There is a general consensus among players that FPS & DeSync issues should be #1 Priority.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by amazinnblazin, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. amazinnblazin

    I will personally buy SOE cupcakes AND finally purchase a membership plan if this is sorted out soon.
    New continents, guns, vehicles, etc, are all nice but if they are clipping by at 15-20FPS i don't give a $#!+ about them.
    Also, the amount of work required by the average user to run this game at what we are calling 'acceptable' levels is appalling. Am I the only one who thinks I should be able to just click play, adjust a COUPLE of in-game settings, and go enjoy a healthy 2000 person battle?

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  2. kazumi

    You sir are WRONG...;)

    Ok, I just wanted to get that out of the way!

    I agree completely. The fact that many users are forced to edit the ini file is insane. That's normally for those players who like to push every little thing as far as possible. Or those players "just" within spec or below attempting to squeeze a few more FPS out of their rigs. However, when the vast majority of the population has a modified useroption.ini file, that speaks volumes about the current situation.

    I love new items, new content, and weapons. I really do! However, what I don't love is slide shows. I despise them! I run from them at work, I've ran from them at college! However, I cannot escape the Planetside 2 slide show! I've believed in SOE since beta, I've had faith they could optimize the engine. Optimize the user experience. However, SOE seems more focused on releasing more and more content that, the optimization has taken a back seat.

    In addition to even the Optimization is the fact that SOE has failed to QA their patches since release. Every GU has released massive bugs, that SHOULD have been spotted by the QA team, or testers long before it hit the live server. This is completely unacceptable to me. the GU4 double EXP weekend patch is a prime example of their incompetence. They released a patch that broke outfits and character models. To me, as a seasoned beta tester, when I test a patch I go through a few steps.

    Check menu's, check weapons, check vehicles, check panels, check facilities, and lastly just run around the world for a few hours testing different areas. To make sure all works! But, to me it seems they go..."Hey QA team, we got a patch ready, wanna test it?" "Nah dude, it's small, no chance it will break anything, launch it!"
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  3. NC_agent00kevin

    Agreed. Performance first. I dont care about getting new battle socks until I can play at reasonable framerates for my rig. Im not renewing my subscription either until its addressed.
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  4. RaTzo

    Not just a general consensus. There is a unified need. I don't care about Double XP because I can't play the game. I don't care about new weapons because I can't play the game. I don't care about new things to buy because I can't play the game that I've already put $90 into.

    Make the game WORK then add to it. You released from Beta too early (presumably to get the awards that you got for 2012) and since then the game has remained in a Beta state.

    I loved the attitude of the Devs from Alpha through Beta, but I am exhausted with thinking the game is cool because you guys act cool. It's time to make the game work guys.

    Wacky balance issues were bad enough. Game breaking performance is another story. I want to love the game, but you're going to have to convince me that it's worth the risk again.
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  5. Goden

    Giving us little hotfixes that gives us 2fps back isn't good enough. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Even if the framerate is manageable the de-sync problems and mutual kills make the game unplayable.

    I'm going to keep bumping this thread until this is fixed.
  6. kazumi

    I've been playing as a slide show all day. The hotfix stole all my FPS I think. I stopped caring about kills long ...long..ago sadly. I ended up just BSin with my outfit mates cause it was pointless to even enter a battle.
  7. Kycoook

    /sign to OP
    The roadmap should be changed to FIXING THE GAME firs of all, and just after then - adding content.
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    Absolutely agree. Improving FPS, reducing stuttering (when the game freezes up for up to a second) should be number 1 priority.
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  9. Marinealver

    Well between the bugs and lack of content when you compare it to its predecessor the game has this nagging feeling of half finished.

    I hope they get it fixed within a year. We will find out and my Araxium level membership will depend on it.
  10. kazumi

    What fires me up more than anything though with SOE. Is their lack of communication on this issue. When outfits vanished they posted like 30 times updating players about it. When thousands of us are getting single digit FPS...Not a damn word.
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  11. TheNewGuy

    First of all I want to say I haven't played since GU3. I go on and check if I still have the desync issues and so far its still there. I would really like to get this fixed and start playing again just as much as the next guy. I really hope they are working on it.

    With that in mind I also want to throw in a few things. First of all, game fixes don't proceed faster when you throw more people into working on it. It becomes very inefficient very fast so making everyone drop what they are doing to work on bugs and performance is not a smart thing to do. Secondly, there are a lot of people who don't have the desync issue and who also run a decent amount of frames. SOE needs to keep up with content so people keep playing. The game is just an open beta.

