This Game Needs To Show Revives, and Healing Done In "Session Stats"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AFK1, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. AFK1

    I don't care if it shows up on the scoreboard or whatever, I only need to be able to see it for myself. As it is, I can't see how many revives I've done in the current log in, nor can I see my healing done for the current log in. This makes it annoying for me that I don't have an immediate way to see my own contribution for the present situation

    This game should me revives and healing done when I press tab
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  2. MasonSTL

    better in game stat tracking would be nice. Seems like games these days are relying on seperate (official or not) websites for stat tracking, which is a shame.
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  3. Axehilt

    Would love for support roles to see more stat love. Health healed, repairs done, and revives would be quick easy ones. Assists would be great (they're not done currently, right?) Radar/dart assists would be nice to have too.
  4. AFK1

    Yeah, repairs and resupplies for Engineers should be shown too
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  5. Dark Pulse

    Show it for both Medics and Engineers.

    Perhaps for Infiltrators, add in terminals/defenses/vehicles (when that's added in) hacked.
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