This game has many flaws (feedback from new player)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zherot, Mar 29, 2015.

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  2. Enguzrad

    I agree. PS2 is not very complex in it's core. Older players can get to it quite quickly and gain some good knowledge about it.
    When I get a new game, I usually play it for an hour or two, then exit, find a source of information (usually wiki) and learn how it works. After a week, I can have knowledge of a veteran even though I'm suppose to be a week old noob.

    And even if he played longer than he claim, does it make his opinion any less valid?
  3. Unsp0kn

    There's this thing called a learning curve and this game has one for pretty much everything. Infantry classes, vehicle classes, aircraft classes, etc. Just keep playing and change up the way you do things every so often. That's what I love about this game, I can cert grind as a medic, try my hand at sniping, try and be a kill machine heavy or pull a tank and try that. Lots of different ways to play. Sure, this game has many many issues and they are regurgitated and beat to death ten times a day on the forums, but none of them are really stopping you from getting better.
  4. Scr1nRusher

    How many new players do you know go on the forums, not to ask questions, but to talk about balance in such a way that only veterans would be able to & about topics that you can find on the forums & reddit in a matter of minutes?

    If he has been playing for 1-2 weeks then he should have plenty of questions us veteran players can help answer.

    But does he ask? No.

    What does he do instead? He talks & complains about balance.

    Do you get what I am saying with this?
  5. Ronin Oni

    They're supposed to be...

    HA is supposed to be the front line shock troop.

    Medics keep them alive and revived, so need enough of them to sustain the front

    Engineers repair MAXes and provide ammo so everyone can keep shooting. Need about 1 Engineer per 2 MAXes

    MAXes are OP as hell but have a cost as noted. Unfortunately it's a bit too easy for 30 people to all pull MAXes at once... which is why we really REALLY need the phase 2 of resource revamp which institutes a shared resource at bases that regenerates slowly (enough that a 24-48v24-48 fight would be sustained indefinitely) and can be recharged in bursts with power resupply runs using a vehicle with an ANT module. Squad limit wouldn't work because an outfit could just disband their platoon to do a MAX crash, and then reform after.

    LA nad Infil are both flanking combat classes. They require more skill and a LOT more battle flow knowledge than the other 3 classes which move with the front line all the time, but many of the best kill streaks are done with them picking away at enemy flanks. LA could definitely use a tool to provide additional utility for the team, but for the most part these 2 classes are actually pretty well defined.

    LA is prolly my favorite combat class, with Medic my most played for infantry fights these days.

    Classes aren't balanced against each other for 1v1's because it's just not that kind of game. Nothing is balanced that way. Classes are balanced based on how they play out en masse vs each other... force vs force.

    I encourage you to watch this video:
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  6. Zherot

    You just dont know when to stop do you?

    Like i said, new players are not completely mental invalids as you may think, they can grasp the game on their own and go to the forums to ask or to complain if they want, this is not my first video game, im not a kid, i have MANY experiences with videogames and online games so its pretty easy to me to see how things work or how things could be done better.
  7. Scr1nRusher

    Your response was very interesting this time around.

    Whats that supposed to mean?

    You've only played the game for 1-2 weeks now, correct? Theres alot to learn going forward.
  8. Enguzrad

    Maybe I just met one.
    Also it doesn't seem to me that he is talking about balance like a veteran. Would veteran think infiltrator is useless? Or that medic is what you will play 90% of the time? Only if you are counting in every idiot screaming about something being OP, or he is dumbing down his post to look more noobish, where we would again jump to accusations too soon by throwing him into imposter bag without thinking about the more simple answer that he is truly new.

    Finally, veteran pretending to be new can still make good points in regards of balance. But of course we can still ignore him because what he did or how he behaves.
  9. Scr1nRusher

    But see, you pointed out a good point.

    Why would a veteran player say the things hes saying(or say it in the way hes saying them)?

    Also why are you so defensive? Are you honestly telling me you don't find things abit odd?

    If hes truely a new player, wouldn't we as veterans act differently and want to help him out with information & such?

    All I'm saying is that if hes truely new, we should help him. If he isn't what he say he is, we should sniff that out.
  10. Enguzrad

    All I'm just saying is, that I felt you were jumping too soon to the idea that he's only pretending to be new, which is not the best way how to welcome a new player. Personally I don't give a **** if he's new or not. He spilled his mind, Taemien said pretty much what I would reply to this post so I gave him a thumbs up and that's where topic of this thread ends for me.
    I only threw that little barrier into your way just to slow you down so you don't eat him alive without second thought :D .
  11. uhlan

    Welcome to the forum OP... and the game.

