[Suggestion] There should be no xp for people who don't go to the alert continet when it isn't full

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  1. Aisar

    It doesn't matter if it is 1000 or the full 10,000, it is the reward for alert participation. I don't know why you think you should get the reward for not contributing to it. You should also consider how the change would help the game and encourage people to help, not just claim that it's lame without any reason to back it up.
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  2. TekTR

    Who plays for alerts? They were kinda cool for the first week or so, then everyone realized it's nothing but who can ghost cap better. Then people stopped caring about them. I don't care if I don't get the xp at the end of an alert I didn't participate in, I pretty much just ignore them anyway.
  3. Aisar

    If the lattice system works out and they add it to every continent then ghost capping won't be an issue. A 20% bonus to xp and the possibility of getting a large xp reward at the end should be more than enough of an incentive, not only that it gets people to play on different continents if only during the alert. Shame that even with the incentives some people still won't get in on it, I wonder exactly what carrot SOE would have to dangle to get people interested. You are exactly why they need to make this change.
  4. Nomad1

    why not apply this logic to every base cap or every kill you get and so on...
    I am not trying to deny them xp, I 'm trying to motivate them to help and fight there.
    I don't think it is fair that a few suffer being under 20% or even 10% sometimes as a VS on Waterson during an alert and then guys who only care about their kd or want to brag about how successful their outfit is at ghost capping or just don't give a **** about the alert xp. The % of VS following an alert is becoming lower and lower, just because they know the majority of VS will be on an empty continent.
    A faction that doesn't help itself shouldn't be helped. I should not carry the burden of selfish/careless players anymore. XP is a reward for actions you make in the game, you should NOT be rewarded for nothing it defeats the purpose of it.
  5. YoXn

    Extra 20% exp does, I don't get people who do not go for alerts. I don't even give a ****
    about winning. Just get your outfit to look for a good fight. Rack in the certs, and go back
    to Indar.
  6. The King

    IT is for the faction..
    There are many people who cannot participate in it, there is a large queue. There are people who played 1 hour and 55 minutes of it and crash. They get in and cannot get back into it for another 30+ mins.

    BEING in an alert is rewarding, it's not a chore and it is not work.
  7. The King

    So today many of the VS was on Indar, when an alert was on Amerish. Not many people participated.
    However, they were fighting many TR on Indar and there was a lot of fighting going on there.
    No one was ghost capping. Everyone was fighting.
    People are having fun with the lattice system in place. There's constant fighting all over.
    No boring ghost capping.

    You want to go on the alert, that's fine. Thanks for helping VS get ~600 XP or whatever...
    You're not carrying the burden of other players. You're selfish and careless by wanting to prevent your faction to gain a little tiny bit of XP points and requiring them to play with you.
  8. Aisar

    No, it is the reward for alert participation.
    Subscribe or join the queue at the appropriate time, the queues are only unreasonable in about the last 30 minutes.

    As long as you log back in within about 5 minutes (maybe even within 10, I have not personally timed it) you will still be on the last continent you were actively playing on. In this case that would be the alert continent. I am not sure how you don't know this.

    Like I said, it should be the reward for participating and actively working towards winning the alert. I am not sure where this whole attitude came from of everyone should be receiving free xp for doing nothing. Even if it truly is meant to be a completely free handout, it still encourages people to be lazy and play on a different continent where easy xp can be earned. It just does not make sense. The only thing that really makes sense in terms of gameplay is for the alert completion reward xp to be the reward for participating and contributing.
  9. Aisar

    Using the brand new, interesting lattice system that just came out is not a good example. It will (assuming it works out) be implemented everywhere. There will be no imbalance or any reason to favor one continent over another during an alert, besides to facilitate players over to the intended alert continent.

