This game has many flaws (feedback from new player)

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  1. Zherot

    I dont really know how much time i been spent on playing this game a bit more than a week probably two weeks in which i have been playing constantly many many hours a day because:

    -I like the feeling of the game, reminds me of Halo and Exteel
    -I like how the world overal feels
    -I like how some things happen that seem scripted or cinematic but are not, they are just other players playing the game.
    -I like the progression in the game, unlocking new weapons trying new abilities etc, its too addictive.
    -I like the class system tough its pretty damn imbalanced (more on this later)
    -I like the vehicles tough i suck at flying and driving in general but mostly at flying.
    -I like the 3 unique factions, but mostly the Vanu, their music reminds me of Mass Effect and Deus Ex, and i love their default outfits and their purple.

    I listed all of the above because of whats comming next a lot of you people are going to call me a hater, so you can see thats pretty much not true at all, im just very frustrated by a lot of the things im going to mention right now:

    -Hackers, there is a good amount of people cheating in this game, people that use auto aims is really common, i have seen people teleporting around facilities and it looks hilarious on the mini map.

    -Classes are pretty much unbalanced:

    -Heavy assault shield its OP period, they get too much good stuff too, good offensive weapons at mid/long/close range, their stupid shield reminds me of paladins buble in world of warcraft, the "i win button".

    -Light assault seems failr but at the same time i feel like they should get something else.

    -infiltrator is pretty bad, why?, because of the stupid terrain in this game, you want to position yourself high to snipe people, well good luck with that because the stupid physics and terrain in this game ARE A NIGHTMARE, seriously infiltrators should get the jetpack and the light assault the stealth field, its pretty common that you are going to fall or going to be unable to pass terrain that is not even inclined, sometimes you will just get stuck in parts of the map forcing you to redeploy, seriously moving on foot as an infiltrator to get a good position is BS in this game. SMG 1000 certs... LOL, yet heavy assault gets his "i win button" for free.

    Infiltrator stealth sucks big time, everyone can see you and its tied to graphics settings meaning people with low end pc or potato pcs are going to have the advantage on you... why the hell they cant attack from stealth? I MEAN its not like they became FRIGGING GHOSTS or some kind of IMMATERIAL POLTERGEIST, dont give me that crap, it was too difficult to allow them to shoot or attack from stealth and remove the stealth automatically?, no... you have to press the damn F button to do it, BS.

    -Medics and enginers are probably the most usefull class in this game and probably what you are going to play 90% of the time because of how the game plays in the end.

    -Max, with the cost attached to them they seem fair, tough there should be a limit on how much of these you can deploy per squad/platoon.

    -Vehicles are too fragile, they seem to break from everything, i think their defenses should be buffed BY A LOT and then put a limit on how much you can deploy per squad/platoon.

    Now game mechanics are pretty much reduced to ZERG vs ZERG in which its pretty much POINTLESS to bring anything than a heavy assault, Max, engineer and medics, the classes i like the most, infiltrator and light assault seem pretty useless when the ZERG vs ZERG spam fest starts, you just cant flank that ****, people is not stupid and they are going to get you pretty fast, honestly when the ZERG starts i just pick my medic and spam my revive to get certs "easy" but not fun, i mean the medic is fun but not in this stupid scenarios seriously which sadly its 90% of the game add to that vehicles from every angle and just try to flank that ****, its impossible and if you manage to do it someone comes from behind and kills you... which leads me to my next point.

    Mini map its a mess, you cant see anything in that you have to press H and hope you see anything because its bloated with useless information that you dont need at the moment but it shows anyways, and the ONLY THING you want to know IS WERE THE HELL MY ENEMIES ARE COMMING FROM and that stupid map just cant tell you, tons of times happens that a "ghost" player gets me just like that, no information on the minimap about the player comming near me or anything at all.

    Now... why the hell i have to press "Q" so i can see the stupid enemies in my mini map WHY?????, seriously if i saw the stupid soldier in front of me that should be AUTOMATIC not like "oh you have to press Q now" thats BS, i get that way you can tell other people of their precense but that should be it, you should be able to see it in your minimap once you see the moron without having to tap Q, that should be only exclusive to tell other players and update their maps...BS.

    Seriously its not fun to camp and farm people in their "bases" (or what is left of it) speed those timers to capture because its a waste of time and its pointless/boring.

    VR training should have moving targets seriously.
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  2. DashRendar

    Welcome to Planetside.
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  3. Skiptrace

    Ok, I'll give a semi-experienced player's POV.

    LA: Light Assault is one of the more skill based classes, gotta learn how to play it. So, naturally it's not a great class for new players.

    HA: Yes, the shield can be hard to counter, but it's mainly Medpacks that keep a HA alive, so just flank them.

    Infiltrator: This is what Air Vehicles are for. You use a Mossie/Reaver/Scythe to get to your location of choice, drop in and try to snipe. Infantry Render Distance is only out to 150m so, LONG range sniping is hard.

    Medic + Engineer: Yes, they are the "most" useful, but they are mainly for Cert Grinding. Especially Medics.

    MAX Units: They should NOT have a deploy limit per Squad, that would break an entire squad type in my Outfit.

    Vehicles: My Outfit has an entire unit dedicated to Vehicles (Air and Land) So... Putting a limit on them would almost eliminate an entire facet of my outfit... So, No. Just pull a Lock-on AV Rocket Launcher, or a AV MAX.

    This game is heavily based on play time. The more you play one class, the better you get at it, and the more you invest in it. Then you get to have "better" guns and better tools at your disposal.
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  4. DashRendar

    Infantry render was improved in recent patches, I believe it's somewhere around 300m now, performance willing.
  5. sustainedfire

    Some of your observations are sensible.

