Things I miss from PS1. In pictures!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Psi, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Psi










    Maybe more to come. Probably not, though.

    Unless you guys add some more.
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  2. DJPenguin

    Shouldn't have shown a pic of the Fusion Blade. You'll just aggravate the newbs who are offended at the idea of swords in PS.
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  3. Psi

    That was just as much about the hats and shades as it was about the blade. :p
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  4. BigMacDeez

    The Marauder...the glorious Jeep of Doom. How I miss it so.
  5. daniel696

  6. Phrygen

    The lodestar in PS2 would be OP sadly.
  7. HerpTheDerp

    Was it actually possible to kill the people inside through the windows?

    If so I will spend at least three minutes of my weekend sitting and laughing at SOE and regression of games in general.


    Spiffy glasses though.
  8. Bill Hicks

    Back when they created games with a gamers heart, instead of making hat simulators.
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  9. TheBloodEagle

    Not a big deal in terms of gameplay but meaningful in terms of immersion but why does a 10 year old game actually show the characters inside vehicles & have exit/enter animations but PS2 in 2013 doesn't?
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  10. Kortan

    That is a manly soul patch
  11. JonboyX

    Might have been canned before I started, or released after I stopped playing, but I don't ever remember seeing "enter tank" animation of a player entering from below! Neat though.

    No - you couldn't be shot in vehicles at all, even if they were open, so in some respects the current version of back seat exposure is "better".
  12. Rayden78

    I didn't want to have that back now though. No quick out and in for repairing your tank when harassed by air.
    But i have to admit the animation was realistic, i also liked the icons on the floor always indicating what will happen if you press action key there, not like in PS2 on sunderers when you dont know if you will enter sunderer or go to terminal if sundy is placed bad.
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  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    ugh, those are pretty low graphics settings you got for your planetside2 game o_O is this ini-tweaked?
  14. Hotel88A

    All of those great memories being stomped on by these guys

  15. Halo572

    The graphic fascists on this game board. Never seen anything like it in anywhere.


    Huh, huh, flashy flashy, bangy bangy, boomy boomy, one hit kill pwnage, invisible back killy killy, huh, huh.

    OK mate, you enjoy your flashy flashy, bangy bangy, I'll go and play my content laden single player games on whatever graphic setting I want.

    Has anyone noticed that this is just a poor man's Crysis? Not mutliplayer I mean, single only. Only started playing it a couple of days ago and now I know what this game SHOULD be like.

    And being as Crysis was 2007, it couldn't have ripped this off.
  16. UberBonisseur

    I don't really care about the animation although it was a nice touch, but I'd really like a timer before entering a vehicle, like pressing E for 2 seconds. Currently you can easily outrepair damage AND instantly hop into the vehicle if you're being shot at, or even quickly eject.
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  17. lothbrook

    I feel they need the animation or a timer because its really silly when people hop out of a tank just before it dies with launchers/C4 in hand to try and kill what just destroyed their tank, people should die with their vehicles not jump out and keep attacking.
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  18. Torok


  19. TheBloodEagle

    I can understand why but I also miss seeing weapons actually showing on your model. I don't really like how everything just disappears into some void. PS1 had the launchers, etc on your back. Heck, can we at least get our pistols to be holstered physical somewhere on us?


    I kinda miss the idea of inventory, since I really love customization. Hell, they could do something like keep ammo how it is but you can also buy ammo with resources and the bullets would just do +1 more damage each. That would be enough for me to be happy. (I like micromanaging..I'm weird.)

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  20. TheBloodEagle

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