This game is horrible for new people.

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  1. customer548

    Can...Can i have your stuff, before you leave ? :eek:

    PS2 is a great game. Many of us started when we had no ingame tutorial, no clear goals, no real information about classes and equipments. We just fought for the fun and for our faction.
    Learning curve and unlocking locked stuff is what makes this game a great FPS.

    You'll be able to find many useful tutorials on the net. I'd recommand Wrel's ones at first.
    Unlocking weapons shouldn't be your priority (my own point of view). Better work on your aim and, cover and most of all on your resists, depending on the class you choosed at first.
    You also should have a look at your graph settings in order to be more aware of what's happening around you ingame.

    Do not blame the game, you made the choice to give up instead of being a bit more curious about it.
    Don't be shy, come back !!!!

    (Vanus' fault i guess, as always :D).
  2. SanPelicano

    Starter gear is useless and clueless.

    Pff Guns for noobs!!!!4 Only knives and vibra.... i mean Carver, only hardcore!!!4444:eek:
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  3. Teshrrar

    What funny community the games have today. A lot of players complaining here about servers empty and when a new player come we have some members mistreating him.

    He's not saying anything which we don't know. I have 60+ Steam friends, do you know how much play this game? Zero. And I tried. A friend of mine still bought credits and never logged again, and he is a FPS lover. The game have too much random variables that can kill you, and although the war's feeling is good, the unpredictable enemy position make every other FPS player give up.

    When I started in 2012 I only insisted because I'm so competitive which I couldn't accept stop play without kill someone, and man, I played hours until kill someone by myself.

    1000 ways to die: infiltrators ultra behind your ally lines, or inside a base which nothing have with the war; complicated map/base design; enemies attacking you 360º and in 3D and you never have cover, and this is the most annoying thing about the game. If you try play as the game ask, you never accomplish anything, because watch out every single step while everyone is rushing like crazy horses can give you a headache. The lack of death punishment here is unknown for the rest of FPS games, what allow a lot of stupid moves which you only know playing, and playing a lot.

    PS2 suffer from a big lack of strategy with all the kamizakazes and people rushing for points without care about death or objectives. That's why I have 0 friends playing this and I can't play more than 1 month without stop for a couple or more.
  4. Revel

    To be fair, I think OP has a point. New players should at least get a few hundred certs to buy some Nanoweave and a choice of a 100 or 250 cert gun. There should also be a tutorial like Planetside 1 had were you could earn a few ranks learning the game by trying out different guns, vehicles, and abilities.

    Hope the May update where each rank 1-15 earns you 100 bonus certs helps with the problem.

    And all of you people trashing him, you're digging the game's grave even deeper. Servers are deader each passing day.
  5. sjtw_w_stot

    OP, dude you're delusional if you think you come into this game, or any game fresh and new and think you can win against players which have been here for like 2 or 3 years.

    My gawd I found and started learning this game on a barely-meets-minimum spec machine (a laptop no less) and was running at like a 0.3 k/d ratio until I built a rig capable of playing this game. I didn't whine, (with the exception of the sys requirements) I didn't quit. I knew I had a serious handicap. Even with a competent rig, as a new player the odds are vastly against you. I'm still correcting my horrible k/d on getahfix from learning & playing 7 or so months on an under-powered machine.

    Closing off with saying the OP must be new to gaming...
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  6. Ballto21

    if youre on emerald id gladly help you with my 1700 hours logged

    I guess wait for KYOTR, then a bunch of little squishy people will be put against each other. You won't have a thing to worry about then.
  8. Jbrain

    The Ops reaction is quite common for people these days. People pass over a game without giving it a fair shot. I have a system I go through personally.. even if I play a game I feel is terrible I will devote 3 days or appropriate time to it to make sure I am not missing anything and what I have found is there is a curve in which a game that seems unfun at first turns out to be a blast.
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  9. Czarinov

    I dare you, mama lover! :D
  10. WorldOfForms

    I'm not sure why people need to defend such a post with "he has a point." No, he does not have a point.

    The problem, in this case, is not the game, nor the community, but the modern gamer. Thinking he can jump into any FPS and be rambo. Doesn't research anything about the game. Doesn't try to learn how the upgrades work (simply looking at the stats of a gun before buying it makes it obvious guns are sidegrades).

    This game is not THAT hard. So what if death can come at any angle? It's called positioning. You scan your immediate surroundings and place yourself so that attack angles on you are minimized. Any person with a brain can do this right at the start of PS2 - you don't need to have base layouts memorized.

    It's the quitter mentality. "I'm not doing well at this activity, and it can't possibly be ME that is the problem, so it must mean the other people have an unfair advantage over me."

    It's sickening actually. This is the attitude our society breeds now. I am raising two young children and I am going to instill in them the notion that no, you are not going to be a master at new skills immediately. It takes practice, research, and reflection.
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  11. janeTEXAS

    All the newbies can you do something for all the community here? Please just please, install CS-GO if you never played it, click to join a ranked game and try to kill consistently. You will get wrecked as much as in Planetside 2.
  12. FocusLight

    A whining rage-quit is to be respected with constructive advice delivered in a perfectly polite tone and no-one get to tell him why he actually F'ed up and how abysmal his performance and behavior was - anyone doing so is "mistreating" him.

    This is a forum for a gaming community invested in a game, not some damn hug-box where no-one ever get to say anything negative to you. Get the hell over yourself, and kindly also get the heck off that high horse.

    The OP offered nothing constructive, showcased an example of extreme ignorance and his own utter incompetence and you expect that kind of terrible behavior he displayed to be respected and responded to with kindness and some sage advice.

    I think not.

    Many have said this before, including me, and I will now repeat myself: This community responds to honest inquiry about advice or help for the game with actual advice and help, ask in a specific tone and it will be returned to you, polite and helpful begets polite and helpful, rage-filled rants get scorn and ridicule.

