Things that are rare to find?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shadoiex, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Shadoiex

    -TR heavy without a chaingun
    -TR MAX without dual cyclers.
    -TR heavy without a Stryker
    -A flash not doing barrel rolls
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  2. Regpuppy

    -Enforcer modified

    It's like the unicorn of vehicle weapons, but not as deadly.
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  3. Oreo202

    A VS Medic reviving me...
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  4. KAHR-Alpha

    The MCG is a bad weapon (I got Auraxium on it). The default Carv is superior. I don't see many MCG around these days.

    What kind of poor soul uses dual cyclers... ?

    Strikers are awful since they "fixed" them. No one in my outfit uses them anymore unless the squad leader asks.

    You're right on this one.
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  5. EWarren

    - Fracture MAXes should still be popular (maybe not that popular but not too rare)
    - I use a T16 Rhino - personal preference, it just feels right
  6. CL4p2p

    A nightplay with population balenced
    An inteligent TR
  7. Tommyp2006

    TR maxes use cyclers? Why would anyone use one beyond the default? All of the other guns are better.
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  8. VSDerp

    NC without a shotgun lol but can't blame them
  9. MrMurdok

    A Liberator armed with a Vektor nose cannon.
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  10. Metal Insomniac

    VS that aren't HA or Infils.

    NC engi's that aren't with a vehicle.

    Skilled NC players on Waterson.

    Situationally aware TR players.

    TR HA's that don't use the CARV.

    NC that are afraid they might TK you.
  11. italktowalls

    sunderers on airpads
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  12. DeadLamb

    is that the shotgun one? I don't play NC so I don't know their weapon names.

    but two nights ago, my Harasser got "jumped" by two NC Harassers. One was running whatever the shotgun wep is called and the other was using a Bulldog.. My gunner and I were going "It's like two unicorns are trying to attack us!".. I doubt I will ever see that combo happen in game again.

    other rare finds?
    Sniper near a deployed sundy under fire who will go ENG to repair it and not just run off
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  13. Regpuppy

    yuh, it's almost harmless past 15 meters
  14. Axehilt

    TR minichainguns are actually pretty rare, in my opinion.

    And rare as they are, they're more common than their balance dictates (the MCG is slightly worse than typical LMGs.)
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  15. Pikachu

    Everything but default equipment. Ok maybe not for vehicles and MAXes. About 60% of them looks not certed. Anyway shotguns are rare. NC brusier almost unheard of. Vanu makes some us of both pump shotguns though.

    ESF with 2nd nose gun. LPPA is more rare than harasser kobalt.
  16. a4555in

    (Pre-striker 'fix')TR skyguard.
    (Post-striker 'fix')TR skyguard.:eek:
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  17. Pikachu

    I see at least on of these everyday.

    The only unicorn is renegade.
  18. Pikachu

    Explanation is obligatory.
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  19. Pikachu

    Only if you talk aboyt certed liberators. Most of them are low br uncerted ones with default weapons.
  20. Cab00se187

    NC Winning

    /thread :D
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