This game is frustrating as hell

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  1. miraculousmouse

    Yep, this is why we never see one side get pushed to the spawn room due to more numbers on the other side and more deaths on their own. Zergs don't just magically win. When you have more shooters, say 2 to 1, you'll have a better chance of killing their 1. If you have more HE/Viper lightnings, you'll kill more of their infantry. If you bring MAXes into a point, you will KILL the enemies in the point and take the point with your own boots. Killing others leads to you taking the point, and winning the base.

    The penalty of death is losing the base, or just death in itself. If I see a big cluster of enemies and get sniped before I can mow any of them down, I feel pretty penalized.
  2. DK22

    Someone once told me, this is the only game where you can get PTSD. (no offense intended here)
    after a long battle, I'll still be tired the next day. :)
  3. TriumphantJelly

    KK Bai. Have a nice time on BF with all of it's super long TTK-- Hang on.
  4. Dunkarooo

    OP: I don't like this game I spend the majority of the time dead or raging about being dead. I am leaving for minecraft hello kitty edition.

    me: please don't go... you and players like you fuel my desire to keep playing due to the excitement that occurs post steamrolling over incompetent failures.

    But seriously though if you don't like it just go. why did you even make a thread about it
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  5. Captain Kid

    Well, logged in for a last hurrah and went infiltrator with crossbow. I normally have 5/1 K/D easily playing like that, just take it easy and slooow.


    Mines; enemies just walk past them. Shooting two arrows at an enemy at 2 meters distance doesn't seem to do anything.

    Meanwhile some people have superman sight, hearing and more importantly aim.
    I'm shot by Heavies half way across a base with deadly aim. So far away they are a dot in my 3.4 zoom scope. Dead in 1/2 a second by Heavies from distances I don't even consider using my Battlerifle.

    Just now logged off for the last time when a Sniper hit me twice in a row while I was moving like crazy spamming motion darts. After the first shot I myself didn't even know which direction I was going to run. (I panicked)
    Didn't seem to matter at all he still hit me. This was a BR 5.

    My ping is stable at 120 ms, Although I don't trust this number to be honest. I think instead of fixing the pings SOE just "fixed" the number being shown.

    I don't know what's going on but I do know I'm not having fun any more. Half my deaths seem to be from a NC outfit called Higby's Heroes by the way.
  6. Dunkarooo

    well I guess it's okay that you are actually good at the game but still don't like it. I was pretty sure you were bashing the game because you sucked. thanks for clarifying but again if you don't like it there are plenty of other games out there.
  7. Klabauter8

    I love that this game is really challenging and not easy to play. It's realistic to have to be really careful to not die in war. I also still die a lot, but I honestly think, every death I had so far could have been avoided, if I had just played smarter and would have been more cautious.

    That's one of the things I love about this game. You have the possibility to be really really good, but it's just not easy to be good. I think, one of the biggest mistakes newbies make in this game, is not paying enough attention to the battle flow. You don't have to face a battle where your team is totally outnumbered. And if you do, then be prepared and always a have a way for quick withdrawal.

    Unlike in real war, you don't have to follow orders here and die as cannon futter. It's your own choice if it happens. That's also one of the reasons why I'd never ever hop in a random Galaxy, unless you are using MAX or HA, because you never know what plans the pilot has for you.;)
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  8. Fortress

    You guys can mock all you want, but he has a point - this game has way too much no-skill-required insta-kill ********.

    Oh, and throw the "git gud" arguments out the window. This game requires almost no skill to play effectively, provided you chainpull your cheese loadouts and snipe while your resources replenish. Which, while boring to anyone with any dignity, is absolute child's play.
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  9. Klabauter8

    Just because you instantly kill something, doesn't mean it doesn't take skills to do this. This game already has health recovery and you guys are still whining about instant-deaths... If you are on a frontline, it just might happen that suddenly an enemy appears and kills you. Welcome to war... If you don't like this, then don't go there, and stay in a vehicle, shooting from a far, or whatever. But don't cry if you don't make as much XP this way afterwards.

    So you don't like being on the front, because it's "too unfair", but also don't like shooting from a far, because it's "too easy"? Well, sounds like you just don't like war games then. And what makes you think your so-called "cheese loadouts" would help you anything? If they really would be that cheesy, then I am sure many others would use them too, against you.

    The game is for free, but this doesn't mean you have to play it. If you don't like it, just stay away from it. Simple as that.
  10. Dunkarooo

    I don't agree with either one of you tbh. So don't get your undergarments twisted when I say that your previous post made it sound like you hated the game and the people that play it. People usually make assumptions because vague statements are made. Just saying... okay now you can proceed to tell me about your K/D and write me off as "among the clueless" like the other guy
  11. Pootisman


    The big battles are so laggy, its no fun. My FPS is 60 most of the time, my ping is around 50ms, but i still get one-hitted all the time in big battles (48+ vs 48+). Even beamer pistols one-hit me sometimes. Its ridiculous.