    Though the more you play the game, the more you learn the nuances and flaws- and either you like the game and enjoy it outside the imperfections or you do not And a great rage builds up inside you and you eventually quit.

    Your choice.
  6. Zherot

    Then enjoy the pointless Zerg vs Zerg and the paper vehicles.
  7. MorganM

    - Hackers : Common misconception. The dudes you see 'teleporting' around have desynced clients which makes them warp around. I've had it happen to me many times and everyone else on your screen is warping around. You can sometimes snag a lucky kill but it's rare and super hard to abuse. Really just an exercise in frustration. Some people run around desycned for half an hour... no idea why... I've tracked them down to a general area and they try to kill me which is funny because they fail miserably. Hardly a hack or a cheat. There are real hackers, they are painfully obvious, but thankfully rare.

    - Heavy Assault : Yeah they are brutal... stop engaging them head on with an inferior assault class. They must be flanked, out numbered, or outgunned... that's how you beat them. Just like a MAX; you don't engage them in a 1vs1 duel; you have to employ real strategy to win or meet them head on with superior firepower & durability.

    They are supposed to be the standard issue grunt and you're right there should be stupid amounts of them at large fights... and there are. It's funny though you would say Eng. and Medic are the most useful and we should be using them 90% of the time. So which is it... should we be HA most of the time or Medic or Eng?

    - MAX : There is no need for such a limit and it wouldn't really work. People would just drop out of a squad and pull one to mass up a MAX crash anyway.

    - Vehicles : Again your limit is pointless and unneeded. I think good people could disagree with the durability of vehicles. It's actually being debated by the DEV team. Keep in mind how insanely easy it is to just pull vehicles at will. Even if you loose one immediately you can pull another. Anyone worth their weight in nanites can keep one up long enough to regen enough resources to pay for the next one. Most of us are sitting at 750 resources most of our play session. So who cares if you lost a vehicle? Pull another!

    - Mini-map : You need to zoom in... use [ and ] Looking at someone is more than spotting. Think of it more like... scanning... you're gathering intel on a target. You're getting their name, outfit, hitpoints... for vehicles you're seeing how many are in it. I really belive it has more to do with server side resources than anything TBH. Auto-spotting EVERYONe in your field of view for EVERY player would dramatically increase load and bandwidth utilization.

    - Zergs : stop participating in them. They are booooooooooooooring. You have to find the good fights. In your map go to the upper right corner. Click on Filters. Under HEAT MAPS drop down select ENEMY ACTIVITY. Bam... now you can find the good fights! Look for somewhat even population with < 96 players on each side. I like an even match 24-48 or sometimes 12-24. That's the sweet spot for me. A 1-12 can be fun if people are actually engaged and not trying to ghost cap or avoid a fight.

    - VR : Truth brother, truth.
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  8. HappyStuffin

    To OP,

    Not a bad rant. I like it. Devs, take note!
  9. FateJH

    I'd like to add that the OP, as a new player, should make certain he's completely aware as to how the minimap feedback from different sources of radar/detection work. Also, that he's not mistaking jump pads and actual teleporter locations. In general, a teleport hacker isn't known for his radar signature but for his impeccable kill feed and for always shooting you in the back. In fact, if he really is teleporting, he won't normally appear on most forms of radar (thus, your minimap) because he's not physically moving as far as the game is concerned.
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  10. Sixstring

    I don't believe this guy is actually a "new player" for one second lol. All this sounds like things a veteran Redditside/forumside would say. The devs need to be a little more wary of these veterans coming on with new accounts to sway the devs in favor of a supposed "fresh outsider" perspective because they realize the devs are paying more attention to the new player experience. A few of them like the paper tanks thing which is obvious,I can believe but come'on man. Too many details give it away.
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  11. MadamTurtle

    Only thing I agree with here is the VR needing moving targets. Also the bots would be better if they showed up on thermal.
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  12. Zherot

    You are a paranoid idiot, the devs can confirm im a new player if they want.
  13. FateJH

    New player or not, you've at least lurked long enough to have the jargon down.
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  14. Ballto21

    Cloak does need a visibility buff at closer ranges, but it has never been and never should be total cover. You still need to use cover well enough to go in from behind. If youre having issues flanking spanw a base back, buy the wraith cloaking device utility on the flash and drive behind the enemy, begin picking people off with suppressed weapons (semi auto/full auto scouts work well if you dont have an smg)

    target medics, engies, and on only instances where you think you have a 70% or higher chance at winning eavies. These are the primary push units, and giving even one medic who could potentially revive 15 team mates for 5 seconds can be huge
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  15. Zherot

    What does that mean?
  16. IberianHusky

    I agree with most of what you just said. NMG and Adrenaline shields need to be rethought on HAs. Medkits need a cooldown time. LAs need a hell of a lot more utility to make them more viable in squad based play. Infiltrator cloak does need a buff. I feel bad for mowing down cloaked infils at range. And yes, they do need to put moving targets in VR training.
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  17. Zherot

    Medics cool down is actually a pretty good idea, coupled with limited ammount of MAX and Vehicles per squad/platoon would aleviate to some extent the ZERG vs ZERG.

    Its not like im against big battles between 2 armies, its the fact that they can pretty much go and on and on and ON forever until someone just stops spawning or spaming stuff.
  18. IberianHusky

    Medkit cooldown as in add a short cooldown time after using a medkit to stop HAs from medkit tanking by spamming them. As you may or may not have noticed, pretty much every high BR HA does this. Medics are fine as is.
  19. Zherot

    Maybe reducing the amount of times you can be revived to 3 or something like that so people actually start dying and the game flows because as it is right now everyone can just continuously came back from death from those necromancers they call medics.
  20. IberianHusky

    That would make point holds next to impossible, and would only encourage zerging, because Redeployside exists.
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