Thermal Optics vs Night Vision

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Volccis, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Volccis

    I don't see any use for Thermal Optics. Its because of its lesser range versus Night Vision and how Night Vision gives same effect. Only difference is the color.
    When I was in army, they told me that dont use NV in day because it would break. I think NV needs to be "nerfed to oblivion" and be only able to use in night or buff Thermal Optics.

    How I would do it.
    Night Vision - Would be extremely bright in day and therefore useless. Night should be nearly completely dark that it would be very hard to spot even a tank from a range. Then Night Vision would work like it would work in real life, brightens the light so you could see in night. Would have extremely long range in night.
    Thermal Optics - Could be usable in day or night. In night it wouldn't have as long range as NV would have, but you could spot targets easier in close range than with NV. In day it would work like NV works in day now.
    Also IR/NV would work like vehicles NV.

    Thermal Optics aren't completely useless. But how NV works in day (just like thermal optics but different colors) and has longer range, wipes away the point to use Thermal Optics. Also 50 certs NV vs 200 certs Thermal Optics makes the situation even worse.

    SOE, change this as this is 101% brainfart from you. This isn't how it should work and this is very badly balanced. You don't want to have 1 useless optic in the game.

    EDIT: Also NV shouldn't give a vision through smoke while Thermal should. Add this to the change too.
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  2. LonelyTerran

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  3. Volccis

    How about no? Without any thoughts? You rather buy 200 certs Thermal Optics over 50 certs Night Vision which works exactly same. I doubt that and you know yourself that this isn't even close to balanced. Or is it because you wouldn't want to pay 200 certs to get same optics what you get now for 50 certs. I bet that.
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  4. Slive Draver

    While I don't quite understand how night-vision optics can see through smoke, I enjoy the underbarrel smoke grenade + night vision combination immensely; therefore, I think this suggestion is poo poo.
  5. Yoroi

    It is dark enough on my settings and monitor, thanks. I will only accept darker nights if the night vision will be integrated into helmets, not weapon sights. (advanced sights may then have some other bonuses, like highlighting enemies with a rectangle or something)
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  6. Volccis

    Well, if you dont want nearly completely dark nights, then it could be just same to delete NV. As long as it stays like that, there isn't any use for Thermal Optics. Lets delete Night Vision and reduce the cert price of Thermal Optics to 50. Have fun? No? What happend to all you people? You want to have useless 200 cert optic for vehicles just because it shows targets as orange/red? :D

    Also I have 0.10 brightness and I still can see targets from 500m with naked eye if they are moving. So its not even dark in my opinion.
  7. Bagginz

    For a long time I agreed with you that thermal had almost no purpose. In my opinion, most of the time thermal is nicer for a couple of reasons. The biggest thing for me is that thermal makes you feel less "blind". On infrared the trees are highlighted, edges of buildings, etc. Also, highlighted targets are completely washed out with infrared. All these things make you feel a little less aware with infrared.

    The other thing is that it says that infrared has better range, but with most guns I use thermals on you can still easily identify most targets within your range, making the difference really insignificant. The obvious exception is guns mounted on aircraft. In that case infrared is probably better.

    But, more than anything for me, thermal is just easier on the eyes. Call it a feature or not, but it's just nicer to look thru thermal than it is infrared.

    So, after all is said and done, thermal doesn't really give you any real, significant advantages for the extra 150c, but for armor and sundies it's definitely nicer than infrared, at least in my opinion.
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  8. Goretzu

    You'll be even more confused about how having low graphic settings means you can see through smoke without an IR/NV scope then. :)
  9. Pikachu

    IR/NV thing should be poor at strong light sources such as outdoor sunlight. Too much non-night usage in this game.

    This is more how it should be. See of the light strength explodes at strong light sources, making it a disadvantage.
  10. Codeak

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  11. Zaius36

    these scopes are more flir than light amplification.
  12. Accuser

    Thermal needs a range buff. It's useless in the air now, which kinda sucks for a 200 cert optic.
  13. Mambakiller

  14. NC_agent00kevin

    Thermals need a range buff to make them worth the 200 Certs. Leave the rest alone.
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  15. Chubzdoomer

    Agreed. Night does not need to be darker. It's already tough to see opposing players at night -- especially if they're wearing dark-colored armor (or are VS) and lurking in the shadows -- so that isn't the problem at all. I do have a problem with Thermal Optics costing 200 Cert points, however, when they're less effective in almost every way than the longer-ranged Night Vision Optics which cost just 50 Certs. It should be the other way around. This is an issue that has existed since beta.
  16. Zaius36

    Make night extremely dark, then flashlights become useful. ITS ALL A PLOY BY SOE TO GET US TO SINK CERTS INTO FLASHLIGHTS!
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  17. Tanelorn

    The devs, after MONTHS of complaints and suggestions on this subject, still don't think their NV and IR are a problem (which they are).

    There are some awesome threads on the forum about this. You are right, of course, OP. in this game, their NV makes all your targets stand out intensely, completely eliminating the value of the more expensive IR. Until the devs get it together and make NV simply increase the brightness of the camera, there will be no use of IR and NV will remain cheap and basically a cheat (as NV should not highlight targets).
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  18. LanceHavenbay

    Thermal is much more crisp, hurts the eyes less. Targets stand out better.
  19. holycaveman

    Thermal optics need a range buffing. But I am starting to use thermal a lot more.

    Night vision I find works great in heavy battles in daytime.
  20. Tanelorn

    Just a bump to keep this in the limelight. We've got glowing ESF effects and revolvers, but the devs still think that night vision and thermals are kosher...

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