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  1. The Rogue Wolf

    Ammunition packs are faction-agnostic and will resupply anyone. This can be incredibly useful for soldiers operating behind enemy lines.
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  2. Tuco

  3. Nitrobudyn

    The command to open in-game bug reporting console is simply /bug
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  4. Moz

    You can fire up to 8 RDDs before they will start to replace themselves.
  5. barunedpat

    Now we just need to know how those bloody MAXes get on top of the Biolab indoors buildnings. I always though they used some kind of hack, but it is probably something like this they do.
  6. DFDelta

    Old Biolab it was incredibly easy to do.
    New ones I actually have no idea. I'll try it out and make a video if I figure out how.
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  7. OddChelsea

    A person in my outfit showed us how to do it but it's actually fairly tricky. I was able to climb various points in a bio lab but only after trying for what seemed like forever. It's definitely something you have to practice and only works in certain points.
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  8. John_Aitc

    It is much more difficult to climb now, but the trees will give access to the A building's roof.

    I cannot find it now, but I used have a link for someone's youtube channel of a player who could climb almost anything. I remember watching him climb a Biolab dome to get to the center spire with a Max and watched him climb the tall ?smoke stacks? in Tech Plants because they have that one long stripe that runs up the cylindrical tower. His videos are worth searching for. I will try and find them.
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  9. Arkenbrien

    I tried creating a custom chat box as suggested on page 2, but it didn't create a new chat tab.

    What is this tip cctually used for?
  10. Wyll

    I just have to say it:

    And knowing is half the battle... Yo Jo!
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  11. John_Aitc

    I have never tried that myself. I read what was posted, and, to me, it sounds like that command is to create a private voice chat channel not a text chat tab. Voice is handled by the third party system that SOE games use. It is an older post, so it is entirely possible that it does not work anymore.
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  12. Bonom Denej

    I switched the E button to my mouse 4th button, and it doesn't work =/ I has a sad.
  13. JibbaJabba

    There is that one incoming teleporter that is surrounded by leaf covered rocks. (other teleporters come into cleanly walled buildings).

    The rocks by that teleporter on the airpad side can be climbed. It's very difficult and usually not worth the trouble. I did it once, saw it could be done, and haven't since.
  14. MajiinBuu

    Easter Egg: Yeti Roar
    On Esamir, on top of the mountain directly East of Aurora Materials, there are certain "sweet spots" around the mountain that when walked upon a "yeti roar" can be heard. Only you can hear it (and whoever else walks over the sweet spot).
    The audio is usually different each time you hear it. Sometimes you hear heavy breathing, sometimes a vicious snarl.
    There are 5 pages I'm not going to look through, sorry if this was already mentioned.
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  15. John_Aitc

    Something I knew but forgot about was that you can 'diffuse' tank mines using your Engie tool. (Thanks to Nilidus' forun post:
    Tankmines infront of vehicle spawnsfor reminding me)
  16. NovaAustralis

    Only highest cert level Engy Tool though...
  17. NikkoJT

    Also, hitting backspace automatically sets up a reply to your last incoming /tell.
  18. Leftconsin

    Meh. maybe this was already buried in the thread.

    Resupplying and an infantry terminal instantly regenerates your shields to 100%.

    MAXes can change loadout for free at infantry terminals.

    Rouge butterflies can stop Striker lockons.
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  19. Pikachu

    Has anyone ever thought otherwise?
  20. VonStalin

    you can knife through from inside if part of your enemy's leg is clipping through.