This has gone on long enough SoE...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Skadi, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Skadi

    Seriously im getting tired of this, PS2 launch date this man has been trolling his fellow TR, teamkills, mass slaughter of defenses/offenses, destroying sundys, prowlers, anything he can get close it, warpgate flipping people, anything you can imagine, and yet no matter how much proof or tickets are sent it, or reports SoE
    REFUSES to do ANYTHING about this man.

    I want to know WHY?

    I would submit yet another ticket, but i haft to wait till friday to open another one due to the wait timer between tickets...
  2. OvenTop

    I highly doubt they will do anything about it..
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  3. Skadi

    Oh i do as well, i dont think they will do anything about it at all, goes to show how many ***** SoE gives about their customers.
  4. Curse_Gamerkin

    interesting how i saw a thread about this a month ago, linked his youtube where him and his comrade show themselves hacking and still no ban.
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  5. Skadi

    Would you mind linking it again for this thread?
    Edit: More to come soon, he just killed me again and hes lurking in a mossy, vid potentialy.
  6. Skadi

    More Evidence for SoE to enjoy!
    Video to come as soon as youtube starts working!

    Edit: Great news everyone! Youtube is working again!
  7. DanMan3395

    Try turning off anti-aliasing, that solves a lot of technical problems.
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  8. Skadi

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  9. Skadi

    Bump for great justice
  10. HellasVagabond

    Am the only one who thinks this is kinda funny ? :)P
  11. Skadi

    Its not funny for the TR on Sol'Tech, want to have that fresh vanguard that you just bought be desroyed right off the assembly line over and over and over?
  12. HellasVagabond

    Well it has happened many times, mostly due to game bugs (falling through the ground endlessly) but this guy is funny and from watching the 2nd vid you uploaded i didn't see him destroy anything. As for the others well you were stalking him in a way so all the more reason for him to shoot you down right ?
  13. Skadi

    i was standing on the airpad, saw him coming in so i decided to see what would happen if i stood there, and he killed me, are you realy trying to justify this? (Also the second vid is the start of him trying to flip all the libs in the warpgate)
  14. Rhumald

    simple tip: hold control when sitting in your warpgate waiting for friends, he will have a much harder time flipping you, even with a liberator or galaxy.

    similarly, if your running wing guard for your frienldy lib or galaxy in your ESF, and someone's trying to flip 'em with a tank, sit on them with this, if done right, you can literally hold them in place while you wait for your friend to be ready to take off.... not sure if this can be done wit the vanu's ESF, given it's hover tech.
  15. Wobberjockey

    i have to wonder what you did to this man...

    did you kick his dog or something?

    also you might want to pm CSR alex. i think he's on duty at this time of day
  16. Skadi

    The way he acts I would wonder the same...
  17. Skadi

    I un flipped all the Libs he flipped with his mosquito using my gal, it's the moral of the story, not how to counter his trolling
  18. Badlam

    How could you be so intolerant? He's obviously looking for validation and is trying to express himself but you just have to go and try to ruin it for him, now don't you?o_O

    Way to go TR!

    Seriously though, this is a widespread problem that affects poor people like PaulyD in all walks of Planetside 2. I mean, how is Pauly supposed live in peace and harmony when everytime he sets fire to someones car 'lib' or kicks somebodies dog someone has to go and complain about it?

    How could you be so insensitive?
  19. The King

    it looked funny to me too, lol

    But it looked like you were baiting him to do it...
  20. LameFox

    Why do TR on Soltech have Vanguards?