[Guide] There's TOO MANY NOOBS !!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rooklie, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Rooklie

    I don't know if I can take it much longer !

    ALmost every fight, when I check the scoreboard, I see br 1 br 10 br 45, maybe, if it's a big fight, a couple BR 50+ ASP.

    But the HUGE MAJORITY of players (this isn't a scientific fact, it's how I see it) are noobs ! Almost everyone I play with or against is a noob !

    Why, if I play any other MMO/ MMORPG that is OLD (like 7 years old) is everyone max level, but today in PS2, there's like ZERO max levels in every fight I see?

    Couple years ago, when you looked at the score board, all you'd see is max level players, and it wouldn't be a coincidence that they got higher scores ..
  2. Villainous Hydrosa

    1: If you're on Emerald, lately some Connery outfits have been doing excursions to Emerald, so you're gonna be seeing more low BR. But they're not really noobs, they just look like noobs.... Except me. Because I bought cosmetics so I could always be a big bright target.

    2: If they're not Connery vets, and are legitimately new, I see this as an absolute win! More new people coming to the game, more fights, more peeps, and more fun!
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  3. Demigan

    As a rule of thumb:

    When everyone seems to be doing something wrong, it's usually you that's doing it wrong. And we've already explained to you how you miss why people do certain things.
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  4. Towie

    I don't know if there is a method to view how many noobs versus vets - but one thing I do find interesting is the fisu 'Top Players' real-time chart for each server.

    Although I don't know how it calculates a 'top player' - it does show an interesting mix. Here is a snapshot from Cobalt:

    So of the top 20 (using some unspecified arithmetic) at this moment in time:

    2 Players are BR0 which means that not only have they joined today - this is their first session too (10%)

    9 Players are BR49 or lower (45%)

    8 Players are BR100 or above including ASP (40%)

    These are the 'top 20' out of an online population of around 240.

    It's up to you to decide whether this is normal or expected or suspicious or irrelevant but at the very least, it's showing quite a spread of low to high BRs.
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  5. Rooklie

    Now that's what I call a constructive post ! ( but I couldn't check the the BR?)

    Like I said in my OP, I didn't do any fact checking, the thread is entirely based on how it looks to me simply from when I check the score now and the.

    Also, if I wanted to be scientific, I'd check (like you mentioned) at different times (prime time / 4 am etc)


    off topic? -> Interesting to note as I glance at your screenshot, that it "looks" as if the number of players from each faction is pretty balanced (ie : VS not OP)
  6. Towie

    You can check any world any time you like but it does vary a lot (and on time of day).


    For example - here it is right now on Cobalt:


    The balance shifts a lot during the day and between servers. You might conclude on this snapshot that TR are over-represented - you might be suspicious of a BR0 being in the top spot - you might be surprised at the high volume of low BR people who seem to join but not play for too long (do they get banned ? Who knows....)
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  7. Rooklie

    Yeah, that's what I was emplying :p

    I play on Cobalt also, and TR has a reputation for being "Russian". Without jumping into that debate though, I do tend to notice that the TR population seems to be much higher at what you could call "Eastern European" time.

    (if prime time is 20h, in Moscow, it would be right now but for the UK, it wouldbe in 3 hours from now).

    PS., from that latest screenshot, some people might say :

    "OMG TR OP"

  8. MrMagicGuns

    Good. Glad to see new players.
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  9. Rooklie

    the other day, I was fighting alone against 3 guys, defending a base.

    (I'm not showing off, those are just the facts).

    They kept coming back, so I looked for the sundy, but I couldn't find it.

    I looked for a beacon, I looked everywhere, maybe a sundy far away, nada...

    In the end, I switched to stalker, went on the roof of a tall buildling, spammed darts everywhere, and sure enough, you know what they were doing?





    they could have spawned a flash or whatever, it's not that they didn't have a sundy, that's not it, but




  10. adamts01

    Fisu doesn't show a meaningful pop increase. These "noobs" are most likely all alts. This should be evident to you when you see the scoreboard full of low BRs. No new player could do that.
  11. MrMagicGuns

    You should have used the moment to teach them the correct thing to do.
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  12. Rooklie

    the moment?


    the moment??????


    THE MOMENT ????????

    I wouldn't take time to make a thread about it if it was just a moment lol. This is ALL THE TIME, all day, all night, at prime time, outside of prime time.

    Don't believe me? Check for yourself, next time you take a base or save a base, press TAB to see who has highest score, and count how many BR 100 ASP there are.
  13. Demigan

    This is kind of hard to believe. It makes no sense. And I'm not talking about what the 3 guys are supposedly doing but what you were doing to find them.

    These guys ran from another base, so they entered from the same direction. It should be common sense to check this direction for sunderers. If you cant find them there you start looking farther from the base and that would have meant you ran into them.

    Instead you climbed the roof of a tall building, "spammed" all 5 of your darts (maximum assuming you maxed out your darts!) And then waited till these 3 people showed up on the radar.
    But where would you spam them? Inside the base right? So how did you find out they were walking back from the previous base? And why pick a stalker? A good sniperscope would come in handy when scanning your environment and would allow easier attacks when you do see a target compared to a stalker.
    At best the recon darts would give you an indication what direction your enemies are comming from, something that you already should have known. Its not like that detection range reaches the next base!

    So this makes no sense.
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  14. Rooklie

    lol, I could say "I shot someone" and you would still write a big waall of text to prove me wrong.

    I used to find it irritating but this ... this just fuuny lol
  15. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Do you recall what base they were running from? Kinda curious how long on average it took them to leg it lol.
  16. Rooklie

    Is it caue you do the same sometimes? lol

    anyway, yup, they were running to Briggs from Mao South West Gate.
  17. PlanetBound

    At least part of the time you are looking at long time players building up another character. The level 10 you think is a noob might have hit level 120 many times over.
  18. Rooklie

    sure, but still, that goes for other MMOs (RPGs?) too, an old game should have maxed players?

    Also, I remember playing not THAT long ago (like a couple years?) and remember the score board bascically full of ASP 100s
  19. InexoraVC

    I play new characters. BR 25. 7yrs of experience. Hope to see some vets in my optics :)
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  20. PlanetBound

    When one of the Noobs kills you, look at the kill screen and check their achievment score.

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