These revamps are upsetting

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  1. IamDH

    ESF revamp-
    New nosegun for low levels (that i have only seen once or twice ingame so far)
    Heat seeking missiles (surprisingly i dont have much of an issue with these)
    Hornets (which i still think are outclassed by lolpods)
    Mass drivers not included

    Infiltrator revamp-
    2 pretty bad ES snipers, the railjack is nice though
    No recon drone
    Stalker cloak, which i enjoyed quite a bit. I was pleased with this one

    Liberator revamp-
    Pretty bad NS weapon
    None of the ES weapons were added
    Addition of the spur (never used this, cant comment. Fairly certain its bad though but correct me if im wrong)

    Three revamps and i dont really think the additions were that great. Am i the only one who is slightly disappointed? The stalker is the only thing i felt that i really enjoyed and im not trying to over exaggerate but thats how i feel. On the plus side, all revamps were well balanced
  2. TheRunDown

    Anything other than a Dalton and Bulldog on a Lib is pointless at the moment.
    Auto-Repair and Fire Extinguisher Makes you Invisible, Dalton is Best AA, leaves you to have the Bulldog as extra Farming tools.

    The new NS cannon is noisy but bad.. I don't get what it's for.. its worse than a Zypher..
    The New Coyote like tail gun is good if you have a bad Dalton Gunner.

    I care nothing about ESFs the only people who really complain about anything to do with ESFs are farmers and solo lone wolfs wanting to be one many armies and want to solo everything in game, then cry on the forms when they can't achieve that and make spiteful Nerf thread.. so I've had enough and just don't care about them any more.

    The new ES weapons for Inf are all bad, the RailJack nearly came out OP but came out broken, the Shade was basically a RailJack but came out Broken.. and TR got a SMG with Burst Fire.. so it was all BS..
    Stalker Cloak <3
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  3. VSDerp

    Infil. revamp was the last straw with me playing infil. i used to love playing the class and i waited so long for it to come out since i got bored using the same weapon all the time. I even remember being excited talking to torokokill about it and him telling me about some of the details he found out at soe live and than it finally came out after the delays and it was full of disappointment.
  4. Larolyn

    Now I love the TRAP. But then again I am not a fan of bolt actions and NC have so many bolt actions to choose from so another bolt action was just what we needed. The TRAP is an amazing multifaceted Scout Rifle with the fire modes dependent on range. If you are using it as a sniper rifle you are doing it all wrong. You have in your hands a scout rifle that can engage from sniper rifle distances (albeit not this weapons forte) double shot for medium range engagements and triple shot for close up and personal. I wish I had a scout rifle with all them functions. Instead I got another bolt action. Yay.
  5. Maljas23

    I've aurx'd the TRAP and have promised myself to never use that terrible gun again. The last 100 or so kills were absolute torture to get. I'm sure that had to do with how long I was using it straight, but still. I felt like killing myself to end the suffering.

    The Vandal just completely outclasses it for me at all ranges. Also, the recoil on this thing is absolutely killer. Finally, the mag size is just too small for my tastes, especially for a TR weapon.

    Never again when the CRAP be used by me, unless it gets buffed.
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  6. Macinzon

    You forgot a larger FOV for the 3rd gunner, which is a BIG change.

    Have you ever used the Shredder nowadays? Have you used composite and afterburner? A lot of liberator teams on Ceres are using these now, and the setup is amazing. Dalton, auto-repair and fire extinguisher are no longer the obvious choices after the buffs that composite, afterburner, and Shredder (not sure) got in the Liberator update.
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  7. Iridar51

    At least I don't feel bad that LAs aren't getting a revamp any time soon, because I know it won't fix anything.
  8. IamDH

    Yes you're right. I did forget that, its a nice addition i wont lie
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  9. z1967


    Yeah, just let me air-lift other classes around and the update wouldn't be a total loss.
  10. IamDH

    I'm not really sure what Akimbo even does. Will walking around with 2 SMGs mean you have full power of both?
  11. Cinnamon

    They stopped weekly content updates so now we have a little time to reflect on how rushed they were.
  12. Cirevam

    Yeah, but with double the COF for each weapon (probably) and no ADS. I think it would only be for pistols, but that could change. Just wait until we get dual Commissioner LAs flying around and popping everyone. One headshot + one bodyshot = everyone dies. Even tanks.
  13. DrPapaPenguin

    Dunno about other factions, but on TR I welcomed Hornets with open arms. We have a good AI nosegun, so pods were there mostly to deal with armor, and IMO Hornets are much much better at that role, since you don't have to hang still while you fire. I can enter a very fast dive, fire them off on the move and correct their trajectory onm the move, something I could never do with rocket pods. And they really decimate MAX units, expecially the ones who think standing still and shooting bursters at me is a good idea.


    Also - TRAP is bad? What did I miss?
  14. Vixxing

    You are flat out wrong... anything but a Shredder is pointless on a lib... (unless you are very skilled/lucky)
    Railjack is very nice for sniper vs sniperfights on real long ranges TR one i havent tried Phaseshift is probably the most useless gun ever added... (outclassed by a commissioner 0-50 m and by a Parallax 0-300m with new straight pull bolts)
  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    sadly, i agree with the op. these arent revamps in my eyes, rather pure degeneration

    that said, i am not looking forward to the upcoming MBT revamp. it will probably include things like:
    • new main cannon: the Executor, a HE cluster bomb launcher for closerange that NOBODY ever wanted but hey at least we give you new stuff eh!
    • new secondary cannon: the Paladin, a longrange AI sniper that is totally uncalled for and pointless on an MBT, but you have no right to complain if you're not a paying member anyway!
    • new ability: Counterbattery, a painshield that hurts infantry next to the tank and lasts for 3 seconds. hey at least that's one less c4 fairy to worry about!
    • armor resistance vs AV weapons reduced, PAPERTANKS YAY!
    • decreased top speed and acceleration on all MBTs. they are TANKS after all, dont you agree?
    • removed 3rd person view on MBTs, better watch your flanks more...kekeke
    • changed a bunch of stuff to further nerf tank-vs-tank gameplay, because SOE doesnt like these heavy armor thingies on the battlefield anyway
  16. Pikachu

    What about flash and MAX revamp? I think the liberator revamp incredibly disappointing. It added some well needed buffs and nerf to dalton but it was way too little. The needed buffs to zepher and vektor didn't make it off PTS and the new weapons are bad as you said.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    What was most disappointing is not the lack of new Infiltrator weapons. More so the lack of any real infiltrating tools aside from Stalker.

    Where were the personal shield diffusers, the x-ray vision scopes (short range obviously), AMS hacking, ammo tower and air pad hacking (cut off the resupply from behind enemy lines), the recon drone would have been perfect for the Infiltrator and they remove it for some other purpose etc etc etc

    This update was imo a huge let down and is just proof that SOE aren't spending enough quality time of each revamp to make sure it is the best it can be. It seems to be a case of just pushing it out the door
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  18. z1967

    Probably, or it will likely be a special weapon that has decent hipfire with no ADS and maybe a fast ttk. We haven't seen exactly what it is gonna be yet and are mostly speculating based on 140 character tweets :|
  19. KnightCole

    The Vandal isnt a TR weapon lol....
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  20. Pikachu

    Have any of the updates matched your expectations? :rolleyes: