This... Halloween "event"...

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  1. siiix

    i did that for several hours , have found not a single one

    but in combat areas i found 6 so far, when i was not even searching .. thats why i was wondering what the hell is going on
  2. Goretzu

    I'm not sure about everywhere, I've never seen one in a base or base grounds, only outside of them (but close to some).

    The ones around/outside bases seem to have ~5+ points where they can spawn in an area (quite a big area seemingly up to 200m+ across).

    Unfortunately a lot of these groups of spawns seem to have one or so that are pretty hidden so those ones don't get killed and the respawn rate can stall.

    I found a spot on Esamir where you can see 4 of the potential spawns for what seems to be one group, but there seems to be a least a 5th that is well hidden (I've never found it).

    Having said that the normal pumpkin hunt is argueably the easiest to do.
  3. Typhoeus

    I've yet to find a single pumpkin. I just started playing again a few days ago and joined the event late. Don't really care though. From what I understand, the stuff you earn from this event you won't even be able to use once the event is over.
  4. TraatAdmiral

    To clarify:
    Indar, Amerish, and Esamir have 600 pumpkin spawn points, and Hossin has 700. During an alert, 100 (I believe) of these will have pumpkins at any given time; when a pumpkin is killed, after a short period of time another will spawn on a different spot. Two of these will be Galact-o-lanterns; these have a much longer respawn timer. When alerts aren't on, some much lower number of the spots will be inhabited, and the respawn timer is longer. The spawn points are distributed fairly randomly, but all of them are outside and most are at least a little ways away from bases.
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  5. John_Aitc

    This idea was proven to cause more problems and Outrage™. The complaint during the previous snowman event was that players were not participating in fights, they were just wandering around the continent in non-connected territories looking for snowmen.
  6. Rohxer

    Now that they changed the pumpkin spawns a couple of weeks ago I think the event is perfectly balanced.

    The people who play every night can easily complete the full directive, and casual players can easily complete the next lower level - which even provides a prize! (white mask)

    I don't understand the complaints. I'm an almost-everyday player, and only need about 60 more mask kills to complete the auraxium tier. I've got more pumpkin seeds than I can spend, and even "bought" the 1,000 seed black mask last week. We still have another week and a half I think to go, and more people wear masks every day, so I just don't understand the complaints.

    You don't HAVE to get the final tier, and they offer a prize for the third tier for casuals. Nothing requires real money. So what's the problem? Yes, many losers abused the system early on to complete their directives (candy cannon stat padding!) and I hope most of them got banned or suspended, but it's totally not necessary to finish it. I'll be completing mine without a single candy cannon kill, so it's completely optional. I've found 6 galactic pumpkins, and two of those were in non-alert continents. Luck? I don't know, maybe if I'd found exactly three. But I've found SIX of the things! And only 4 while seriously looking in an alert.

    If you don't like it, just farm the pumpkin hunters or move to a different continent. I see plenty of BR100s with no masks on. That tells me they just don't care and are playing the game regardless.
  7. NBA JAM

    He doesn't have to make a suggestion. He can just point out the event is complete **** like the snowman one. Its half-***** and last minute. And the whole "then don't play it" thing... Like what ******* school did you go to? Where did you get your education? Do you REALLY think that is a viable fix to the problem?

    If something needs improving then IMPROVE it. Don't give people an ultimatum of "settle for less or walk away". Seriously, the more game devs take the approach the worse their games get. And gaming is getting pretty bad as is across the board. This game has tanked so much over the years. I was there at the start, I remember how many servers it used to have.

    BTW you can't complete the Halloween directive unless you pay to play. Hurrrr free to play players get F'd. Thnx SOE.
  8. Cransoon

    Actually, yes he does, based on the forum guidelines. Just saying something is **** isn't good. In the same way that saying something is amazing isn't good. What makes it good or bad? That's the question that should be answered, and explored. Of course, he DID make suggestions in the first post on how to improve it. So the thread likely won't get locked by a moderator for not adhering to the guidelines. That is, unless the majority of the posts in the thread are like the ones you just wrote.

