[Suggestion] Thermobaric explosives for the L A

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Mathgeekjoe, May 23, 2014.

  1. Mathgeekjoe

    This utility would function similarly to C4.

    Instead of C4, it would do less damage but have a greater range. Since it is thermo baric, flak armor wouldn't lower its damage. It could also seep through the hatch in a vehicle, damaging the crew inside. It destroys all place able objects regardless of faction.

    Maximum damage 500 within 2 meter. Minimum damage 1 at 10 meters. When place on ESF or Harasser it kills the driver, it deals 500 damage to any other people in a vehicle. Max units have a -200 resist to the explosion.

    Placing two on a vehicle will kill all crew inside, leaving the vehicle unharmed. Placing one on a ESF or Harasser will kill driver. Placing two within 4.65 meters of a max kills the max. Working with a teammate, placing 4 in one spot kills any infantry within 6 meters.
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  2. z1967

    So, an HE variant of C4? Would definitely be a nice type of weapon if you could pair this with a vehicle hacking infil friend and take the tank you just cleared. I like it.
  3. Rhumald

    Unless you're looking to completly replace C4, this is OP, especially in the hands of light assaults.
  4. Mathgeekjoe

    I wouldn't call it OP compared to the normal C4, mainly because it only does 500 damage, thus taking 2 to kill normal infantry. And placing one on a vehicle will typically do nothing but take away the shield of infantry inside.
  5. Inf1nite

    It wouldn't be OP because you would still not be able to take armor head on. The tank drivers would still have time to react and they should also make the bricks a bit bigger so normal infantry can see them a bit easier.
  6. cruczi

    Huh? C4 is a High Explosive. That just means it's an explosive that detonates, has nothing to do with whether it's thermobaric.
  7. z1967

    Comparing current C4 to the tank HE in terms of armor damage and infantry damage. I know that both are actually explosive :p
  8. cruczi

    Tank HE damage is reduced by flak armor; tank HE damage affects MAXes normally; tank HE damage does not affect people inside vehicles while it does do damage to the vehicles themselves. So no, a thermobaric explosive wouldn't be anything like a C4 variant of a tank HE round. :confused:
  9. z1967

    True, my bad then.