Things I miss from PS1. In pictures!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Psi, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. KimJongIllest



    I kinda liked BFRs. Specifically bailing from my mossie and landing directly under them, throwing a jammer, and spraying the weak point with AP rounds :)
  2. KendoPS1

    I really really want more infantry fights where not one vehicle is involved like the basements of PS1 bases. Corridors, stairs and rooms with 2 exits and low ceilings so its not a LA with C4 playground.
    They just should put one PS1 biolab in somewhere and I'll bet it'll be a constant 3 way just because it's so fun.

    I also want the raider back, especially with Hossin having water.
    4 gunners ! Amphibious !
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  3. FlameGankin

    At the very least i hope we get a macro chat thats just as good as PS1s eventually
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  4. TheBloodEagle

    Just wanted to correct you because the Punisher in Planetside 1 was a Common Pool weapon (NS). It was not a TR weapon. I can see how the image left that impression.
  5. TheBloodEagle

    Man, there's something beautiful about this design. Sure it's minimalistic compared to the eye candy ones we have now but it was a very logical looking base.

    BTW about the inventory system, I really don't expect the current gaming community and/or the game to need it or that it would ever be as expansive as the PS1 one. I just meant some light version customization. I enjoy building up my character (cosmetics, weapon attachments, etc) and I'd just like a bit more.
  6. Cab00se187

    Yes we get, PS1 had some ok stuff but face the reality here, games are simplistic and dumbed down for a reason. $$$$$. If this game was a clone of PS1 it would have failed as hard if not worse than SWToR.
  7. Psi

    Yes, we get it. Some people don't like discussions of the past, but let's face it, some of us like seeing what once was.

    I'm not saying PS2 should be a copy of anything else. I was just feeling a bit nostalgic and thought I'd share some things I miss about PS1. Not necessarily things I think PS2 should clone.
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  8. Goretzu

    This is part of what I'm saying though.

    For the sake of a bit of extra eye candy (full effects PS1 doesn't look that much worse than medium effects PS2) companies are no longer able to even sort out their games own engine.

    Vanu only knows how bad it's going to get in another 10 years time.
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  9. Goretzu

    SWTOR was like WoW-lite in the Star Wars universe, if it had been released in say 2007 it may well have done well, but it wasn't.

    It actually suffered from many of the same PS1>PS2 problems when compared to SWG or WoW for that matter, there was almost no innovation in it, and it even suffered in many ways compared to older single player games like the KOTR and Jedi Knight games...... as for thier space game..... forget JTLs.... it was a 1993 Star Fox clone (nearly 20 years out of date then) 1997's X-wing vs Tie Fighter was a much better and more complex game.
  10. Takoita

    Also, infiltrator gameplay.
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  11. Llaf

    If you haven't checked out Hossin yet on the test server, you should. This is coming, to a limited extent. Several bases on Hossin have basements, with Nason's Defiance having the best one imo. Most bases on Hossin are very difficult to access with vehicles, including ESFs. I drove a harasser with racer 3 and turbo 5 around in the dead of night and solo capped all what was available just to get a feel for how accessible each base was to the best off-roading vehicle in the game. I consider myself a pretty good harasser driver, and even I had trouble accessing some bases, if you do the same you'll find that many of the anti-vehicle shield gates are pretty well placed. There is even a base that is actually up in the trees, totally covered by canopy so difficult to access from the air due to optic confusion from the canopy leaves, and impossible to access with vehicles.
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  12. KendoPS1

    awesome, something to look forward to
  13. Goretzu

    I'm disapointed they aren't considering BFRs for PS2, done right they could be great.

    As could Core Combat if they just got rid of the Alien 70's Disco vibe and made it feel more City Fight (Core Combat was very much a "City Fight", but it didn't really feel like it......... it felt like you were an extra in "Austin Powers meets the Vanu" or something).
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  14. SuBs

    I agree with the person who said REAL BASES.

    PS2's bases fill me with a deep sadness. They are SO bad.
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  15. UberBonisseur

    Honestly, if Forgelight is supposed to handle a voxel-based MMO, then I really don't understand the "engine limitations" in PS2.
  16. MuNrOe

    Nice shot of my PS1 char there PSI. Do I get royalties or do they go to SOE ?
  17. Rodinvac

    Ground vehicle health could be increased to compensate for you no longer being able to quickly jump out to fix your ride and repair speed lowered to compensate for the increased health. :)

    Of course there are other things that we might want before getting the embarking/disembarking animations, but it's something to keep in mind for the future.
  18. PraetorGavorn

    I like PS2 the way it is, but I could certainly go for a bit more of the realism PS1 had, despite only playtesting it a bit for comparison to PS2. The thing with the exit-enter animations for vehicle and being able to see other troops holstered gear on them would be great.

    Not a fan of the inventory system though, got sick of that with Diablo yeeeaarrrsss ago.
  19. St4tic

    I miss LLU's and draining bases as a way to bypass the lattice restrictions. My PS1 computer died awhile back so no screenies to post :(
  20. ElCreepo

    Someone post a picture of sixty guys sitting outside the back door of a base, unable to get in because the lock is bugged.

    Or a video of a guy running up some stairs in a tower, who continues to run through the air at the same angle until he clips through the tower wall.

    Or a mess of a meatgrinder in the basement of a facility with at least 1,000 dudes spamming Thumpers around corners.

    Ooh, someone post an image of a cloaked infiltrator clearly visible from 150m away because the actual visual effect was ****.

    Or a video of a Phoenix firing at a cloaked AMS with its rockets clearly going straight through it.