[Suggestion] This game is dying rapidly! @DBG we need a server merge!

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  1. Agarthan

    Which is why others have suggested that the server merging fluctuate during the day and night, the reason they should merge the US servers at night is because Connery becomes ridiculously overpop with TR and emerald with VS.
  2. Ronin Oni

    If the merged server becomes so populated that FOUR continents can't provide enough battlegrounds, open another server, with FRESH characters.

    Boom, fresh start.
  3. Ronin Oni

    You're an insult to the human race
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  4. AxiomInsanity87

    Are you sure you're really a vet gamer?.

    There's a whole generation of cod kids who are educated by search engine instant gratification, which is exactly what you just portrayed.
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  5. AxiomInsanity87

  6. ridicOne

    Server Merge wouldn't help much as per the game needs an influx of fixing. I've been running programs during my playtime to track specs. Fps drops, memory leaks etc... what my conclusion has come to leads me to the belief DBG needs to break up the massive fights to smaller ones with some sort of incentive. In three years they have yet to figure out how make the game run properly in massive battles. The smaller battles which are still large compaired to other shooters, the game runs much better.

    The issues that need addressing is the air game controls and system need to be reevaluated. The tank game is also needs to be looked into. Vehicles at this point and just throw aways with no care for their survivalbility. People should be in fear of vehicles like most other games and real life instead of running with no fear to blow them up.

    Bases need to be reworked I'm tired of fighting at the same places all the time.

    Same old story saying the same old crap for three years now. Good luck milking this puppy into the ground...
  7. Revel

    This game is on life support. SOE badly dropped the ball and Daybreak will move on to something else other than fixing this mess. Emerald is dead unless its between 6 PM and Midnight.
  8. Timithos

    No. You can't spend money on a game that is not developed properly. There's an entire Roadmap archive of features that should have already been put in the game. Don't advertise a pile of ****.
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  9. Timithos

    A server merge is just slapping a bandaid on without solving the real problem. The real problem is lack of development commitment from DBG. This final quarter, all they are giving us is Leadership tools/mechanics, new victory conditions, and base construction with the ANT. That's it. Three things. So you can already tell they aren't committed to development of Planetside 2, as they parse out what little development resources they have. I think the three choices are good ones through.

    You can also see another bad sign with their bugs increasing without resolution across 5 games on the Community Issue Tracker. They're only keeping proper bug-squashing pace with DCUO. It's pretty bad they're developing the 3rd generation of Everquest, while Everquest 1 & 2 are increasing with bugs. I tried playing Everquest II several months ago expecting a very polished MMO, but it looked like crap.

    On the plus side, they made great choices on what improvements to go forward with this final quarter. They need to entice the leadership playerbase back into this game to take care of and grow the rest of the playerbase. They need more meaningful gameplay in continent-wide capturing. And they need more meta game, and it sound like player construction will be the best shake up of the landscape/lattice. However, they better deliver these changes in a premium manner - bug-free and rich in features, or I predict this game will die in 2016.

    If PS4 doesn't do well, I hope they make the intelligent choice of ending the project and pulling the staff back to the PC. And not make the unintelligent choice of launching yet another game project that falls on it's face. They need to take a page out of Blizzard & Bethesda's play book and develope games properly.

    Planetside is still the niche game that there is no competition for. But it's done wrong by not having a development commitment. I don't think it's too late to save Planetside, and I think it's worth saving, but it'll take an ALL-IN development commitment from DBG, and I don't have much faith that will happen.
  10. ridicOne

    If you play all of there games other then EQ2 what game has be given any substantial update in the last year? EQ2 is now popping "expansions" out at a rate of 2 a year? How is that even possible? The investment firm hasn't put money back into this company but they are surely going to run the once pinnacle of mmo gamming into the ground.
  11. SQPD

    It seems like most people want to play in their shallow little match-based games like Battlefront (which does NOT look fun btw) which offer no open world and consist of multiple game modes. It just bugs me how many players join in, create a new character, get farmed by a some low BR carrying a Commissioner, and run off to CoD and never come back. It's part of the new player experience. I have never had problems like this when I created a new TR character. I avoided Koltyr like the plague, in fact, I have never been there. Personally, I prefer the old "drop pod into battle as a brand new soldier, welcome to fuxking Auraxis" approach.
    The main reason I think the game is dying is because of how many new players get frustrated by all the experienced BR100s farming.
  12. Ronin Oni

    I don't even have anything more to say to you, but this makes me want to keep replying.
  13. JustBoo

    Then why are you here? Oh right...


