This game has many flaws (feedback from new player)

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  1. wrenched

    Infiltrator really should be able to shoot to disable cloak. A cloaked crouching infil is very hard to see.

    More bases should have public gun terminals to help the stalker out too. A cloaked crouching infil is very hard to see.

    If the infiltrator had SMG and was completely invisible it would be way too OP lol.

    Mini-map really is bad, especially when someone puts a ammo pack down at the terminal and you can't find jack.

    Agree with all your good points too :)

    And yes the HA shield should have a delay or timer like MAX sprint but unlikely to ever happen due to overwhelming number of HA players.
  2. Cz4rMike

    1) Aimbotters are rare

    2) Terrain is managable, you just need to learn how to climb it.

    3) Infiltrator's cloak looks the same no matter of graphics settings.

    4) Cloak is fine when used correctly.

    5) well don't be lazy to spot, minimap is fine. Find the keys for zooming minimap.
  3. Taemien

    OP, you seem like you've got a good head on your shoulders. That's going to do you quite well in this game. Not being patronizing here.. because people like you seems to be the minority at times :D

    MorganM hit some stuff on the head pretty well. He didn't hit everything though.

    You made a mention of LA's and Infils sucking. I find that odd, but also not surprising. I will tell you this. They are my go to class if I need to kill infantry specifically. Infil especially when I know I have to engage three people at once by myself. Sounds weird right? You'd think I'd go Heavy and mow them down.

    Weapons have DPS. And most carbines and assault rifles (engy/LA and medic weapons) have over 1600 DPS (usually in the 1700 to 1800 range). You have 1000 effective health between shields and life. Yeah.. the math tells the story there. Point being is. If I have to fight multiple people at once, I can't take them on at once, even with a HA shield. The LMGs they carry usually have less, but as you can see, 3 people firing on you will drop you quickly.

    This is where LAs and Infils have an advantage. They can flank and come from directions people do not expect. Of course this is the field where you will need experience in the game to fully take advantage. You'll need to understand basic base layouts and come up with angles to use. As a new player this will be rough, but will get smoother in time.

    Next up is Infiltrator cloak. Cloak is active camouflage. Nothing more. That means you are still visible but your outline is blurred, making it harder to pinpoint longrange shots. It is NOT and I will repeat, it is NOT invisibility. You should treat it like a sci-fi version of a ghillie suit. It gets REALLY hard to see you if you cloak, stop, and crouch. That actually activates what is called Deep Cloak and makes you incredibly hard to see, even at close range.

    If you wish to use cloak effectively, use cover to break line of sight. In fact treat cover like you don't even have cloak and hide behind it like you normally would. Why does this not make cloak useless? Because in a firefight, people 50m+ away will likely not notice you. In addition if you are 'spotted', cloak will remove that status from you, dropping you from the minimap of the enemy.

    Just remember it doesn't make you invisible. Also, lower end users actually have a harder time seeing you than higher end. They changed that a long time ago. Those of us using higher settings have a slightly easier time detecting them. But don't rely on it. A good infil won't let you see him.

    As for shooting while cloaked to disable cloak.. that would be nastily OP. There is a latency between clients and server that would make this pretty god mode. Remember when I mentioned DPS earlier? SMG's are even more than the Carbines and Assault rifles and are the infil's weapon of choice in close quarters. You would literally kill someone before you rendered on their screen fully. At least with how it works now, they have a somewhat fighting chance if you miss. Also counter sniping would be near impossible as the sniper would only appear after they fired.

    Finally the Q-spotting and Zerging. The reason why you have to Q spot someone to show them on the minimap is because the minimap is part of your electronic warfare package (something that can be disabled with EMP). When you q-spot something, it not only appears for you, but anyone friendly to you as well within a certain range (I think its 50m or 100m, not entirely sure). You can get an implant that does this for you when someone deals damage to you, or another implant for when you deal damage to them.

    And then Zerging... there's two types of players in PS2 and you'll likely have to choose which one you will be:

    1. The Cert Farmer
    2. The 'Winner'

    Many people are just cert farming. This where you see the zerg happen. And this is how you see the zerg grow. People who cert farm obviously want alot of certs, or kills (if they are KDR padding). Why do they do this? To be quite honest.. I have no clue. I've been racking my brain about this for almost 3 years. At first I thought it was because players just wanted to get all the cert gains out of the way and then play normally with their shiny new stuff. That's not the case. They will cert farm and KDR pad at BR100. Long after they have everything they could need.

