Thermal and Infrared NV for MAX?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Village, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Village

    Is there any way to have thermal and infrared for the max suit? It seems they stand to benefit the most from thermal more than any other class and yet it is completely missing for us. Seems like an oversight to me especially since it makes it very hard during night combat.
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  2. Drakortha

    Yeah I made a suggestion like this recently. The helmets we wear look pretty advanced. It would be nice if we had some kind of vision that made us feel more like a cyborg (think Terminator vision :p)

    What about thermal vision so we can see heat signatures high density areas?

    What about x-ray vision so we can see through walls for an advantage in cqc?

    And last but not least, night vision so I can more easily dispatch those pesky VS freaks.
  3. Stocking

    It seems nonsensical that this does not exist. It should function like vehicle optics. Can't be that hard to implement.
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  4. MrMacaroli

    The only reason I can see for a lack of other modes available is the difficulty of implementing optics when the RMB is bound to a whole different weapon. It'd have to be a different key entirely, and it would be the only thing in the game that key is bound to since it's so unique.

    I still approve of the idea, though. Being able to zoom/infrared would be incredibly handy for a variety of reasons and I feel a little bit unawares without them. Guess that's sort of the point of being in a suit-- but you'd expect them to have something more than just a turbo-charge and some armor plating, right?
  5. Stocking

    An interesting idea would be making it so that the IRNV/thermal optics are equipped permanently when you have them on your loadout, with no option to disable them unless you head back and resupply. It'd go a long way in differentiating the gameplay between a MAX and a standard infantry class, since you'd actually feel like some sort of Terminator rather than a tall guy with two guns.

    I'd go so far as to say that thermal optics should be default for MAX.

    That said, this may be a little extreme and would probably be a turn-off for many people, so maybe just, say, change the IRNV/thermal to a toggle rather than something you have to constantly hold down a button for, and place it on the 'L' key or something, since they seem to have removed flashlights from MAX weapons.
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  6. Kail

    Using the flashlight bind was the first thing that jumped to my mind too (perhaps rebrand it as Flashlight / Optics). Not exactly comparable to infantry since their optics are tied to their scopes, but on a MAX I don't think it'd be that much of a leap. And on the other hand it could open up future helmet-slot certifications.
  7. Gary

    Instead of NV/Thermal id rather it had to massive flood light style things on the shoulders that dazzle the enemy!
  8. KaMiKaZePiG

    There's a huge gap around MAX certs, and I hope they do a pass on them soon. Besides the obvious lack of IF/NV (which could be an ability or it could be bound to L as people suggest), they could also add some sort of range indicator add-on for bursters and a whole slew of other stuff.

    The fact that there's no incremental upgrades is also ridiculous. There's one cert for the burster guns and it's 500 certs. It's clear these aren't done, yet.
  9. Braken

    And the extended mag cert for the bursters only increases magazine size by 5, instead of doubling the mag size, like its description says.

    I can't believe the devs think MAXs are "fine"...o_O
  10. snu

    dude holy crap, i actually bought the 500 cert air burster extended mag upgrade, and it only gave me +5...

    took it to SOE and they said they cant refund my certs (****** up, because it is an error COMPLETELY on their side).

    oh well, 500 certs down the drain...
  11. Village

    I really hope we get this by next patch. Would make us far more effective at night
  12. Plunkies

    I'd settle for a flashlight.
  13. Nash

    I would love that :)
  14. Chrysalis

    On the bright side, whenever they actually get around to fixing that cert and making it a gradual increase like every other mag size increaser in the game, you'll have the full cert.

    Still incredibly dodgy though.

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