    The unique selling point of PS2 are the big battles ... Yes, the battles are big, but they are also laggy, buggy and chaotic. Not really a fun experience.
  12. Dunkarooo

    My problem with big battles revolve around render distance. but I don't know what you mean by one hitted... I guess that's some sort of bug I don't experience in big battles. if everything wasn't rendering so close to me I would enjoy big battles just as much as any battle. The other day I ran over two teammates with a lightning because they rendered right in front of me as I was trying to take cover to do repairs... was pretty cringe worthy.
  13. travbrad

    CS has a way faster TTK than PS2, even with the much lower numbers of players on a map. So that's not the one I'd recommend. :p
  14. Fortress

    It is the people who know and love this game best who are the most frustrated by its flaws. I don't think I'm expecting too much of you guys to ask you to reconcile why someone with thousands of hours of play time would have negative things to say about the game, right?

    I mean, this is really basic stuff here, and if you don't get it, then yeah, I'm writing you off as clueless because you are!
  15. Matt879

    This is how I would describe my destiny PVP experience, now that game is frustrating as hell as about 60-70% of your deaths were ones that you couldn't do a thing about because of the horrible balance/lag. Back on topic though, I find that it's not that bad at all in PS2. Shotguns? I'm sorry, but they're just a thing you'll have to learn to live with in FPS games, they sacrificed all their ranged effectiveness to be a beast up close, they deserve that kill. Snipers can generally be avoided by moving in an unpredictable fashion, unless they're really, really good. For tanks it's the same, don't go out in the open too much and try to keep an eye on the population count in that hex, high pop almost always means that there will be tanks nearby. Planes and maxes? Yeah, they're the 2 annoying little rebels that you can't do a thing about. They come out of nowhere, mow you down, and continue their day.

    Now if these things really ruin your PS2 experience, one thing you can do is use the infiltrator. Being able to go fully invisible to distant targets is a very big advantage, and will essentially make it impossible for tanks, snipers and aircraft to take you out at a distance. You'll also have better control over regular infantry engagements as you can use deep cloak and the motion darts to get behind your enemy and just shoot them in the back with an SMG. You won't be able to avoid all the annoying deaths, like in any FPS game tbh, but it'll take down the number quite a bit if you ask me.
  16. david06

    Planetside 2's biggest problem is that vehicles dominate the game, right after that it's the base design where the spawns almost seem like they were designed to be farmed.

    There are other first-person shooters out there with much lower TTK, F2P ones even and they have far more active players than PS2.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    He is talking about BS deaths like this:

    This one happened to be a shotgun, but it can just as easily be a carbine or even a pistol..
    If you are lucky you get one hit marker before you drop dead...
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  18. z1967

    Yeah, but you will generally live longer even if you are playing very aggressively. And generally the TTK is inverse of the experience with CS games. I got t-rekt in my first hour or so, taking a millisecond to die when enemies seemed to take forever to kill. So I asked a friend (he plays CS:GO semi-professionally) to teach me a bit about the game and now I can stand toe to toe with players with hours more experience than me. Kinda brings out the precedent for gaming that it always goes better if you got a friend who is good at the game to guide you along the way when playing the game in question.

    Also, CS seems to be really good for players who don't like to get thrown into the Charlie Foxtrot and fight their way out since CS is more of a "slow push, best push" kind of game.
  19. RykerStruvian

    I think this scene in the movie Revolver sets the tone for my stance on getting better at things. This applies to everything, not just games.

    If you want an example of how I apply this to Planetside 2, one of my examples is control of the gun decks at Tech plants. I think the people that scale these when the base is under lock down tend to be rather crafty. The gun deck is pretty essential in the defense of a techplant, also as part of the offense. A smart player can hack the turrets, use them against vehicles owned by the defenders of the techplant. Could hack the turret or pull air vehicles. At the same time, defenders can use the weapons against the attackers and use the terminals there as well. Also, it's a very high point, a very good vantage point.

    People who seem to magically appear on the gun deck, to me, tend to be pretty smart. They figured out ways to get past numerous amount of people to cause havoc and could do a lot to turn the tide in their favor. They are essentially depriving the defenders of a resource to use in more ways than one. So to play against these people and stop them from doing so by actively engaging and watching them, I become a better player because I'm challenged by another player's use of strategy.

    In the end, I get better and I learn how to stop them from interfering with us. And that is only just in one situation. Another one, more applicable to life, is simply skills like drawing. You don't get any better by doing nothing. In order to get better you just have to challenge yourself.

    CS:GO is a good choice, UT2K4 is a good choice (once again, you can set the bots to godlike. UT2K4 is a fantastic controlled-environment for getting better at FPS/vehicle gameplay). I think those two are pretty much what I would do though if I wanted to get better at FPS games.
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  20. Dunkarooo

    Whenever I play light assault I practically confuse the hell out of everyone. I'm constantly on the roof shooting people who have no idea I am there or behind someone who is looking for me not thinking that I just flew around them or literally over them lol. But the whole infiltrator thing is beyond my interest besides sniping. I don't have the patience for hacking terminals or running around with cloak and smg. I'm glad you're finding smart players and observing them because sometimes I play 2 or more hours in a sitting and I rarely see anyone doing smart things... in fact I tend to see the opposite.
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