Things you learned overtime

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Codex561, May 17, 2014.

  1. Robes

    Never fight the vanu as flashlight beamers are op.
  2. Silus

    The only unfair fight is the one you lose.
    Regardless of how brilliant and clever your idea is for pulling your faction ahead in an alert, you can count on the Platoon leader to ignore it 9/10.
  3. MajiinBuu

    The circumstances of one's faction choice are irrelevant.
    It is what you do with the gift of immortality that determines who you are.
  4. tekknej

    Stay out of the roads if you are in a vehicle too :3
  5. Kunavi

    - Pick fights. Don't get ground.

    - PS2 has absolutely no point to it at all. Just fire at people for Certs, capturing is incidental; If you can be there for it then do it. If not, don't push it. Not worth it. If that's not fun for you nor can you handle that task, you'll burn out more, the more you realize that there really is nothing but KD/XP/Accuracy accumulation.

    - Platoons/OutFits too "TactiCool", exaggerate too much, end up being a fuss to be part of. Random allies USELESS on average.

    - Not worth investing much $ in PS2 at the moment, it's in what one could call a Beta state and it shows. Think "Test-Bed" in fact. Not necessarily a bad thing but a spade is a spade; PS2 has a lot to cover still.

    - There's an average of about 3 entry points for all buildings. Any sense of security from either the environment or your allies is 110% false.

    ....Just to sum it up so far.
  6. Kunavi

    But really, what -I- learned so far is nothing at all.

    PS2 has nothing new to offer, it's merely a combination of what other titles tried to do, managing to include none of the unique qualities those individual titles had(And all the cliché ones) while having nothing of its own to offer in their stead... Obviously other than having sloppily mushed all that in one persistent environment and calling it done.

    It's definitely NOT what I expected, wanted, nor what I want to support with my $ any more. I've done that and I feel they went down the drain so far.
  7. pnkdth

    1. Never get involved in forumside. You will get sucked right into a vortex of b***hurt, negativity, trolls, and worse. While there are some worthwhile discussions, most of it is emotional and biased nerdrage.

    2. Organised outfit/combined arms is what elevated PS2 above every FPS game I've played so far(and I've played a lot of them ever since Quake1 and CS). Running lone wolf is nice sometimes but it isn't what makes PS2 last.

    3. Don't listen to other people too much. I'm talking about weapons and abilities. Use the stuff you enjoy and ignore Mr.MLGpr0n0sc0p360SWAGGINS.

    4. There is always someone who will try and judge your prefered playstyle. We've already seen some of it in this thread.