This game is more horrible every time I try it

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ReptilePete, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. SamReye

    It takes time to learn awareness;every death should be a learning experience.
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  2. Nie_Tutaj

    Not relevant to this thread, but I think I've hit the moment where, when I watch someone else's gameplay from the perspective of the same faction (saw your video) that I'm recognizing random players that I've killed before.

    Is this bad or good?
  3. CovertYank

    Then stop trying it, ya' masochist. Seriously, problem solved.

    Stop acting like the forum is you're round circle "I need to get something off my chest." time.

    Some people...
  4. Imp C Bravo

    This is one of the more subtle and clever Nerf Gatekeeper threads I've seen. ;)
  5. IronMouse

    Well, the game is awesome. I just cannot agree that it took a bad turn and is continuing to do so.

    IMO, the best gaming experience available.
  6. Moz

    Unfortunately OP i think this is one inherent problem with Planetside 2.

    Planetside is hard, very hard in terms of FPS. You get a lot of CoD or BF players thinking "i will give PS2 a try" then getting owned left and right. This isn't because they are bad FPS players, its because planetside is very different from what they are used to.

    Thing i always say to new players i recommend the game to is this:

    "You will die, many times and you wont know what killed you. BUT once you have the hang of staying alive PS can be one of the most rewarding FPS games around."

    I also mention the fact its free and there isn't really any hard pay 2 win in operation, normally makes people want to try the game at least.Oh and hats... don't forget the hats.....

    OP, stick at it. Its perfectly normal to die a lot in PS2, you will get the hang of it.... and you will prosper!!

    You will also hear a lot of "planetside is dying" and the like..... Its drivel. There are many positive things happening since DBG, I'm just super stoked for the ANT update now....

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  7. Halo572

    Always the same with PS2 players - and the developers.

    The elephant in the room since 2012 is that this title has no gameplay, a game without any reason to play it other than TDM.

    You blame attention span and steep learning curve, yet even for someone who looks for both in a game between the balance issues and no objectives I haven't touched it now for 1 year 4 months and 1 day.

    I got Insurgency for 85p in a bundle and the multiplayer sucks canine testes. Never seen camping like it, lean left/lean right around corners crap with weapons that kill in one hit in tiny maps not fit for purpose.

    If not lean crap, just sit in a corner near an objective and farm. Happy to give up on it at that price, but I tried the other coop modes.

    And I have to say it rivals L4D2 for fun, which is saying something.

    Up to 8 people versus bots - who like to spam RPGs and you don't stand a chance - working together to an objective and more fun in one round than you could muster from PS2 in a year or more.

    Wake up, this is a clueless title, owned by 2 clueless companies with clueless developers.

    And Overwatch looks appalling, it looks like a mash up of TF2 and SMNC, although when it comes out it can be another reason for population drop.

    Is Destiny still being used as an excuse?
  8. Savadrin

    2/10 - and that's grudging, I'd rather give you 1.

    I think you're just miserable. Problem solved.


    3/10 (only because it hit two pages).
  9. Nejisaurus

    OH look!
    I found the player that tried to save the fight by running solo in open field against a load of snipers and armor yesterday while I comfortably sat in the spawn room waiting for an idiot to pop out of cover!
  10. Poppington

    As someone who got into the Overwatch beta, I was also extremely skeptical. Overwatch greatly surprised me with the amount of care for detail that went into the development. It's nearing the polish that Blizzard used to be known for, which is saying something in it's own right. It has a few things that are little sparks of genius (Play of the Game, anyone?), and a few things that need to be improved - that have also been announced to be being worked on (with evidence of actual work), but I had initial low expectations but now I have high hopes. I'm also really fiending for the beta to reopen.

    It's one of the few games looking for a wide audience that knows exactly what it's trying to do and sticks to that. Honestly, it keeps on this track and doesn't overreach (pun totally intended) like most Blizzard titles do.


    All that being said, aside from the fact that there are guns in both games, Planetside 2 and Overwatch cannot be compared. They are just way too different.
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  11. Ballto21

    did they actually hire wrel? what for?
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  12. AxiomInsanity87

    Yeah mate.

    Should be his latest video.
  13. zaspacer

    PS2 has such a high learning curve because:
    1) you have to learn which Classes/Units are the best
    2) you have to learn which Weapons and Options are the best
    3) you have to learn which Certlines are the best
    (NOTE: and do 1-3 with only a handful of Certs that you have to make sure you don't waste on the wrong stuff)
    4) you have to learn about the various 3rd Party Resources and where to find them, AND learn which resources are actually outdated and having incorrect information
    5) you have to learn about the tons of non-intuitive ways to get big advantages in gameplay
    6) you have to learn not to use Instant Action, not to Spawn where the game takes you, not to join a Battle/Continent/Server with extreme underpop for your Faction, etc.
    7) you have to learn how to adjust all the little sliders and settings to get the best game performance, Vehicle control, etc.; which hotkeys to set and where to set them
    8) you have to learn about what hardware to get the best performance
    9) you have to learn the workarounds for various bugs or cryptic beneficial bugs to boost performance
    10) what all the different icons on maps are, what all different sounds heard mean, what all different visual effects mean, etc.
    11) you have to know which starting Weapons are garbage, which Directives are nonsensical
    12) which guns kill with how many shots at what ranges
    13) which "allowed" 3rd Party Game Mods to get and use
    14) etc.

    And all that's before you actually get into enemy movement, terrain, bases, etc.
  14. RainbowDash9

    so basically like every other game except different things to learn.
  15. FieldMarshall

    Thats a very common misconseption. Most people who tries PS2 thinks that, yet most experienced players can play in the exact same fight/situation and class/loadout and survive.

    It all boils down to situational awareness and knowledge of game mechanics. What is seemingly "no skill" is actually the opposite.
    Yet explaining that to people who dont really know whats going on and telling them what they are doing wrong is hard.
  16. Indalecio

    By the way you boast about your specs i can see how cynical you have become already.
    I am sorry you cant enjoy anything in life man,it must suck a lot.
    Maybe move to another game?Goodbye
  17. JudgeNu

    The game is not for everyone.
    It is not BF4 or CoD.
    Although I like those titles, this game is a tier above them.
    2 main reasons.

    Large scale.
    Persistent battlefields.

    The battlefield evolves based on what the playerbase chooses to do.
    You MUST understand this to enjoy the game.
  18. OldMaster80

    Which is 90% things you are supposed to do in most of competitive videogames.
    Personally I don't think the steep learning curve means planetside 2 is awful. It seems to me instead the OP is typical modern gamer who expects easy playing and being able to kick ***** 10 minutes after he logged in. Since he can't he automatically draws the conclusion thw game sucks.

    Imho that's what makes ps2 great: it's not complicated but it's complex. It requires dedication.
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  19. IronMouse

    Am I the only one that doesn't really care PS2 "has no meta"? I mean, IT WOULD BE NICE. But it's not a deal breaker for me either. I log in, HAVE LOTS OF FUN, log out. Mission accomplished.
  20. Inu

    I remember they used to say in the beginning to players who did "Goodbye" posts.

    "Don't like it? Dont buy all access, we'll make the game better and you'll be back."

    I've dabbled here and there but nothing has remotely interested me enough to get all access again.

    I can tell how a battle is going to go 99/100 times just by looking at active numbers at a base. That is boring as hell. Yeah you can pull reinforcements from somewhere to overload a base. But you just lost the base you pulled them from. Talk about an endless circle jerk.