    So I've come to the conclusion they are just not interested in objective based play. They just want to kill stuff. Unfortunately (and they don't actually care about this) that does NOTHING to help win a base. Remember, when you die, you can respawn 10-20 seconds later, usually not far from the fight.

    So what does killing people over and over from their preferred method do for their team? Nothing usually.

    So now we get into what I call the 'winner.' These players are more interested in capturing bases and winning alerts. Hence.. they desire to win. Its been said that you can't win planetside. And this is true. What I won yesterday will be lost tomorrow. But for some that doesn't matter. Winning in the moment is what counts. Or more importantly the strive to win.

    Most players fall into one of those two categories. Some don't know what they are doing and are kind of a 3rd category which I will call Zergling, since that's all they do. But they typically follow everyone else, and since cert farmers gravitate towards larger groups, I kind of just lump the zerglings in with cert farmers.

    You mentioned that tanks and vehicles seem weak. Well here's the reason behind it. If you use a vehicle to cert farm (or follow the zerging column of vehicles). Be prepared to pay the piper. What this means is, if you try to use a vehicle to get mass kills, eventually your number will come up and someone is going to insta-gib you.

    Vehicles are balanced around zerg on zerg fights. Its so that someone on foot isn't always trounced by vehicles. To put it frankly.. its so cert farmers who are farming can be farmed by cert farmers farming certs.

    Doesn't mean vehicles are totally useless... they are pretty bad in most cases. But they can be useful in situations. Two vehicles that are always useful however is the Galaxy and Sunderer. The Sunderer allows the zerg to spawn in. Both vehicles allow squadmates to spawn directly inside. This is a huge advantage. It keeps your team in the fight.

    Other vehicles have their uses, but not all the time, and I'm not going to go into that here. Just know it usually involves killing a Galaxy or Sunderer.

    I'm quoting this specifically because it sort of indicates what playstyle you are interested in. And that's objective based play. You're not here to pad KDR. You're not here to farm. You're here to win. You can do that.

    My recommendation is to find a serious outfit on your faction and server. Find one that runs squad/platoon ops regularly and when they do, they are focused. Basically if they are telling peeps to redeploy together, get in the Gal and drop on command.. you're in the right place.

    They don't sit around and wait for bases to cap if victory is certain. They redeploy or dispatch a vehicle to get to the next base and lock it down. They move quickly and efficiently. They provide a shock defense where its needed. But the idea here is they keep moving and engaging. They don't farm. They win. And they do it well. Basically your continent alerts are revolving around how many people per faction are doing this.

    And the cool part about it is.. they don't need a full platoon to make a difference. I've personally led squads as small as four people and took continents. Basically doing the jobs that zerglings don't want to do, and being the force that tipped the alert in our favor. For example the other day my friends ran one on Hossin. The score was pretty close, like nearly even. One of our Techplants was 3 minutes from being captured by the enemy, with like 5 minutes left in the alert.

    My squad came in with a Galaxy just to see what we could do. We found the enemy had a Gal wedged in the middle part, using it to spawn. We skywhaled and C4'd the crap out of the thing and killed it. Then proceeded to help mop up the control point.

    Without a spawn, the enemy force faltered, and with a minute left, we took back the Techplant, winning the alert. If we didn't destroy that Gal, they would have taken the Techplant and won the alert. That's pretty damn ninja right there.

    So my advice here is, find one of those Outfits.. ignore the zerg. And go win some shtuff. Even the most hardcore outfits usually take new players. Means you don't have bad habits they have to train out of you. And with the game as old as it is, new blood is few and far between.

    Good luck out there.
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  4. OldMaster80

    I disagree on most of the things the OP wrote but I'm very happy to read a few things:
    - He's happy with the progression system. One more proof the br unlocks idea is stupid and not necessary.
    - Even a noob can see we have a problem with the quantity of vehicles and Max that can be spawned.
  5. Crashsplash

    Classes are a bad idea, they serve no purpose at all and are only there because.