    I would really like it if SOE kept us up to date on a fix. It wouldn't hurt to tell us.
  12. AtotehZ

    Performance > content.

    I agree with all of you. My mate has a pretty good rig, and he has god-awful performance in the game. It is hard to get your friends along on the PlanetSide2 wagon if they have trouble getting more than 25fps.

    I don't know if the people here complain about running the game on max details, if they do they might wanna try lowering it. Knowing the problems my mates faced though, I'm afraid that is not the case.
  13. sagolsun

    Totally disagree. We need more hats first. HATS!

    But seriously, SOE is divided into different departments. I never worked at SOE, but I assume they're rather compartmentalized - which means they can't just grab a few guys from different departments and make them debug the code.

    Which personally I think is terrible. Making games is complex and you can't be an expert at everything, but I've seen cases where people market themselves as Water Shader Programmer (!!!) and refuse to do anything unless it's specifically writing shaders (preferrably water/glass) and the code that applies them to models. That's just laziness and deliberate incompetence.

    If I'd run a software company I'd want the Q&A departament to be the same people who do auxiliary/tool programming. Not necessarily the core coders, but if I give them a bug, they should be able to use proper tools to debug the issue and at the very least produce a temporary ugly hack that fixes it.

    Valve uses the approach of not compartmentalizing jobs - graphic designers code up prototypes, animators write character music, programmers design levels.

    It's an approach that works if your goal is to produce mature, organic high-quality timeless digital art. It's a bad approach if you want to stamp out products, predesigned by focus groups, within highly specific timeframes.


    But back to the topic - the coders are working on it. The guys who don't want to lrn2code keep working on new hats.
  14. LeBigJimbo

    Firstly, they are working on it.
    Secondly, and you need to really appreciate this, it might have little to do with code, and a lot to do with this ****** thing called management eg. Engineers "we need better servers guys!", management "How much?! No, now go do something else"
  15. LordMondando

    I don't think content thats coming close to being launched should be shelved. Likewise its not like SoE just consists of a room full of 'programmers' who could in principle all be put into optimisation. Its not like you could take a level designer working on serhus off of his task and put him on optimizing the code for culling in the render part of the engine.

    At the same time (And do a search i've been consistently on this since november). Performance is absolutely king.

    The Test servers main focus (indeed if it goes the lattice system way, it'll need to be as you'll get a lot more zerg v zerg situations). Needs to be on throwing out crazy new builds that aim to increase performance as much as possible as quickly as possible. For the forseeable future.

    When someone at the lowest end of the specs, can reliably get +30 fps in a 'zerg situation'. Then we have a good baseline and performance can take a back seat for a bit.
  16. Plasmaszap

    As i stated earlier today, everyone of you should post an ingame bug report to specify exactly your issue. That way dev will get alot of ticket asking to resolve performance issue.

    Soe need to understand that performance > content. On the other hand content = money. But in the long run they will loose alote of customer if performance are not optimize soon. The game has been release somewhere around september and we are still having issue with the performance.

    After all SOE is not a small indie companie. It should have enough ressource to fix the problem quick enough which doesnt seems to be the case.

    If you dont know about ingame bug report, feel free to read my post and bump it from time to time :

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  17. ggallin

  18. Shralla

    Agreeing with this. Anything below 30 FPS is unplayable, and for a lot of competitive players (who SOE seems interested in attracting), anything below 100 is unacceptable, because the framerate ties into the response time of your inputs as well as the actual visible framerate.
  19. ArcKnight

    we've been discussing, reporting, ranting, whining, tweeting, posting, raging etc about low performance before launch the only difference between then and now is the massive increase in demands for optimization
  20. Veritaster

    Thought I broke my computer somehow when GU04 came out, but then i saw a lot of people experienced the same thing. Then i heard GU03 was the same (Pretty new player clocking in at 64 hrs gameplay).

    This of course happened after I put in my first 50 bucks, which makes me realize that the devs are working overtime to fix this cause they must have seen less transactions since the update...

    But then again, sad thing is, I still play. Even though its not nearly as fun as before GU04 (when my fps was above 20). This making the moneymakers behind the game thinking: "A lot of players, but no transactions, this must mean theres not enough content to spend on!"... I'd love to see some more SOE-responses to this, Radar quickly answered the "Bad FPS after GU04"-thread, but then its mostly been: "Please use in-game bug report-thingamobob" as a standard answer...
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