    Also, that last statement is just factually false. I may be a member, and I may have payed for a mask at the beginning of the event, but I now have enough pumpkin seeds left over to buy that mask, and at least one more. The candy cannon and slasher I bought with certs. I have no reason to believe that I wouldn't be as close as I am to finishing the directives (~120 mask kills) if I had not been a member, and didn't buy any station cash. Of course, both of those things certainly makes the event go more quickly, but that's basically the model of a lot of Free to Play games in a nutshell. Pay for convenience. If you don't like that kind of business model, then you should likely look into playing another game.
  9. Cest7

    Yeah I'm about ready to toss these directives in the trash where they belong.
  10. Goretzu

    I don't understand how you're getting the kills of mask wears, the % wearing them is terribly low. I supposes if you're farming every day then yes I guess it would eventually add up, but more general playing the % of kills that qualify seems to be around 4% to me, which results in a LOT of kills being needed to complete things.
  11. siiix

    i guess we have to agree to disagree .. and i was there too from 1st day of beta , so i know the history .. this game still does better then battlefield for example :) at least in the long run

    and i have no idea what kindergarten i went to its been to many decades :)

    also you amusing the developers are gods, no they are not, they NEED suggestions, OUR suggestions, so if you do not have a better idea then you contributing very little to the solution just by complaining
  12. Crowne

    Yes, I have to admit the amount of clicking it took me to put my mask on every face (minus max apparently) was really annoying. It's not that it took that long, it just felt so inefficient. I wish there was an easier way to make changes across the board. I've got my mask on though, and die a lot, so you're welcome :D

    At first, I was not happy with these events. Rage subsided when they stopped locking continents because of it.

    Decided to try one. Hopped on an atv and driving around was actually pretty fun. I've gotten much better with atv handling, found a few pumpkins, saw more of the map.

    Another time I had fun with it was on Indar. Pumpkin alert started and all heck broke loose. People no longer cared about capping points as much as just running around killing everyone in sight. Good party atmosphere to it. Nice break from the routine.

    Having done two or three of these alerts, decided that was enough and now pretty much ignore them.

    The cheapest masks are 25 seeds. You should be getting seeds if you're online when an alert ends, even if you haven't participated I think.
  13. Kelstrum

    On the last tier to finish this event off. I'm at 2 Gal pumpkins found and 158 masked murders with the other directives finished. At this point, I have to commit to either finding a Gal pumpkin or hope that I get 132 masked kills with very little time to spare. What makes this a hard choice is that folks have either given up on the event and took off their masks OR folks are so sick of hearing others beg for people to put on masks that they take it off just out of spite lol. I was hoping that since everyone has such a low Masked Murder kill count, they'd lower the required kills after this patch but I guess that was asking for too much :(
  14. Rohxer

    I play on Emerald and see tons of masks now. Are you on a different server maybe?

    I don't vehicle farm, probably 70% of my kills have been with infiltrator scout rifle, 20% sniper rifle, and 10% ESF, Flash or other. I've been treating this event similarly to completing the class directives. Instead of the "kill your own class" task, I do "kill the mask wearers". So - when I see a mask in a group, I go straight for that person, even if it means I'll die immediately after at the hands of his friends. I'm not caring about K/D, just keeping mask wearers as a priority whenever I see one.

    I also have been sticking to medium-large battles. If I don't see any masks within a few minutes I'll redeploy until I find some.
  15. Kelstrum

    Rohxer: What faction are you? I see tons of us VS folks running around with masks but the NC/TR seem to be a bit limited!

    Also, the Hossin alert sucked... 1 hour and the total number of pumpkins found was ~600 :(
  16. P1GG

    This event is horrible, I wish it would die.
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  17. Goretzu

    There are masks, but not that many. Although in fairness I do wonder if the kill detection is bugged too. 79 kills I got a few nights ago, 4 counted.