be authoritative for stuff that matters, gameplay-wise, results in a hacker's paradise.
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  12. NoctD

    Well past the tank? Are we even watching the same video? No, he attempted to cut by after barely passing the tank. Its dumb driving. And yes, you're supposed to do the 3 second rule on highways, no way he passed for 3 seconds before cutting in front of the tank.
  13. spoono

    old bug + has nothing to do with cloak
  14. Regis7575

    you just didn't go far enough
  15. Boomotang

    Most people in real life cut you off on the interstate too instead of leaving room after they pass.

    Dumb people in real life. Dumb people in video games.
  16. Chubzdoomer

    He was several feet ahead of the tank. Look: Either way you try to spin it, his vehicle was past the tank, therefore the game should not have registered a collision. You can argue with it all you'd like, but it won't make you right. What happened in the video should never have happened had PlanetSide 2's vehicle hit detection/netcode been solid.
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  17. NaySayer

    He was CLEAR of the tank, VERY CLEAR.... You see it in the video and yet ppl keep saying dont drive in front of the tank.....
    You guys need glasses.
  18. NoctD

    Which we all know its not.

    And if he had followed my common sense advice, he wouldn't have died!
  19. Fenrisk

    Welcome to client side hit detection.
  20. ent|ty

    Some posters just like to blame the player, rather than the developer, for things like this.

    I would think netcode and latency issues should first be addressed, especially in an FPS, where it is a matter of life and death.

    With good latency, I play like a God and I get accused of cheating... When bad latency, I think everyone else is cheating...
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