There was an error completing your request. Please try again.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zombo, May 16, 2013.

  1. Zombo

    Whenever wanting to start Planetside via the launcher, i get this error message:
    There was an error completing your request. Please try again.
    Normally this would only occur when the servers are all down, but today this is not the case, any help?
    Restarting the Launcher doesn't help
    Restarting the PC doesn't help
    restarting the router also doesn't help

    edit: Playing on EU Miller
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  2. Mambakiller

    I have the same problem,right now. Playing in EU Ceres btw.
  3. Mitman

    So frikin annoying! In UK on Woodman, or at least I would be if I could launch :mad:
  4. WonkoDenFriske

    Me and my GF both got that too. Playing on Cobalt from Sweden.
  5. Simferion

    Quite simple: yesterday morning (CEST) there should have been a maintenance for P7G servers. There wasn't. They postponed it to today.
  6. OldMaster80

    Outfit mates reporting the same problem.
  7. Zombo

    If this ends up killing vanus Indar continent lock on Miller, im gonna be pissed
  8. Nobalification

    Problem is this. Server is full or someone joining on them. You get this message but i want message like server is full or something like this. Its dont need restart computer or reinstall game. Just wait.
  9. Distonico

    Same problem... playing on Eu Miller
  10. NylaJess

  11. Simferion

    P7G just said on Facebook their servers are down because they are exchanging their router.
  12. Zombo

    on facebook, great, they said nothing on their own forum page as far as i can see, no idea why game devs think everyone uses twitter or FB, especially not FB
  13. Simferion

    Just a little correction.
    ProSiebenGames are the European partner of SOE and owners of European login server. I don't know if they also own the game servers.
    They should have done the maintenance yesterday morning, not this one and it should have lasted for 30 minutes, not 2 hours as it's lasting.
  14. Hypest

    Well, well, well... ProSieben gaming experience, we meet again!

    i have to give them credit, at least it's not prime time, but it is still unannounced.
  15. Zombo

    just wait a couple of hours, i bet it wont be fixed before 17:30 GMT
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