This game has so much lag

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tobyowner, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Tobyowner

    The title explains that problem, i have notice every time i try to play sometimes the lag gets so bad that i get i crash. half of my deaths are because of lag for that pass week of so. i don't know what that problem but i know half of the time this game works!!!!!!
  2. Ianneman

    ping lag or fps lag?
  3. Waxa

    The thread title doesn't explain a thing.

    Post your pc specs and your connection type/speed

    Personally, it's pretty rare that I get server lag in the game and my fps has been great since the big performance update.
  4. Tobyowner

    My pc spec are-
    Intel core i7 2.3
    nvidia gt 630m

    And it is fps lag
  5. Undyingghost89

    I'm playing on AMD A8 3510mx oc'd, 8gb, HD 7670m and kinda happy with my performance after the patch.

    630m is about the same as 7670m and your CPU is stronger, i don't see where the problem is? What fps are you getting and what settings are you using?
  6. Ianneman

    You have a core i7 too?? that's very interesting. I have a core i7 930 @ 2.8 and I'm getting massive FPS lag for no reason, I'm looking for a solution now
  7. Undyingghost89

    Ofc you are getting slowdowns at 2.8ghz, overclock that sucka to 3.8ghz and problem solved.
  8. Cookie5000

    Are you new to the game? Because Lag is already being worked on. PU01 came on Nov. 12. PU02 should be coming soon since its already on Test Server. Also lower your graphics to very low if you want to gain more fps.
  9. Tobyowner

    no i have being playing for at a year now and i have try the lowest setting. But their is no massive improvement
  10. Tobyowner

    also the game stutters a lot.
  11. teks

    go to the rules ini file and limit your max FPS so that it stops jumping up and down.
  12. Ianneman

    Actually I had it at 3.5 and the game was unplayable. Lowered it to 2.8 now it's just unpleasant
  13. CaptainAmeda

    "nvidia gt 630m "

    There's your problem!

    I myself am using a 2.7 tri core with the 4th core unlock and it's overclocked to 3.4 now. I get no less than 40 on max.

    I use an extremely overclocked GXT 650.
  14. Tobyowner

  15. Ianneman

    Toby, if you're still having issues, download speedfan and look at your CPU temperatures, if they are over 70-80, consider underlocking it. Worked for me
  16. MajiinBuu

    I usually play at around 15 fps...
  17. Tobyowner

    how do you play around 15 fps
  18. MajiinBuu

    Like a boss ;)
  19. Tobyowner

    would their be lots of lag
  20. MajiinBuu

    Not really. My fps is pretty steady, it doesn't spike or hitch anymore since OMFG, not as much anyway.
    Some people think they're good for killing me, in reality they're probable getting 5x my performance ;)