    That's how things work here. If people can't handle the consequences of their own choices that really is to bad for them.

    Oh and BTW, the OP had already rage-quit before the first reply was even sent his way, he had made his choice and left us a rage-quit post loaded with fail. He got the responses this would attract.

    Deal with it.
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  13. PostalDude

    After seeing your stats I can only come to 1 logical solution.

  14. RageMasterUK

    I would be inclined to agree with the OP.
    I feel I'm in a good position to comment on this one. PS1 10yr TOS. PS2 since beta BR83. Public Squad leader. Longtime TR loyalist.
    But more pertinent is I've attempted to get over 10 real life PC FPS gaming friends to try PS2.

    Their perception is exactly as OP laid out. Only 2 of my friends stayed to be long term players.
    Everyone else IRL that I know who plays PS2 was a big player of the original Planetside, and came in knowing what to expect.
    Its worth mentioning that some old PS1 players I know tried PS2 never to play it again.

    It is mostly IMHO because the game does not support a newb lone-wolf experience. Players wanna get in early on and shoot something and if they're unsuccessful they'll just move back to what they are used to. Generally a new player will instant action first, just to 'get a feel', and ITS A BAD FEEL.

    We should really be propping the newbs up more in this game, so we need to change up a few things IMHO.


    1) Make INSTANT ACTION a smarter function.
    Scan a players level, if below 10, send to a base that has faction majority presence, for the love of Terra!!! Needs to be overhauled completely overhauled IMHO. There must be a way to get it to output a list of NEWB FRIENDLY BATTLEZONES, most vets could do it with a cursory glance at the map. Newbs just get fed into a meatgrinder using this button. It should come with a warning attached in its current iteration.

    Give Squad Leaders and Sub BR10 Players 4x GROUP XP PAYOUTS FOR BEING IN A SQUAD WITH EACH OTHER. Their is no substitute than a leader for newbs, GUI functions will never cut it. Prompt the newb that squadleaders are available activating their QUAD XP. You need to steer first-timers away from solo-play, otherwise just gonna get merc'd, die lots, learn little, and probably never play again. You give this message to everyone under BR10 every time they log in.

    "Terran Republic HIGHLY advises recruits to fight alongside more experienced
    comrades during your first days on Auraxis, and is willing to incentivize this by offering 4X XP whenever you
    are attached to a squad for your first 10 levels.

    While attached to a squad, more spawn options will be available.
    Using the squad-spawn feature will drop you on your squad-leaders location and will give 100XP per use untill BR10!
    Click here to join a squad to enjoy these early benefits."

    Why not completely remove the argument over 'vets have better weapons' and give SubBR10 newbs the "pro-weapons" like the butcher/betelgeus etc for every class.... then TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM BR10, tell them to go earn it like the rest of us. I think that is not unreasonable considering the lower TTK on newbs.

    For what its worth anyway.
    Newbs do have a hard time. It needn't be as bad as it is tho.
  15. Teshrrar

    He did not offended nobody. He's frustrated, and I can guarantee you which that's the feeling of ALL new players. I know, I tried make a good number of friends play this chaotic FPS.

    He quit? Can you confirm he will not back and see if somebody tried help him about his frustration? The modern gamer? Since Atari I see the same behavior, the same frustration. The difference actually is that you have a lot of options on the market, so you can quit a no-fun game. And that's where PS2 fail: provide fun for new members.

    I'm a veteran and still hate the randomness of the game, the fact of the guy in front of me give a **** for his death if he can kill me, or kill a group, or destroy a vehicle, or etc, etc. So I imagine a new player today, with a lot of different weapons and pseudo-objectives. I just play PS2 because I love war, and that's the only game where I can almost have a "RTS in live" feeling.

    Again: he didn't said nothing wrong, and better: he gave a feedback. Now you know (again) which isn't fun for a new player be owned by a veteran. And he don't give a **** for how much gametime the veteran have, he want have fun too. And if you don't give a **** for what a new player feel, enjoy your game with less and less players.

    PS2 need a clear objective, a real one, which is the opposite of what you see in-game: zergs and more zergs just to farm certs, to farm more certs, because you have nothing to do with all those points. The new player think he have to capture that base, while all the veterans are just farming, with no intend to accomplish anything.
    The new player think he have to take care of his life, while all the veterans are killing themselves with no criteria just for points, cause die have no drawback.

    Don't be a fanboy, try have some empathy.
  16. FBVanu

    Soon, hopefully real soon, new players won't be in the regular live continent.. they'll start on Koltyr..
    We won't see them on live until they are a BR 5 or 15, I forgot..
  17. zaspacer

    The "New Player Experience" has been a major problem for Planetside 2 for a long time now.

    The Game Developers working on Planetside 2 have communicated that they are confirmed currently working on creating new content to improve the New Player Experience. You can find the thread covering their efforts here:

    Koltyr - New Player Experience

    I suggest you look over this thread and provide feedback relative to your own experience. You are in a great position to shed light on the issue as a New Player yourself.

    While I don't know if "Koltyr - New Player Experience" will be the complete fix to the New Player Experience problem, it is a step in the right direction: Developers recognizing it as a major issue and allocating time and focus to better understanding it and resolving it.
  18. Garrum

    I've said for a long while that the Planetside community is almost as **** as the League of Legends community. Battlefield games have a less demeaning and petty userbase than Planetside. World of Warcraft might have a better community than Planetside.
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  19. Arsinek

    So you thought you were going to be owning people in a game youve never played before?

    I bet your a kid.
  20. Kentucky Windage

    There is much joy and happiness to be found within this wonderful game young one. It deserved more than your fleeting attempt at mastery.