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  14. Scr1nRusher

    Welcome to the Chaos Warp.
  15. Reclaimer77

    Why is a server merge an automatic cure for declining subscribers/players?

    If people are not satisfied with certain aspects of the game, then smashing more of them together isn't necessarily going to keep them around.

    Before you can fix something, you need to understand the problem.
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  16. Collin

    The Devs stopped talking with us a long time ago. They just announce vapoware or move and remove things from the roadmap at will. Sure you loose all hope in that kind of game.

    No real content update a for a loong time. This is one thing i really don´t get. Its a free to play game so they need to sell us ****. Vehicles, tanks aircrafts, guns aso.. But what is gettting released? Nothing! They talk a lot about things but nothing really is happening. LMG update on the roadmap of the roadmap and suddenly on again? And when is it getting released?`Never, tomorrow, next week?
  17. ridicOne

    Wish they would take a play session of red orchestra 2. Slow down movement speed for infantry add prone (already in H1Z1 if I recall). Make all weapons more deadlier. They tried to be CoD but it didn't work. Time to make a big shakeup!
  18. Taemien

    Everquest 1 is releasing another expansion as well.

    Their progression servers are raking it in hand over fist compared to PS2. Who here spends 90 a month, consistently on Planetside 2? Anyone? Well a good third of the players (if not more, some think its alot more more but I disagree) on Ragefire and Lockjaw (EQ1's newest progression server) 6-box and you need to have a paid account for every character you play at the same time.

    That's $89.94 a month from one player. That's before stuff is bought on the market.

    Not bad for a 16 year old game.. but it does have 22 expansions.

    The players have more reasons to spend money on Everquest 1 and 2. Think about it, you can login for a few hours and see everything PS2 has to offer without spending a dime.

    Not so much in EQ1 and 2. I'll talk about EQ1 specifically:

    You can get to near max level as a F2P player. That's about 95 or 100 out of 105. Ton of content right? You don't need to do 5 levels. Cept.. that five levels of content is expansion 1 and 2. But.. in reality you can't do anything past 75 as group content. Nothing past 70 for raiding. There goes half the game.

    It gets worse.

    The game is top heavy meaning you will only find leveling players to group with (if they want to group with you, there's a slight stigma against F2P players the higher you get, you'll understand why in a bit). Want to get top gear for your level? Not happening. People aren't going to go to the 'hard' places where the good gear at that level drops. They're going to skip past it. Why is this?

    Because you're capped at 1000 AAs. You can buy boosters at 250 per.. and they cost I think 200 or 300 DBC. But how many do you need? About forty of them. That's right 40. You need over 11,000 AAs to be competent at the max level content. It gets even worse.

    Prestige tagged items are the 'good' gear. Guess what you need to have to equip those? All Access Membership.

    Past 70 spells and skills have ranks. One through Three. So how do you get rk II and III spells and skills? They'll drop for you.. if you can do the content that drops them. But to use them you need to be a member.

    If you're a F2P player... You're basically useless past Planes of Power. But there is a means to get around the restrictions. The Krono. An item purchased by someone for 17.99 and can trade it for ingame money to another player. When consumed you get a month of all access. This actually includes Planetside 2, so yes, you can farm plat in one of the EQ's and get All Access in PS2.

    Smart of Daybreak to do that. Members get them 14.99 a month. Non-members get them 17.99. That's why Everquest 1 and 2 do so well.

    And what about EQ2?

    Well the restrictions aren't much different. I think the bonuses are just a bit higher while the restrictions are a little bit lower. And there's not as much stigma against F2P. You can do a bit as a F2P player, but you still need membership to do the endgame content.

    PS2 is obviously different. You're in endgame the moment you leave Koltyr. And there's no restrictions.

    Personally I think they should introduce restrictions. Allow Kronos to be traded by players for Certs (or the holiday currency at the current time). And allow more players to be members through using Kronos in PS2.

    That way F2P players can farm their little butts off to get the rest of us some certs.
  19. Revel

    Emerald last night was a joke. 10 PM Alert. Hossin. VS 60% population, alert finished way early because we captured 94% of the map for continent lock. There wasn't much going on with Amerish either, and it was the only other open continent. This wasn't even Monday night so I can't blame football or anything.
  20. Astriania

    The game is not dying rapidly, populations may be going down but they are doing so slowly. Prime time alert continents are always pop-locked, and Miller retains 3 unlocked continents most prime times. The first round of merges were a big mistake (with continental locking coming in around the same time, there was no need for it, and things were horribly zergy soon after merge) and we don't need to repeat that yet.

    Adding new content to keep people interested and attract new players, e.g. construction and victory points, is a much better thing to put work into.
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