There're too many cheaters in air, with YAW on mouse. Can you ban changed configs=cheating?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sam Fallen, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Sam Fallen

    They kills infantry in 1 sec, just because have changed configs, rather - aircraft Yaw - on mouse X-axis.
    Another players just can't counter-attack them - it's cheating.
    Some of them have joysticks - no claim. Wanna has best flying - buy joystick, but... they're not more than 10% of pilots.
    Others - just 100lvl's cheaters. It's shame for you, developers.
    I'll just leave this game if they'll continue kill me with 1-2 headshots with their mouses.
  2. ronjahn

  3. phreec

    Laughing out loud.
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  4. Tyrant103

    What's YAW?
  5. Leftconsin

    Wait... what was your complaint of joysticks?

    And my joystick is pretty crappy. The thing is ancient, beat up, and has a mechanical dead zone the size of Scarred Mesa Skydock's territory.
  6. PurpleBeefer

    its easy to make a claim when you are angry/upset but provide proof of this. yes you can call out people as cheaters but be very careful about that. not all piloots bind yaw to mouse and or use joysticks. i guess its one of those getting farmed rants. now if you get headshotted by my bulldog at 300m then u can call shenanigans
  7. Rogueghost

    I don't understand.
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  8. FateJH

    Wait, you discovered the secret of rebinding the mouse X- and Y-axis?
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  9. Morchai

    Maybe I'm missing something, but why would reconfiguring your controls be cheating even if true? I don't fly, so pardon my ignorance on the issue.
  10. Neo3602

    I think that the OP is complaining that people are using a 3rd party program that lets them use their mouse to control where the nose of the aircraft is pointing instead of using the keyboard to move the nose of the aircraft left and right.

    My guess is that the people doing this got sick of waiting for SOE to let people change bind the YAW to the x axis of the mouse.
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  11. WTSherman

    I'm pretty sure being able to change your key bindings is a feature? :confused:
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  12. DK22

    OP just doesn't understand that joystick/controller is just another type of keyboard, same input stream.
    I use both controller/keyboard and mouse, report all you want, but your wasting your time.
  13. Typhoeus

    What third party program are you talking about? I've to much experience flying with the current controls so I'll be sticking with them but I'm just curious and would like to at least try that out. I've tried using a joystick way back when I was just starting to learn to fly but it was even worse then using mouse and keyboard. Since it wasn't supported, if I pitched up or down it would remain stuck in a permanent pitch, thus leading to a fiery death xD

    As for the OP, a simple reconfig of keybindings cannot seriously be considered cheating right? Especially with the super slow yaw in this game.. lol

    For those wondering what yaw is:
  14. Ronin Oni

    You can't rebind the mouse axis mappings though.

    And even if you DID somehow manage it...

    it would NOT confer some super ability to aim at ground targets. Yaw is too slow and is hard capped by the engine itself and cannot be circumvented no matter your control scheme.

    So not only would it not be cheating if someone managed it (they haven't, OP is some ground pounder who got pwned and is QQing now) but it'd actually be a self nerf. I laugh at requests for binding mouse yaw because the flight model is terrible for it (I hope they do just so I can laugh at all the new pilots try and still fail to fly + get lots of easy certs)
  15. EdwardLand

    Well i may as well throw the prev frag into the mailey and then run for cover....

    I have to say that today, just now in one hell of a fight +48, i have never seen so many speed hackers and teleportations.
    While inside an enclosed spawn point away from doors and shields (no direct line of fire) I got killed by a guy with a head shot.
    Death many i have say yoda.... but after seeing with my own eyes, Tanks moving more like rocket cars and air units flying and turning on a dime with a speed buzz light year would of been proud of.

    Not all the SC in the world would buy features like that .... only hacks.

    While my bleeding heart goes out to the chosen few who ROFL and demand proof, i can't Its hard to screen capture some thing that dam fast!

    These hackers will eventually contribute to the game loosing players over time unless YOU! and SOE decide to confront it rather than nurture it.

    Play fair and use your skill and best of all make it fun to play.
  16. Yuki10

    No third party apps needed to rebnind controls to mouse. Game understands standard button set on most mice. In many cases dont even need a driver to enable those aux buttons and controls (such as scroll wheel left, right, press and many side buttons).
  17. DK22

    Amost any controller/gamepad from logitech comes with a 'Game Profiler'.
    All it does remap key presses to the controller, acting like a second keyboard.
    Frankly, if SOE said people can't use it, I'd quit, same day and never come back, ever.
  18. Paleron

    Please clarify. Are you trying to say that you believe some can yaw *faster* than everyone else due to remapping controls (i.e. turning a plane around instantly the same way you can turn infantry) or just that they are using a different control scheme than the game lets you configure 'normally' and therefor have more accuracy?
  19. EGuardian1



    Seriously, i've seen tanks flying because the server tries to catch up and point A to point B just happens to include a jump.

    Notice how I was able to speak with my buddies on TEamSpeak with no issue?

    There ARE SOME 'cheaters, but that's a whole can of worms i'm not opening.
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  20. Liquidrider

    Wait! people use joysticks and fly?
    Dear god I have been doing it wrong
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