    The issues you describe have been in existence for a long time and not much has been done to address them.

    In fact, the devs tend to ignore the glaring issues and go for the easy fix which tends to be nothing more than manipulating weapon statistics in the pursuit of so-called balance brought on by the loudest, whiniest voices.

    The game is a broken mess as anyone with a brain will admit. The thing is, there has always been the feeling that the game is just one step from being great to keep the faithful plugging along.

    I'm still here because of that feeling as are many others.

    We've carried that hope since the beta ended. We've been fed tons of BS by the devs and have had sunshine blown up our collective rears since the beginning.

    Now with SOE failing and so many folks getting ****-canned, hope is still there that DBG will make something happen.

    As many veterans will tell you, it's getting harder and harder to log in... even for us die-hards.

    DBG has inherited a game in serious need of an overhaul. On the plus side, the player base only needs some meaningful development to replenish the hope for the future. Call it encouragement if you'd like.

    DBG is fighting serious server hardware, hacking (however small. Some say as high as 10-15% and I tend to agree on the lower number), lag control issues on top of the elemental game-play problems.

    Will the company be willing to spend money on an "old" game? Only time will tell.

    The biggest issue the game has where retention is concerned (other than basic server stability) is the lack of depth. The game is ultimately completely pointless and amounts to an endless grind of stat crunching for lack of anything else to do.

    Because of that, folks tend to point to the minutiae of weapon or class balance to find fault.

    Class use is situational. People for what ever reason (personal preference or the Directives) gravitate toward one class and get frustrated trying to play the class exclusively in situations where that class isn't useful. Play the class according to its strengths.

    Why are you playing a light assault while running along the ground? Every second you spend in that enviroment is a second you should be playing another class.

    The basic premise of the game is teamwork used to accomplish goals. In the end it meant controlling territory on the strategic map.

    You win those battles by being flexible and choosing a class at that moment in time in concert with your comrades to achieve those goals.

    This has been lost on the majority of the player base. The game has become an excercise in self-aggrandizement and praying to the god of stats. Youtube farming videos etc...

    The devs have contributed to the games slide downward in the past by supporting the MLG crowd, by hiring youtubers and professional gamers in a hype machine gone horribly wrong. The game by its nature has to be one of inclusion since it relies heavily on the new and average player. Not the elite few.

    Focusing on farming and wrecking noobs by manipulating the meta defeats the entire purpose of a game that relies on the drop-in casual player to propagate the epic experience. It's not about winning a battle, but farming, and that has upset the game to its core.

    Many times it can't be helped where the meta is concerned. But since battles don't mean anything the meta issues are exacerbated as they are used in aids in farming and thoroughly abused.

    PS2 should have been a game about teamwork and the concept of brothers in arms. It has completely failed in that regard and become what it is now. A game of individuals and elitest small groups stepping over their own faction many times to achieve short-term satisfaction for the sake of a video to show off in many cases.

    I hate to say the game is dead at this point, I don't feel it's completely hopeless, but I'm getting there.
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  12. Zherot

    No apparently to you i know too much:

  13. Scr1nRusher

    Ahh, but see only you can prove how much you know.

    Which is why I want to see a follow up post like this in a few weeks time from now.
  14. Scr1nRusher

    hahaha alright.
  15. OldMaster80

    This is all so freaking true. Devs have been sweeping the game's big problems under a carpet of shiny items and farming for a long long time.
    And this is going to go on until the ps4 release in the best case.
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  16. MahouFairy

    Isn't this the point of the game?
  17. Zherot

    Last time i cheked the point was to capture continents.
  18. MahouFairy

    Yeah capture with what? All infantry with the occasional tank in the background? No. Why do you think we have thousands of players in a single map?
  19. McKitty

    Alright. I'm a recreational player. I like this game because of the vehicles, especially the tanks. I like the fact that I can basically pull a Vanguard whenever I want, and if I can't make that happen, out comes a lightning. The Zerg thing is just that, a thing. You can find goodfights, there's usually a couple of fronts that are small. That said, the closer you get to a tech plant or bio lab, or anything of that nature, you're going to get into bigger fights. Those are huge objectives that the factions will usually fight tooth and nail for.

    Come back in another week. I want to know what you think then. You can totally use LA in the zergs. I did it today. Pretty successfully too. Same with the infiltrator. PS2 makes it easy to do your thing in one way or another. It has its flaws, but it's a cool game, and until I find a better game where I can have the awesome fights I do in Planetside, well, I'm going to keep hitting the battlefield.
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  20. Zherot

    What are you even talking about, the game has an objective, capture points and capture the continents thats a fact.