    Taking responsibility for ones own choices and accepting that choice as their own personal decision and accepting the consequences comes to mind right now.
    It has absolutely nothing to do with being selfish and everything to do with encouraging people to use the alert system as intended and to get people to help. The only people who could possibility be selfish in this whole debate are the people who think they should be rewarded for not helping. Please stop using small amounts of xp as examples or valid arguments, it's not about specific amounts, it never has been. You are completely missing the point.
  10. TekTR

    20% bonus? Who cares? Are people really that strapped for certs? Alerts were a poor attempt to add some sort of meaning to the game. And by your logic, everyone from every faction should instantly drop what they are doing and switch to the alert cont whenever an alert notification pops up. The point I was making in my first post was that ghost capping or no ghost capping, alerts are meaningless and a good portion of the player base simply ignore them. That "carrot" needs to be a meaningful metagame, not some cheap "here play with this while we sell some more weapons" alert system.
  11. Aisar

    I care, a lot in fact. I fight in nearly every single alert because it gives me at least a 110% total bonus, which is really, really nice. Did you completely miss the whole point of actually caring about and jumping over to the alert continent? Do you understand why the alert system exists in the first place and how it actually works?
    Sounds like you have a problem with alerts in general, I am not really interested in discussing that particular issue. You can ignore alerts if you want, you just shouldn't get any reward. If the problem is that alerts don't offer enough incentive, then that is an argument you could make somewhere else, and there's nothing wrong with making that claim. For those of us who do care about the rewards and fight for them, only those of us who contribute should get paid. That is the point, that is all that matters here (reread the title of the thread if you need a reminder of what we are currently discussing). If you want to make your own suggestion/discussion thread about why you think alerts are a failure and/or a waste of time then by all means, please do.
  12. soeguud

    Also if you're in a low-med pop like Briggs it should provide incentive enough to get EVERYONE OFF BLOODY INDAR TO FILL OUT A DIFFERENT CONTINENT FOR A CHANGE.

    Also VS Briggs sulks alot and never joins in the fun. Boring vanus.
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  13. TekTR

    I never once said that I should get a reward for not participating in an alert. Go back and reread my post if you think otherwise.
    I don't agree or disagree with the claim that people shouldn't be compensated for not participating. However, just because someone isn't participating in an alert, doesn't mean they aren't contributing to the faction as a whole, which is why imo SOE decided that everyone should get the cert bonus at the end.
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  14. iller

    >Engineer lecturing infiltrator on high XP.

    Cool story bro. What you get is Welfare for pointing your tool at something.
    Some of us actually have to work a hell of a lot harder than that and still not even begin to approach 200 spm
  15. IceFire909

    OH MY GOD YES. I play on Briggs and love joining in alerts, because winning is 40 certs.

    With the roughly 140% XP bonus can easily send me higher than that. Does it sound like I'm strapped for certs? sure, but I don't care, certs is certs like money is money. And winning alerts gives a better satisfaction than winning that bloody Crown.
  16. Nomad1

    Not true at all, you are blatantly lying. I posted the maps with VS and TR pops on Indar, Amerish and world pop go and check how many TR were in indar. There was lower TR pop than VS in indar, if they wanted a fight why not come to the higher TR popped amerish? This should not be a faction thing, it should be for people who follow the alert (unless the continent is full as I said before) and not for the ones who stayed back. People who went to amerish didn't get any xp from anything happened in indar so why do the people who stayed back in indar get anything as a result of what was going in amerish??? Also, I find it hilarious that you thank me for helping the VS then call me selfish, WHAT A FREAKING IRONY!!
  17. Nomad1

    No they decided that because they were afraid that some people will not be able to go to the alert continent because it is full and complain about it.
  18. ent|ty

    Why do you care.
  19. Nomad1

    because some people choose not to follow the alert and it defeats the purpose of them that they still get xp
  20. Shellana

    There are a lot of people making the assumption that capping a mostly empty cont during an alert isn't contributing to those who are participitating in the alert.

    1. Vanu on Connery hold Indar ATM. If we are protecting Indar during an alert, then we are making sure that everyone who is helping with the alert keep the 10% infantry resource bonus.
    2. Conversely, alerts are a great time to take away an enemies cont bonuses. At least twice we have taken away and NC or TR bonus while they were busy winning an alert.
    3. We have pulled enemies away from the alert. There have been several times during an alert where we were helping with the alert when we noticed that we were about to lose Indar(and thus the bonus). At that point, multiple platoons redeployed to Indar to protect our bonus. This works both ways. If You push hard enough on a enemy owned cont, you will get a response that pulls a good chunk of their forces away from the alert.