They gota fix nc maxes, i am getting instagibbed in my vs max.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jaktrobot, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Cinnamon

    Try aiming for the head or using av weapons. I hear that having support as a max is also useful despite what zoe might have taught you.
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  2. NovaAustralis

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  3. SharpeShooter

    they do have range Mastachief so don't try that one lol. I have seen blazingsun taking people out at range np at all! Furthermore, a scat max against a TR/VS max will insta kill in close range! scatter max at 5m and pounder max at 5m the scatt max will win. I refuse to use the pounders so can't help in great detail. However, the falcon is WAY too good against infantry at the mo, the pounds too maybe.
  4. Mastachief

    Ask rebel rifles about 5 pounders vs 15 scatmaxes and a biolab....
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  5. Bravo2-9

    I must be the only one not bothered by NC maxes. Yeah they will straight up murder *** within 5M. Protip: DON'T ENGAGE WITHIN 5 METERS! The different maxes have different strengths for each faction. TR has dakka everywhere and does well in the medium to short department. VS having the best accuracy does well at nearly every range especially with comets and vortex. NC only does well at point blank range AI work, longer if you're a falcon pro. You cannot engage an NC MAX as if you too were an NC MAX. Use range and support when you are in CQB. Just like they have to use support and suppression from their teammates if they happen to be outdoors or in a hallway longer than I can chuck a bowling ball.
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  6. Llaf

    Pounders are leaps and bounds better than Falcons lol.
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  7. SharpeShooter

    like I said, I cant comment on that, I don't use them!
  8. Gazatron

    That's right cause all capture points are such wide open spaces.

    A perfect example is your comm clash on Wednesday at chimney rock as soon as the maxes got in INI was done for.

    The range argument does not work I'm afraid. TR and VS need to be able to suppress cos if your maxes get in the room we are done for.
    Playing against NC is a catch twenty two for maxes. Play kinetic armour, sure u will survive scat maxes longer but die quicker to the rocket launcher spam that occurs when people see maxes. Play flak armour, you survive longer against rocket launcher spam but melt to a scat max.

    I'd be happy to give NC maxes weapons like tr and vs for range but you can't have shotgun arms anymore.

    Guaranteed if you guys were given longer range options for your MAX like tr and VS at the cost of your shotguns the forums would flood with NC crying for their shotguns back.
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  9. Mastachief

    Seriously learn to play issues right here. We played TR in commclash and had none of these problems, we play tr on live too and don't see the problems banded around by the nerf squad. Scats have one advantage work around it.... like nc work around vs and tr maxes. INI got beat, maxes had nothing to do with that.
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  10. KnightCole

    Lol, exactly
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  11. Pikachu

    Slugs are a bigthreat to maxes? At melee range it takes 10 slugs to kill a max. When i use slug max i dont duel maxes. They are more dangerous than me.
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  12. Gazatron

    How INI got beat is a different topic, I was simply using an example i saw more than once in that game. My point is all scat maxes have to do is sit on the CC away from all the danger of rockets and wait for people to come in. One scat max ain't the problem it's several with engi support. Sure one scat max ain't a problem when attacking the point but in organised squads with support it's near impossible to stop them closing the distance to the CC which is the only place it matters. Aegis shield helps a lot with this but I think charge is equally viable if not more so.

    All round scat maxes are not OP but in close quarters they sure as hell are. Name one area where a vs or tr max has that power over infantry? Arguments can be made for pounders, I'd be inclined to agree partially. VS though, they have a hard time against infantry and have nothing as powerful as scat maxes in any scenario I can think of.
  13. Jalek

    Actually a small room packed with MAX suits is good to find. I once got 3 MAX kills from a single AV grenade when a few of us rushed.
  14. Freedom Fries

    I really don't understand the people that complain about NC maxes. You can't balance the NC max around non-instagibbing at close range and still have it using shotguns. That's the whole point of shotguns,they sacrifice all ability to defend themselves at medium-long range for massive burst damage up close.
  15. Spacedad

    I like sniping them with lancer from across the map. Very cathartic.
  16. Admiralty

    I don't think you know what instagibbing means...
  17. TriumphantJelly

    I WAS instagibbed, but to be fair, that was probably my fault for standing just round a corner.

    Pounder is not OP, it is Screenshake X OP X 12. If anyone's wondering, that roughly equates to a Pounder MAX.
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  18. Devrailis

    I will have you know that this is so wrong on every level.

    Higby doesn't take goats.

    He takes sheep.
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  19. MarkAntony

    No. Youre not getting instagibbed. Do you even know what that word means?

    Do what you want to shotguns and give the NC max equivalents to the AI weapons of the other factions. They're way better anyways.
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  20. Goden


    No. Good god, no.

    The NC MAX is without equal in the AI department by a COUNTRY MILE. It's not even a worthy of comparison it is so far ahead.