there will be NEW anti-vehicles anit air next week

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  1. SemperFi

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    According to this tweet by John Smedley there will be NEW anti vehicle anti air weapons thats good yes, BUT what about for the people who spent 1K Cert Points or 700 SC to the current bad anti-air weapons unless they buff it to be PAR with the new anti-air weapons im not dropping any single dime any more at this game. Dont give me that "Then Dont" bullcrap I love this game alot, im just sharing the thoughts of the majority who bought the whats going to be old and bad anti-air launcher and skyguard.
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  2. Dornez

    Fingers crossed for thumper and phoenix
  3. Talizzar

    Why don't we wait and find out first and then if they made a 1000 cert weapon useless we can campaign for relief........
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  4. DeathFaith

    NEXT WEEK GUYS !!! im taking all bets !
  5. Gavyne

    ^ at least wait until you actually know what's coming out or what's being done before complaining about it.
  6. Tuco

    Bet you it won't make a difference, rocketpods would still be OP.
  7. GTGD

    Pls be ESAV glorious Lancer master race
  8. Mobius One

    All that mad
  9. MexelVanMexelen

    Yup. I spent 14 real dollars on a burster arm and lock-on AA that have netted me about 5 kills in 2 weeks. Plus all that kudos I get from my team-mates about my worth as a deterrent. B*llocks to that! I have my refund request ready and waiting.
  10. Tuco

    I'm mad cause I'm running out of squishies to shoot at with my Prowler. They're all flying around now, weeee, everyone get an ESF! Yay, we can all fly around each other all day long, how exciting.

    Why do you think I want a PS1 cloaked AMS so badly. So I can cert an AMS and go leech a grand total of 2 experience points per spawn? Noooo...... I want more squishies to mow down.

    The more players that cert rocketpods the more boring the game becomes.
  11. Kubor

    It occurred to me that the new stuff could be part of the existing cert tree. So if for instance there is a stronger AA MAX available, you can only get access to it if you already own a Dual Burster NS10 first.

    That way we won't suddenly have a whole load more AA MAX'es around emptying the skies like in beta, but just the same number as now but with a bit more bite. That would make sense. I highly doubt that people will suddenly cert and buy the current NS10 Dual Burster just so that they then have to do the same thing all over again to get the XS.

    The same for the ScareGuard.

    All hypothetical of course :D
  12. TheEvilBlight

  13. lilbabygiraffelegs

    The pricing points don't bother me. I'm gonna throw 40 down next payment just to get my bumps. But what about when something just sucks or something better is added? This is big deal with payment type games when upgrading items and inventory stuff. Better make sure you have a plan, SOE. Good stuff though. My girlfriend freaking hates this game.
  14. Tobax

    It might just be the engineer turrets as they were due to get AA and AV ones but never made it into beta.
  15. Xihuitl

    This week Air and Vehicles are OP.
    Next week we can pay for AA and AV weapons
    Week after Air and vehicles are UP
    Week after that we can pay for new vehicle and air defences
    Week after that Air and vehicles are OP again.
    so then we pay for upgraded....

    Sorry, Fix the damm balance now, dont expect more money until you sort this crap out.