Things I miss from PS1. In pictures!

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  1. Heretic

    We really need an airborne vehicle transporter. Imagine a squadron of them say 4-5 all carrying a MBT. The driver of the passenger vehicle could push a button, opening some rear door's on the drop ship. The passenger vehicle gets ejected out the back in reverse. It would be awesome for organised platoon drops.

    It would either need a parachute or some fall damage resistance similar to infantry drops in the gal.

    If it were fall damage resistance, you would have to set a max altitude where in which it works (risk v.s reward etc), otherwise we'll have harassers dropping from orbit.

    Sure there would be tanks flipping and bouncing off of buildings on the way down but thats part of the fun. If you want to play it safe you land it.

    Imagine something along these lines:


    TLDR? We need the picture to happen.
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  2. Surt

    This guy reminds me on good old classic Unreal Tournament.

    But without the katana.
    His face look like Sylvester Stallone. ^^

    Models behind the window of a vehicle would be awesome.
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  3. HellasVagabond

    The only reason we had a vehicle transport in PS1 was cause vehicles could not cover distances with ease. However that doesn't apply in PS2. You can roll an MBT from one warpgate and 4 minutes later you can be at the other side of the map.
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  4. Goretzu

    Inventory was useful depth, I dunno that it can be added into PS2 now, but really they do need a add a way to be able to use other factions weapons in a limited way.

    I really miss being able to see hosltered weapons too.

    I find it bizarre (and not just with PS1 > PS2) so many games seem to have gone backwards technologically in the last 10 years.
    Yeah the graphics are a bit prettier (although PS1 fully eye candied was nice, better than any pics here show), but it's lost holsters weapons, doors, a reason able number of trees, proper rivers etc. etc. :(
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  5. FIN Faravid

    Everything but Katanas and those giant mechs.
  6. Pikachu

    There's so much yellow. :eek: I want more yellow, but then I have to get 10 people to pay $10. The buildings looks so... building like. There's some kind of different between PS1 buildings indoor places and PS2.

    That chain knife looks much better than what we have now.

    Nice autumn landscape. Surprised to see that the game has so much grass on the ground.
    Why did I never hear of PS1?
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  7. Metalsheep

    REAL Bases...


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  8. KenDelta

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  9. FocusLight

    Now, when I saw the first picture, I was like "wow, gun looks like a futuristic version of the F2000 *, DO WANT." then I saw the second picture and your request to make it an NS weapon. DO NOT WANT. IF your bringing back a TR gun, keep it TR. But bring back an iconic NC and VS gun as well.

    I'm hoping one day they get around to re-modeling the guns, making them all more diverse, adding new and better weapon sounds, and giving us back the tracer fire. Also make NC tracers BLUE. TR has Red and VS has purple, AKA the faction primary colors, when the NC shoot at me, I want to see their blue faction color streak through the air, damn it.

    * This happens to be one of my favorite guns IRL, so I'd be most happy to see it in PS2. I just don't want to see a TR gun become an NS gun, and to have to pay for a NS gun...
  10. Metalsheep

    The "Pwnisher" WAS a NS gun in PS1... all 3 empires could use it.
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  11. TheRighteous

    I want ps1 stuff dammit
  12. Camycamera

    they are planning on seeing if they can implement that onto the galaxy atm :D
  13. FateJH

    If they give us an inventory eventually, they're probably going to limit us to combining faction and class specific weapons and items and packing them into our pack how we choose. An Infiltrator with so many sensor darts that he can't even fit the sensor gun into his inventory? funny, but it should be permissible.

    I still don't understand players' fascination fighting with cross-factional weapons or even being able to loot their enemies. That's more of an RPG thing or, if we're only discussing weaponry, arcade shooter kind of thing. It's a handwave for "where else are you going to find ammo?" If you want to use an NC weapon, play NC; if you want to use a VS weapon, play VS; if you want to use a TR weapon, play TR.

    The devs have already stated whey they're not going to take another stab at doors in this game in the foreseeable future. Considering the latency that occasionally accompanies base shields going down - the time between the generator exploding and the actual shield vanishing - an animation that is less strenuous than animating and colliding with the multiple stages of a door opening - I'll take their word for it.
  14. Goretzu

    I don't think they will add inventory, it seems like trying to bolt on a lawnmower to a car at this point in the game design, it's just a shame though as it gave a bit more depth (and being able to scavenge in mid-battle when out of ammo was a lot of fun too).

    I liked being able to use other factions weapons, in the context mentioned above (scavenged when you'd run out of ammo on your empires weapon), also for specific instances you'd get a previously scavenged weapon out of your locker, and for achievements and just for a change or to surprise the enemy.

    It was fun........... current games seem to have lost this idea of "fun" and replaced them with....... well not a lot really.

    Yeah they say that about doors, they always seemed to work ok for me (I'm killed much more often behind a bit of cover in PS2 than I ever was behind a closed door in PS1) and they certainly seemed to shield ememies from my fire/grenades most of the time.

    I guess client hacking is more predominant these days than it was in 2003 though.

    The thing is though even shields don't work in PS2, as anyone killed by AOE behind them knows only too well (which is pretty much everyone I expect given how common it is - never mind shield not rendering from distance).

    Apartingly PS2s engine can't handle caverns like PS1 Core Combat either (Core Combat if done right could have added a lot of nice city fighting to PS2).
  15. FateJH

    The thing about the PS1 engine was that it was extremely custom. There's only so much information available about it but the main bit is that it's not just modified Quake engine or modified EQ engine. The game development team could do whatever they wanted with the game as long as it was stable. PS2's engine is being developed independently of PS2 and is planned for a variety of future MMOs so, while making requests is probably possible, not much can be done with immediacy. (Even worse, I fear, is that the optimization and tuning passes promised probably have nothing to do with Forgelight itself but rather the code that implements the API of Forgelight for PS2.)

    I don't know how PS1 actually did it, but the caverns could just be another continent accessed by specific bases, rather than the warp gate, whenever the "global" inter-continental lattice is put into effect. There's nothing stopping Foreglight from putting geometry at the flight ceiling other than potential lag and most of those calculations and map rendition are done cheaply on the client-side anyway.
  16. BengalTiger

    That Sheridan is in no way an MBT. This ability could be the unique feature the Lightning gets to make it something different than just a cheaper MBT.
  17. Psi

    99% sure that screenshot is from an alpha build of PS1. I never saw that much grass, or rocks that detailed, or trees that... tree-like.
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  18. Phrygen

    I want that base in planetside 2 very very badly. I don't understand why they aren't. Amp station in particular should be easier to defend, while having slightly more open space inside them for vehicles to move around in. For example, defenders should be able to walk around the walls of the amp station without having to use jump pads or getting off the wall.
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  19. jak

    Using other factions weapons was fun in two ways - variation and I could do it while still playing with the outfit/friends I played with. Much less fun to have to switch to a bunch of dirty strangers to use those weapons. That being said, PS2 has far more weapon variation so I don't really feel much need to use other factions' weapons.

    Looting was fun and useful. I didn't need to hump an engineer or find a terminal after killing 5 guys, I could take their stuff and kill them again with it. There's something satisfying about killing guys with their own weapons. Plus, we could laugh at peoples' loadouts. I once caught someone with 28 plasma grenades and one box of ammo for his sweeper...
  20. daniel696

    Such good stuffs, and nothing of this in planetside 2, only lag and bugs.