    There is no reason a sniper has to also be a cloaker. The purpose of a cloaker is to get to places that ordinary soldier cannot and disrupt the facilities, not snipe and not melee. Give all characters a sniper rifle.

    The camping bit is boring. but the solution cannot simply be to speed up the hack, that would simply create another problem. Unfortunately it's all intrinsic within the base and especially spawn designs which won't be changed at this stage.
  6. Pikachu

    Weapon lock.
  7. MikeyGeeMan

    Op don't forget your playing against some people who have had years to invest certs and sc into their characters.

    Not saying it makes them better but it does give an advantage that a new player will not see.

    The one thing I see that trumps all this games flaws is the sheer scale which is not matched anywhere.

    Its why this game keeps topping the f2p rankings people publish. No where else can you get the same sense of awe and aw crikey at the same time.
  8. Scr1nRusher

    Good call.

    I was really getting a vibe like that aswell. I've seen this in the past before, people can really get fooled on the forums.

    Also if he truely was a new player, he wouldn't be this aware.
  9. Shockwave44

    No, it's DBG's choice.
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  10. MorganM

    We used to have a solution to this but they took it away. Before 'resource revamp' you had three types of resources and every vehicle had a cool down timer. So which ever side could crush the other side's armor and air first would actually win. The other side would either run out of resources, be waiting on timers, or both.

    Now everyone can pull anything at any time. Blow up their tanks? Doesn't matter... they respawn and pull more. Take down their aircraft? Immaterial... those same ppl will be back in 2 minutes with more.
  11. MorganM

    Are you seriously suggesting that if this stupid system was in place and someone left their squad then pulled a MAX... they should get weapons lock?

    I'm so glad you guys have no say in how this game goes because this is some of the stupidest **** I've ever read.

    Limiting squads on what class or vehicle they can pull
    Limiting the amount of times you can be revived.
    Shooting while cloaked.

    I'd never play that game.
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  12. Megalegs

    Interesting stuff.

    I'm looking forward to the update in 2 years time when you give it another go.

  13. Zherot

    Wow another paranoid idiot, fools.
  14. Zherot

    Yes, i believe would be more beneficial if cloack was for light assault and jetpack for infiltrators.
  15. Scr1nRusher

    Yet see, if you had nothing to hide or no motives, you wouldn't be insulting people who are questioning about you.

    Look, stuff like this has happened on the forums before,but this one is top notch.

    Your whole post proves your not a new guy to PS2. The formatting,issues, design of post etc.

    We've all seen posts from new players over the years on these forums, They tend to ask questions and not get into balance stuff, because they have no clue about it, due to just starting out & not knowing how things work.
  16. Zherot

    NO, im insulting you BECAUSE you insulted me FIRST, you and the other paranoid, not knowing **** about me and assuming BS about myself it makes me mad, makes me mad people try to dismiss my feedback based on stupid conspiracies.

    You should learn something, there are MANY ways you can insult people, one is by words which is the lower category aka the minor kind of insult, the other one is with actions which are WAY more offensive and more often than not make you loose important people around you or make you look like a complete fool to strangers.

    Do i seriously need to post a pic of my characters or something so you can stop offending me with your assumptions?

    I have to add, im not an idiot or the average moron you are assuming im are, all the things i learned in this game were through this week, week and a half maybe to weeks of constant playing, there is people out there that can actually use their brains and logic to get conclutions, also, planet side 2 is not the more complex game ever, so its not really that hard to see were it fails or how things could be improved, you can argue its hard to earn skill in combat etc but the overal mechanics are pretty simple to me.
  17. FateJH

    That's not really going to help. Anyone can start a new character. Anyone can make a new account and start a new character on it.
  18. Scr1nRusher

    Do me a favor.

    Do another one of these posts in like a few weeks.

    Try to diversify what you play & try stuff out.

    Ask veteran players questions for help,join platoons & squads and such.
  19. DrPapaPenguin

    I may be wrong, but it's adaptive, based on how big the fight is. In 96 vs 96 I often see it stop rendering around 75-100 metres.
  20. Zherot

    First im too new to know all the stuff i know (therefore im an illuminati trying to take over planet side 2) and now im too new to know anything... coherence is not your best trait is it?.