Things that happened to me just today

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leftconsin, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Leftconsin

    I was prevented from posting on the forums because of this 403 bug. Several times.
    I was killed by some bug that suddenly declared I was in a pain field even though I clearly wasn't. This suddenly killed me three times today.
    People who are totally invisible. I got into and lost close quarters fights with totally invisible people twice today.
    I got one hit killed by a Solstice in my MAX because I guess clientside hit detection today.
    I spawned into a Sunderer. Oh, wait. It actually spawned me 200m above the Sunderer. I fell to my death.
    I got the ejection seat bug again once but managed to live. Yay me?
    I've spawned at a base I didn't select. I lost count, actually.
    I had my resto kit restore no health! JK no heal! 4-5 times. Honestly I try to stop using them because they are so unreliable.

    I'm having horrible things happen to me that I can't prevent on a regular basis.
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  2. WorstEverPlayer

    I was invisible today apparently, I only knew when i got a tell from a Vanu player, after I dies I re-spawned visable again. spawning miles from the fight, into some where I did'nt select also an issuie. also got of fa flash under a tower a few days ago and was fired through 3 floors an ended up on the top level, though that was bad untill it happened again and I was halfway between floor stuck. I'm on Cobalt so its affecting all servers it seams..oh well. Le sigh.
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  3. Xind

    I encountered one invisible guy today. This bug, more so than a lot of other, really needs to get resolved.
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  4. TheMish

    All of that, except the ejection seat buffed happened to me.

    I almost broke my damn computer when none of my enemies would render, couldn't even damage them. I was furious.
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  5. iller

    I got a new record Height on ejector seat bug on Monday ..... that was exciting.

    I also suicided instantly by standing 1 ft too close to a parked Valkyrie with no one in it. I almost got reported for invulnerability hack too.... luckily ChuckSpeed....ball? IIRC... is a chill dude and we solved the problem like civilized folks
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  6. FateJH

    I saw an invisible friendly dorito riding a Flash last night.
    I wanted to yell as it drove past in proxy "Silly dorito, you don't have arms or legs, you can't drive an ATV"
    but, proximity chat wasn't working.
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  7. Killuminati C

    Friday or Saturday (can't remember which) I had the ejection seat bug 3 times with the same skyguard (died twice, and still didn't feel like celebrating when I survived the third)... I kept having to respawn and run out to some random rock formation to get my damn lightning back.

    I know that feel bro.
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  8. 7 Drunk Midgets

    Besides the occasional 403 error on the forums, I've been bug-free. I must be lucky or something.
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  9. iller

    I wanted to +1 this comment, but upvote wasn't working
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  10. thethirdlore

    am i the only one who almost never experiences bugs? the last one i had was 3 or so months ago
  11. Konstantinn

    Website is buggy this last week, gives page not found error, true. Other than that haven't had a single issue you describe.

    Oh, about pain field. If you run into pain field and try to lay a mine it blows up immediately, you die instantly. They also explode if you try to place one on jump pad. Other than that pain field ticks away your health.

    Also, if you try to spawn somewhere and while you're loading in point becomes unavailable (sunderer destroyed, or base captured) you get spawned somewhere else (I think next closest, not sure though).
  12. Leftconsin

    I was heavy assault. I got the "restricted area! get out of there!" audio message and dropped dead instantly. I was at Heyoka Bloodworks each time. First time I was in the tunnel under A. Second I was on the catwalk under the north bridge. Third was was just north of the base. We (NC) owned the base at the time.
  13. Konstantinn

    Did you try to set down a c4?
  14. FLHuk

    Not just me then!

    Met my first 100% invisible player today and reported it as a bug....

    He was walking about killing, no tracers, no cloak, no bullet decals, just death.... Noticed he tripped the Xhair though so he didn't last long. His low BR helped keep it reasonable! He didn't even show any markers when being hit.
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  15. Leftconsin

    I don't even have it unlocked for HA on my NC. The really unfortunate thing was I was recording up until 2 minutes before it happened because I want Tech Plant footage. We got pushed out of Heyoka so I stopped recording and this started happening. Im not saying that is connected, but it is an unfortunate coincidence that I could have had video of it, but do not.
  16. JudgeNu

    I sometimes click to spawn at a WG and I am spawned just inside the WG shield outside.
    The first time I was like, how did I get here? I don't remember walking here? lol
  17. HadesR

    PS4 beta .. So I'm not holding my breath for any timely bug fixes and performance improvements .. But they do need to stop dragging their feet and give us the fixes the game needs .
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    ye Bloodworks is kinda bugged since a while with the restricted areas, especially in the tunnels.

    reading through this thread makes me kinda glad that I'm having a break from the game right now. I mean bugs used to be funny but this is just getting sad really
  19. Dualice

    I had my first taste of that today :D Went to spawn at Galaxy Solar Plant on Indar, appeared about 100m away from the spawn room, about 5m above the ground. Fortunately not enough to cause a death, but still freakin' weird!
  20. Abraham with Cheese

    Several times I've spawned a vehicle, only for said vehicle to disappear and for me to suicide because I was just outside of the spawn pad. I mean, literally, I wasn't on it, but about ten feet away from it, and yet that happened. MBT, lightning, flash or sundy: didn't matter.

    And yes, I lost most of my (at the time) nanites on those vehicle pulls, so it is really frustrating to lose a vehicle and all those nanites to a glitch before the enemy can even shoot at me (or I shoot at them).